7 The Bitter Matron


7: The Bitter Matron

After dropping Molly off at the hotel and checking into her “room” Cody went to Gabe’s office.

She shoved past him ignoring his out stretched arms. “You couldn’t resist could you?” Cody asked annoyed with him. She started getting dressed for her three o’clock appointment with the sports agent that would be her mentor.

“I can never resist you,” Gabe said, folding his arms over his chest, one hip leaning against the office’s door frame, those pale eyes gleaming a bit of mischief.

“I’m talking about you telling Molly about my unmentionables.”

“Oh, that.”

“Dumbass, I’m already having enough problems with her.”

“Your fault for leaving me for her to go shopping.”

“Jealousy?” She huffed frustration as she pulled off her t-shirt. “Seriously, Gabby, this shit between you and Molly is getting old. And I’m not sleeping with Molly I’m fucking you, yet you still get jealous of her?”

“Yes,” he said honestly, standing up straight before walking into the bedroom toward Cody.

His arm snaked around her waist and drew her in to him, “It’s bad enough I have to share you with Bailey.” He kissed her, slowly. “I hate that he gets to kiss you in public and I don’t.” He kissed her again.

“I know.” She leaned into him, letting their lips fuse together. He smelled so masculine, so Gabe. “I wish it was you instead of him, too.”

“Finish dressing,” He said against her lips. “Or you might not leave this office today.”

She smiled, liking that idea.

Three o’clock rolled around and her mentor arrived promptly. The older guy, maybe in his sixties, had retired recently. Clearly from the disbelieving way he looked her over, he probably thought she knew about nothing but cheerleading. But she quickly earned his respect when they went to the practice of Miami’s professional football team. She knew more about the current team than he did. By the time they were finished, her mentor was not only impressed with her, he wanted to adopt her as one of his children.

Cody got back to the hotel by dinner where she ate with Molly and George in the restaurant near the lobby.

“So what’s that asshole got you doing now? What was your appointment for?” Molly asked picking her napkin from her lap to wipe her mouth.

Cody sighed. “Shit, you and Gabe…” I’m tired of both of you. “If you plan to continue spending his money, I suggest you either use his name or just not talk about him.”

Molly opened her mouth to reply but closed it when she noticed the don’t-give-me-bullshit look Cody gave her.

“Not willing to give up the money, princess?” Cody asked. Her sister winced. “Then stop biting the hand that feeds us both.”

Molly groaned. “I get it…I get it… I’m being immature. I know.” She batted her eyelashes as if holding back tears. “But…” She shook her head. “You’re right. It’s best I don’t talk to him. Not like I’ll lose anything. Wait, will you get mad if I stop talking to him?”

Cody frowned. “No, but why the sudden hate?”

Molly laughed shaking her head, ponytail swaying. “It’s not hate and it’s not sudden either. You of all people should understand why I feel so hurt toward him?”

“Because he is the worse father ever?”

“Maybe not ever, but pretty damn close.” Molly chuckled looking at her half eaten food. “But I guess he is better than mom was…always obsessing over him and his money. Her status was always all that mattered. Before she died she would ask me repeatedly to talk him into putting her in the will. That money should be mine. I’ve had to be in this loveless marriage and endure his neglect. I deserve more. I didn’t stay in this marriage all these years just to get nothing. Molly, you can do it, he listens to you. This is what you’re here for.” Molly clutched her fork in a tight fist and stared a George as she spoke imitating Marissa. George’s hand reached to slide a hand over her wrist. It looked so large compared to Molly’s smaller wrist. Her sister visibly relaxed. Her sister never talked about her mother so bitterly before.

“Did…you ever ask-“

Molly’s dark angry eyes shot a scolding look at Cody. “You and I both know there is no point asking. Why put myself through that?”

Cody nodded understanding — Gabe did as little as he had to for Marissa.

“True, I can ask…him for a lot and get it, and for that I’ll give him the respect he’s due. But when it came to mom, there was never any give. So when mom stared acting strange…I knew I had to do something before she went even more over the edge. So I lied. I told her that he put her in the will. Good. Now I can have him killed and take what’s mine. Oh, did you happen to find out about that mistress?” Molly shook her head, choking on her words. “That…I couldn’t believe she was still doing that shit? He could’ve had her killed for kidnapping me but he spared her yet…she was still plotting…” Molly closed her eyes holding back the tears Cody saw in those beautiful eyes. “So no, that woman was far worse than that man. I need a minute.” Molly got up.

“Let’s call it a night,” Cody said getting up to hug her sister. Molly only nodded against her shoulder before she and George left the restaurant. Cody finished her second course thinking over the hell her sister must have grown up in with both parents at war with each other. Cody might’ve preferred the loneliness of her childhood to the constant conflict and tension Molly endured.

She stood to go up to her hotel room when she saw Mario by the restaurant entrance. Tall, dark, and handsome smiled when she approached.

“You weren’t answering your phone so he sent me to check on you.”

Cody scoffed. “He doesn’t send you to check on me,” she said following the guy to the awaiting limo. The moment she was inside she found arms around her waist pulling her into a kiss.

She pulled back, pushing him away. “Why the fuck are you here?”

“To get you.”

“You know I’m supposed to be staying here tonight.”

“Ok. Then I’m staying with you.”

Cody just stared at him. His eyes never waivered, but she didn’t need to see his expression to know he was insecure. “Why the hell are you so paranoid about Molly?”

“Am I being paranoid?”

“Then tell me, Gabe, what do you- Oh, no you don’t!” She growled pushing and punching him away even as his hands snaked up her thighs, bypassing her skirt.

She tried to move, only to end up on her back, him hovering over, lips claiming her, tongue silencing her protests. His fingers played with her clit before sinking inside. Fuck, she hated how he distracted her as much as she desired it.

Panting, trying to breathe, she clawed at him. Her body gyrated involuntarily to the precise pumps of his long fingers. When his kiss nearly suffocated her, he pulled back. She painfully sucked in air.

With her pussy drenched around his fingers, Cody tried one last effort to kick him off her. The moment she lifted her knee, his other hand pushed her leg to her chest opening her wider for him. And as it was an invitation, he pulled his fingers from her, and unzipped his pants.

“Gabby, you shit!” She growled as he quickly guided his thick cock into her. “Fuck…you…”

His mouth came over hers cutting off her words. Each thrust melted her into the leather seat. Those large hands pinned her wrists above her head keeping her from punching him again while he plowed into her over and over, orgasm after orgasm.

She never got to ask anymore questions that night as he fucked her to sleep in the back of the limo.


When Cody’s phone rang that night, she groaned rolling over in bed to see that it was Molly calling her. The third missed call? She must have slept through the other two.

“Who the fuck is calling you so late at night?” Gabe grumbled pulling Cody tighter to his chest.

They were spooning, Cody’s back to him. “Molly.”

He grunted squeezing her tighter. “Answer it and I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk.”

“That’s nothing new. Threaten me with something that might actually scare me,” Cody said turning off her phone, because she didn’t trust Gabe to not try something if she answered it. He had a habit of “distracting” her while she was talking to her three roommates.

She was falling back to sleep when she heard something. A slight noise at the door. Was that the doornob?

“Shit!” Gabe was up and going to the entrance, leaving her in bed.

It can’t be…

“What the hell are you doing here?” Gabe opened the door putting his body in the way so no one could see inside.

Molly shrieked, probably because of Gabe naked ass.

Cody jumped up, grabbing her clothes rushing to Gabe’s private elevator.

“Why the hell are you in my office?”

Cody punched nervously at the call button for the elevator to hurry.

“Looking for Cody! I went down to her hotel room, but she wasn’t there so I called Bailey, but he hasn’t seen her. So I got worried and came here. I’ve tried to call but-“

The elevator door slid open slowly. She never remembered it being so slow.

“Hell, Molly, if I told her to come get her shit it means I’d be staying here tonight-“

Was the last thing she heard before the elevator door closed. She dressed as the compartment descended. On the ground floor, she cursed, not having her phone and truck keys. However, she knew where she could get help. She walked around the private lobby to a single door. And knocked.

The door popped open.

” ‘sup guys.” She walked in to see Gabe’s personal night security crew monitoring the lobby and private entrance on the security monitors.

“Ms. Delarosa,” One of them said waving absently.

“Why didn’t you guys call and warn us that his daughter was coming up?”

“We did, no one answered. And there was no instructions that blocks her from entering.” Of course not, Molly was his known daughter and considered essential.

“Well, can one of you go up and get my keys and phone?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She nodded thanks before sitting down to wait by the entrance of the room. Two minutes later, Gabe opened the door donning an evil narrow eyed expression.

“Mr. Walthour.” One of the guard greeted.

“She. Has. Got. To. Go.” He growled each syllable holding out Cody’s keys and phone. “Not so funny now, is it big man?” Cody grinned at his glare radiating death.


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