3 The Co-Conspirators


3:  The Co-Conspirators

Beautiful summer weather like that day was perfect for a stroll. So that’s exactly what Cody did, heels digging into the football field’s AstroTurf. She ran past  and sweaty bodies despite the protests of the coach and assistant coaches. Bailey, her best friend and fake boyfriend, lifted his head from where he huddled when she called his name.

“What’s going on?” The guy asked when she approached him.

Cody just grabbed the bars of his helmet and used it as a handle to drag him off the field. If he hadn’t been at practice she would’ve called instead of interrupting him.

“What’s going on, Cody?” He took off his helmet and ran a hand through his sweat dampened curls when they got to the opposing sidelines.

“I fucked up.” She breathed. “I… Oh Bailey, you have to help.”

“What? What!” His gold eyes widened.

“Molly walked in on me flirting with Gabe.”

His mouth dropped. “What? In person?”

“No. I was on the phone.”

“You mentioned his name.” He thought, looking sick.

“No. But she knew it wasn’t you.”


“Because you were on the phone with George.”

“Oh, shit, just before practice.”


“I remember. George was with her.”


“Just… tell her you were flirting with Matt or Tyler.”

“I tried, but she saw right through me. Especially since I looked guilty as hell and couldn’t laugh it off.” Cody groaned closing her eyes. “I never told you because I was hoping it would go away and she never acted weird towards me…but Gabe thinks Molly’s suspicious about us.”


“Bailey!” Someone yelled from the field.

“Damn, you have to go. I shouldn’t have interfered.”

“You needed me, Cody, they can wait. Call Tyler. He can fix this.”

She groaned. “Yeah, I really don’t. That’s why I came to you. His fixes fucks things up.”

He sighed. “Maybe, but he gets results.”

She pushed at him. “Go back. Look pretty. You have a show to put on so you’ll be number one in the drafts.”

Bailey kissed her cheek. “It’ll be okay.”

“I hope so. See you at dinner tonight.” She cringed knowing Molly and George would also be at dinner if they were in town.

Her sister and George lived in Michigan where they lived happily married. Both were attending university there and George was in the middle of his college football career there. When Cody told her sister she would be in Miami for a while helping Bailey, she never suspected Molly would decide to drop everything and come visit.

Molly never just dropped by, especially the office where Cody worked. Her sister always came to the condo. And there was a rule for her to call first to make sure someone was home. Mostly that rule was to make sure Tyler and Bailey weren’t in the middle of a fuckfest.

When Cody finally got the nerve to go home, she wasn’t surprised to find Molly at the kitchen table waiting with Tyler chatting like they were old friends. And to Molly the two were friends. To Tyler she was just a pawn.

The moment Molly saw her the cheery mood she displayed for Tyler changed into a glare directed at Cody.

She greeted Molly and went back to her room knowing her sister wanted to talk. And sure enough, Molly followed. Her sister was so predictable. Usually, her sister maintained a fashionably late attitude toward everything, including her own wedding. So for Molly to not be out shopping but instead hanging out with Tyler? Shit.

When the door shut behind her, Cody turned to find her sister with her hands on her cutoff shorts covered hips, long tanned legs looking as toned as always.

“Where’s George?” Cody asked.

“Went to hang around Bailey’s school. I needed some alone time with my sister.”

“Ah.” Cody shifted nervously on her feet, wishing she was as devious as Tyler or silver-tongued like Matt.

“I don’t like this feeling, Cody,” Molly said, blowing out a breath. “George thinks I’m mad at him because I haven’t talked to him all day. How can I tell him that my sister is cheating on his best friend? How?”

“I’m not cheating.”

“You were flirting. Worse than flirting you were talking about sex.” Molly put her hand on her forehead. “You’re my sister. And I love you, but I can’t not tell George. We tell each other shit no matter how stupid. If I hide this… George will be a mess. He’d know somethings wrong. And he’s a pleaser so he’ll try to do whatever he can to fix it. So what do I tell my husband?” Molly’s glistening green eyes pleaded for Cody to give her something.

When the phone in the condo rang, Cody jumped. Their condo phone never rang because they all used their mobile phones.

Then again, Cody wasn’t home much. Since she and Gabe started sleeping with each other, they usually traveled together. So maybe the phone was for Bailey, one of the agents.

“Cody? Please. Tell me what’s going on.” Molly sighed as if resigned by whatever Cody decided to tell her.

Cody opened her mouth when a knock came to the door.

“Cody, you have a phone call.” Tyler’s voice came through the door.

“Who is it?” Cody frowned.

“Damien, from the office. He says its important.”

Damien? She didn’t know a Damien.

“Is that him? The guy you’re cheating with?” Molly asked lifting her eyebrow looking just like her father in that moment.

Cody shook her head and went to the door. When she opened it Tyler shoved the phone at her and walked away.

“Hello?” She asked closing the door back.

“Molly thinks your cheating?” Tyler asked on the other end.

That son of a bitch had been eavesdropping? Figures.

“Yes.” She answered.

“But she doesn’t know it was Gabe.”


“Did you try telling her it was Matt since you two are always flirting?”


“But she didn’t believe you.”


“Stay with the lie. Make her think things between you two have gotten out of hand, because you get lonely and Bailey is only interested in football. You two seem to have drifted apart since you don’t spend time together like you used to and Matt talks. He’s attractive and there’s something there. Sometimes the talking gets out of hand. Do you get it, Cody?”

Yes, more lies. Taking a deep breath she said, “Yeah.”

“We’ll figure out the rest later.” Tyler hung up.

“I’ll see you in the office,” Cody said pretending she was actually talking to a “Damien” from the office. Then she threw the phone on the bed and just stared at it trying to get the story right in her head.

“Cody?” Molly called to her but Cody didn’t look at her, adding dramatic effect to her confession. “Where is Matt? Could he tell me? You two tell each other everything right? Things you should be telling me…” Molly said bitterly.

“He’s in New York attending Juilliard, remember?” Cody blew out a long breath and looked down at her shoes. She closed her eyes. “And yes, we tell each other everything… Maybe that’s why it kind of got out of hand.”

“Is he taking advantage of you?” Molly snarled.

“And that’s why I didn’t want to tell you. We haven’t… done anything but talk. Just talk…”

“That sounded more like phone sex.”

Cody nodded her head. “Maybe. We…we get each other.” She continued pretending that she was talking about Matt while thinking about her strong and reliable Gabe. Protective. Sensual. Possessive. Handsome. That was her Gabe. If she thought about it, Matt was too, but she never saw Matt as more than her friend and brother.

“How long has this been going on?” Molly asked.

Cody shrugged. “I couldn’t tell you. It just kind of happened.”

“Nothing just happens, Cody. When did the phone sex start?”

“Recently.” Cody ran her hand over the back of her neck.

“Shit, you’re emotionally cheating.”

Cody groaned walking to the door wanting to escape the inquisition.


“Molly, I just-” Didn’t want to lie to her sister anymore than she had. It was bad enough to lie about dating Bailey. And how many times did she want to tell Molly she was in love with their father and sleeping with him? Too many to count. But she knew in her heart of hearts that Molly would never accept it.

“I know you and Bailey don’t see each other much anymore. And you two probably haven’t connected in awhile. I get that feelings can…wander. But maybe you should clue Bailey in. I mean the guy has been known to suck at relationships. If you tell him he might make an effort to repair it. Or dump you.” Molly urged draping an arm over Cody’s shoulder squeezing it. “You can’t be with both without their approval or it’s cheating.”

Cody only nodded as her sister talked down to her like they were still teenagers.

“I can’t believe my baby sister is a player.” Molly kissed her cheek.

“I didn’t mean to be…it just…”

“If Bailey was like my George, it wouldn’t just happen. George follows me everywhere, just to keep the guys off me. I think it’s cute.”

“You think its cute even after four years?” Cody looked at her sister’s glowing cheeks.

“Yep,” Molly snuggled Cody. “I’m just glad you haven’t slept with him. I’m going to have a talk with our asshole father. He should be watching you better. He’s like the worse parent always ignoring you.” She blew out a breath and Cody frowned at that.

Both she and Molly were grown, old enough to make their own decisions. But like always, Molly treated Cody like she was still a child.

“Oh, there is a sale I wanted to catch!” Molly kissed Cody on the cheek again and waved as she ran out the door.

In the blink of a damn eye, her sister left her alone with her worries and fears. Taking the moment’s pause in her deception, Cody collapsed on her bed to release a breath of exasperation.


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