5 The Age of Wisdom


5: The Age of Wisdom

That night at dinner, Molly and George sat on one side of the table eating the Italian take out as Bailey and Cody sat thigh to thigh. Nervous energy vibrating between them. Tyler leaned back in his chair, waiting…just waiting. Sometimes she really hated him.

George and Molly talked about a trip they had taken together recently. He looked a bit upset as he kept looking between Cody and Bailey. Knowing George who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, the guy was about to blow. He was known as a huge gossip, so the fact something was going on and he was left out of the loop was probably killing him.

However, Tyler had already given them their instructions for what to do and how to do it. It was going to be…interesting?

“So when are you two going on a vacation? You two have never been on a couple’s trip right? I think it could help your relationship,” Molly said trying to play couples counselor.

“I have football and Cody has work. We don’t have time for vacation. Plus, school is still in.”

“That didn’t stop me and George from being here. And he has football, too. Sometimes you just have to make the time.”

“Yeah, man. Take the time.” George encouraged as if he knew what was going on. “Before you lose Cody.” Yep, he knew.

Bailey shook his head. “Me and Cody are fine.”

“Um…” George started.

“Bullshit!” Molly exploded. “My sister is miserable. If it wasn’t for Matt noticing and caring enough to distract her from being lonely, she would’ve cheated on you with someone else.”

Bailey’s brows rose. “What are you talking about?”

“Let’s not talk about this here.” Cody warned wanting to not talk about it at all, ever.

“Oh, no!” Molly stood hands braced on the table. “My sister deserves a guy that thinks about her and cares. I hope Matt takes her away from you.”

“Matt?” Bailey frowned pretending to look confused. “They’re just friends.”

“Yes, friends with phone sex benefits.”

“Um… Molly?” George patted her sister’s arm. “Maybe you should-“

“Leave. Now.” Bailey ordered standing up. “George, with all due respect. Take your wife and go.”

“Right.” George stood up. “Come on, Molly cupcake.”

“Oh, hell no I’m staying. Just in case he tries to hurt my sister.”

George blew out a breath and then ducked down his large frame. He came back up bending Molly over his shoulder.

“George!” She squealed kicking her legs.

“You do realize your sister can kick Bailey’s ass in four different martial arts,” George said walking to the door that Tyler ran ahead to get.

“Yes, but-“

“Say goodnight, cupcake.”

“Goodnight.” Molly pouted before Tyler shut the door behind them.

Cody and Bailey looked over at each other.

“The game’s on.” Bailey reminded her.

“The Ravens are going to lose.” She goaded.

“Not in this lifetime.”

“Bailey, don’t forget to be pissed when you go to school tomorrow and at practice just in case George shows up,” Tyler said.

“Right, right.” Bailey grunted turning on the television. The three of them crowded on the couch, Tyler and Bailey cuddled together and Cody leaned back on the opposite end with her feet propped up on Tyler’s lap.

The plan was simple enough, pretend to fight, make up later. Now all they had to do was play their part and hope Molly believed it.


Cody woke later that night sleep on the couch. She heard moaning and wall thumping coming from Bailey’s room. He and Tyler were doing their usual extra-curricular activities.

She grabbed her bag that she packed earlier and left home as Tyler planned because it looked more like they were having problems if Cody moved out.

She went to her father’s Miami office to the top floor of his building instead of her office. There the man had a bedroom off to the side when he worked overtime hours, which was all the time.

Since the assassination of Bailey’s father — where the bullet penetrated double reinforce bulletproof glass — Gabe had also installed the extra protection of tint and reflective glass so it was near impossible to see through the windows without infrared tech. So the rooms were darker than they used to be which made it easier to fall asleep in.

Making herself comfortable, she snuggled in for the night.

She woke the next morning moaning as talented lips sucked on her clit without mercy.

“Mmm…Gabe…” She whined opening her eyes reaching for his head to press closer.

He only hummed against her creating more vibrations around her sensitive flesh. She sucked air in opening her legs wider.

She loved the way he ate her pussy so enthusiastically. Having given better access, three of his fingers entered her cunt.

“Mmmm…more…” she moaned lifting her knees and digging her heels into the mattress. Her toes curled riding the first wave of orgasm. The second wave came soon after as he continued to suck her clit in its overly sensitive state.

“Gabe!” She cried grinding against his face and fingers.

He pulled back licking his lips. That sexy muscular body crawled up her like a predator preparing to finish devouring her. Heels still buried in the mattress, she lifted her hips so her wet pussy rubbed against the big cock bobbing between his powerful legs.

He guided his dick into her entrance before he lowered his head and whispered against her lips, “You should have come to Paris.” Then he shoved deep.

“Ah!” She clawed at the sheets, mouth opened at his abrupt thrust. He had waited too long for sex, which meant he was going to go at her all night. Fine be her, she loved how he fucked her mercilessly as much as she loved how he fucked her slow and leisurely.

Wrapping one leg around one of his, Cody grabbed his head and pulled it down into a searing kiss. Her back rubbed back and forth against the bed sheets while he powered into her over and over. “Fuck me…harder…” She demanded biting his bottom lip.

He did, hips snapping and abs flexing. His cock was like steel, punishing her insides and attacking her g-spot with a force that had her crying out with each hammering pump of his hips. She arched her back, coming for the third time.

Yet he was still going, still thrusting, sweat slicking his body and hers. Cody clawed at his back holding on, eyes closed and body trembling.

“Fuck me, fuck me…” She encouraged wanting him to get all his frustration out. All his pent up sexual energy belonged to her. All worries and concerns were hers to claim. “I want it all…I want it…” She groaned in his ear, before she felt his still, dick quivering inside, and body vibrating against her. His cock released hot fluid and she smiled kissing his jaw.

He lay against her for five minutes, stroking her long curls, kissing her lips, tongue lapping at the inside of her mouth before he began again. The second time was slower, but still hard and breathtaking. She on top that time while he bounced her on his thick cock. She collapsed on him when her orgasm came, spots dancing in her vision.

As they lay enjoying the afterglow, Gabe’s hand ran up and down her back making her smile. She didn’t realize how tense she had been until she felt nearly boneless in his arms.

“I didn’t know you had business in Miami this week,” she finally said moving her leg up his enjoying the feel of skin on skin.

“Where ever you are, I have business.”

She laughed. “You missed me.” She lifted her head and kissed him.

“It’s been a week. When will you finish?”

“When I finish.”

He grunted. Was he sulking? Cute.

They lay quietly enjoying each other’s company before she said, “I hate lying to her.” She blew out a breath as fingers traveled over the muscular slopes and valleys of Gabe’s arms.

“I know.”

“I want to tell her.”

“What’s stopping you?”

Cody lifted her head to stare at Gabe for a long moment trying to figure if he was serious or not. He looked so content it was hard to tell.

“I don’t want to lose my sister.”


“Not okay, Gabe. It’s selfish. Lying to her is selfishly protecting me.”

“And telling her is selfishly easing your conscious while making her hurt. And isolating her from both of us.”

Her jaw slacked in shock. She sat up and looked down at him, her chocolate locks sweeping over her shoulder. “Is that what I’m doing?”

“No, I’m showing you that no matter what you do someone will be hurt. Either you or her. Or both. Maybe you two will heal or maybe you two will never talk again. Or keep lying and nothing changes.”

Cody stared into his green eyes and brushed her thumb over his thick eyebrows. “Gabby, when the hell did you get so wise?”

He chuckled. Grabbing one of her long curls brushing against her breast, he lifted it to his nose. “I guess it comes with age.”

“Gabe, the wise old man who fucks like a teen on steroids.” Cody grinned.

“It’s only natural since I have to keep up with my young mistress.”

She slapped his chest. “Fucker, I’m the one who has to keep up with you.”

He tugged her hair making her descend to his lips. They kissed, lips and tongue fully engaging. At thirty-nine, nearly forty, Gabe didn’t look his age. Because of his martial arts, he kept fit and took care of himself. He looked more like early thirties, late twenties. And the man was insatiable.

She pulled back and licked his top lip. “I want waffles for breakfast.”

“Your wish. My command.” He kissed her bottom lip, then her chin. “But you have to share.”

“Nope.” She pulled away to roll off the bed, but he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him.

“Come on, beautiful.” He smoothed her hair off her neck and began placing kisses there. “Don’t be stingy.”

“But I want to be.” “Yes.” He breathed. “I know.”


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