2 The Call and The Answer


2: The Call and The Answer

Five Months Later…

“So how’s it going with the lawyers?” Gabe asked over the phone.

“Slow,” Cody answered pushing the documents to the side. With her ear to the phone, clutched against her shoulder, she said, “They’re a cautious species so they read and re-read and analyze everything ’til its dead.”

Gabe chuckled a deep rich sound. “That’s they’re job.”

“I know, but…”


“Well… The problem is these are some of the best agents in the field,” she said of the sports agents trying to recruit her friend. “Yet, I’m tempted not to go with any of them because of the fees, commission, clauses…” She blew out a breath. “If I knew what sharks they were, I would have let the lawyers talk directly with them. Let the sharks fight among their own kind. How did I let Bailey talk me into being his representative?”

“That’s the sports industry for you. Behind the scenes its cutthroat. But that’s any business.”

“If the sports industry is like any business, then I can probably do better.”

“If you wanted to, why not?”

Cody sat quiet for a minute looking around her small office wishing he was there so she could read his face.

“Cody, you’ve learned how to manage my business almost as fast as Tyler. The only difference is Tyler doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. You’re cleaner, but you don’t take bullshit. Why not give it a try?”

“I like watching sports, not sports business. I wouldn’t know where to start anyway.”

“Then let me make some calls and get you some mentors.”

Her jaw slacked in shock. “Gabby, are you trying to get rid of me?”

He chuckled. There was a time that nickname would have irritated him, now it just made him smile. And his smile, his laugh made her wet. “Beautiful, I’ll never get rid of you. You’d be perfect as a sports agent because you care about sports and people. And it adds legitimacy to you and Bailey’s relationship since you two are hardly seen together anymore.”

Cody nodded slowly understanding.

“Plus,” he continued, “It gives me an excuse to go to a live game with you.”

“Now that’s motivation.” Cody smiled wanting to hang out with Gabe without the pretense of business. It was a longing she had. Yes, in countries where he wasn’t known well, they could go out together unnoticed. But most of their time was spent privately and out of the eyes of the public. It would for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, Cody was so happy and in love with him, she just wanted to shout it to the world.

“So when are you coming to Paris?” Gabe’s deep dark suggestion slid over Cody’s skin and down to her panties. Even after three years together, he still affected her like a potent drug. Three years…they had just celebrated their “anniversary” a month ago on his private island.

“I’m not going to Paris anytime soon. If I go there I’ll just end up in your hotel room getting fucked,” she said opening up a report on her laptop.

He chuckled. “Maybe not fucked. Maybe you can suck me.”

“Suck you, huh? You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Cody grinned wishing she was in Paris with him. Instead, she worked to get Bailey’s NFL career off the ground. A senior at Miami, his final year, and he helped to win their regional conference championship last year. That along with two bowl wins during his college career and he had a highly successful record. His final year had just begun, his first game was two weeks away, and buzz circulated about what his completion record would be once he graduated.

Less than a month ago, August, when sports agents started watching her fake boyfriend, his coach got irritated. The sharks were getting in the way of practice so the coach demanded Bailey get a representative. With her understanding of sports and business, Bailey immediately thought of Cody. At the time, she was more than willing to help.

Now, sitting in her office space in Gabe’s building in Miami she had just finished going over the proposed information with some of his lawyers. After throwing those double talkers out, she called her lover and as usual, their conversation turned all kinds of kinky.

“You have a problem putting your mouth on me all of a sudden?” Gabe asked sounding amused.

“Oh, that’s not the problem, but are you sure that’s all you want?” Cody lowered her voice to match his sex laced tone.

“I’d rather you’d be spread for me, wet and ready, but I’ll settle for your mouth.”

“And what about me? I want reciprocation. Are you going to use your tongue or are you just going to leave me horny and panting?” She asked lifting her head to find her sister standing in the doorway staring in shock.

“I’ll call you back.” She hung up trying to remember if she ever said Gabe’s name.

“Who the fuck was that?” Molly snapped slamming the door behind her.

“It was-“

“And don’t you fucking lie and say it was Bailey because George is in the hallway talking to him now.” Her sister put her hands on her hips, full lips pursed, and green eyes reflecting anger. “Are you cheating on Bailey?”

“No! Never! It…it was Matt. We play sometimes,” Cody said nervously.

Molly just looked at her, wounded. She knew Cody was lying and Cody couldn’t look her sister in the face.

“It’s not what you think,” Cody said shuffling the papers on her desk recalling what Gabe had said after Marissa’s funeral. That salacious ride to the airport and Molly never showing any signs of suspicion had nearly made her forget.

“Hey babe,” George busted through the door grinning. The giant redhead towered over Molly and stared down at her noticing the look on her face. His smile disappeared. “What’s going on?”

Molly just shook her head and turned on her heels, leaving.

George looked back at Cody concerned before he said, “Molly?” Following after her. Cody collapsed into her chair. “Oh shit…”


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