13 The Liar Begs for Mercy


13: The Liar Begs for Mercy

The next morning, Cody was having her last meal with Mario’s family in the hotel restaurant when a foot nudged her under the table. She looked over at Michel sitting beside her only to see Gabe standing in the entrance of the restaurant glaring at her with a dark brooding expression.

Cody rolled her eyes and went back to eating.

Mario, who’s two year old sat in his lap making a mess of her food, continued cleaning the little girl’s face not the least bit concerned about his boss plotting death for the whole table.

“Is that…Mr. Walthour?” Mario’s wife asked quietly.

“Probably.” Cody shrugged.

“Mario…are you in trouble?” She sounded more curious than upset.

“Probably,” He said parroting Cody.

She smacked his hand playfully. “And you dragged my boyfriend into it!” She scolded speaking of Michel. The woman loved Michel like a brother.

“He’s a big boy, he can handle it.”

“Michel, I’ll cook you lasagna later to make up for what my goofball husband caused.”

“It’s not-“

Michel kicked Cody under the table, silencing her. “That is so nice of you,” his Hungarian accent said politely to Mario’s wife before he leaned over and said, “I love her lasagna almost as much as I love Mario’s lamb. Don’t mess this up for me.”

Cody chuckled as she noticed Gabe stalking over to the crowded table. There was little room to sit, but that didn’t stop him. He grabbed Mario’s five-year-old daughter who sat right next to Cody and dumped the girl in Michel’s lap before taking the seat. The girl giggled, “Hello, Mr. Walthour.”

“Ladies.” He greeted all the girls and Mario’s wife before glaring at Mario and Michel who had satisfied gleams in their eyes. Then he turned his attention to Cody. “We need to talk.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you…alone.” Because she’d just end up stripped bare, bent over, and fucked. “So talk. And remember, you have innocent ears around so be nice.” Cody just looked into those pale green eyes and waited.

Mario’s wife looked on intrigued and a little excited, as if she were watching a soap opera.

The sexy man took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Then when he opened them again there was a genuine pain in them as they gazed at her in awe. “I’m sorry, Cody. Can you forgive me?”

Already have… “What am I forgiving you for, Gabe? How many lies have there been?”

“Besides the lie I told you about Molly? Maybe one more…”

Cody scowled, hairs rising on the back of her neck. Was she going to have to kill him?

“I lied when I said I would never embarrass you again in public.” Then he bowed his body, shoulder pressing into her abdomen. Cody tried to fight, but he hauled her up and over his shoulder so fast Cody didn’t get a chance to even kick.

“Gabby, you mother-“

“Children, Cody.” He warned before slapping a hand on her ass. 

Cody, not caring who heard, cursed him up, down, and sideways. She kicked at him, hands beating at his back.

When they got on the elevator, he dropped her on the floor. She landed on her ass with an umph. Then he was down there, kneeling before her. “I’m sorry, Cody. I can’t apologize enough. I was so scared you would leave me to keep Molly’s love… I’m stupid.”

“Yes, you are. No more lies!” Cody growled about to get up when his hands came down on both sides of the elevator wall, trapping her in.

“No more lies. I swear it. Will you forgive me?”

“Fuck that, move. You’re in my way.”

“Oh, hell no. It was stupid of you to use her to make me jealous.”

“It worked though didn’t it?” Cody pushed at him.

“Yes.” Then he was on her.

Cody gasped as he reached for the buttons of her jeans. “Ga-” He grabbed the ankles of her pants and pulled them off with one tug. She fell backward with a shriek. “Gabe! This is a public elevator!” She yelled, glad it was empty for now. She fought, kicking at him. He tore off her panties. “What the hell!” Cody spun, trying to crawl away. The elevator dinged. “Oh shit!”

The doors opened. Gabe grabbed Cody by the waist hauling her up into her arms, in bridal fashion, pulling her long t-shirt down just enough to cover part of her private bits.

“Mother fucker, my ass is bare!”

He bit her on the chin.

When they got out onto the hotel floor, it was silent as rows of guards lined the hallway. Only one door stood open. 

“Fuck!” She squirmed. 

He bit her again. “Behave.”

“You don’t get to fuck me into forgiving you.”

“Yes, I do. If I have to look at you in bed naked with someone else, I get to fuck you mercilessly.” The snarl echoed in the raging expression on his face. “And I do mean mercilessly.”

As soon as they were in the hotel room, he kicked the door shut, nearly making it rattle on its hinges then he let her go. Cody landed on her feet and backed up. She knew it was pointless to run, he was blocking the door.

He began removing his clothes.

She wanted to fight, but Gabe always won, so that was pointless. Instead, she used words. “I’m having Bailey’s baby.”

Gabe was pushing down his pants when he paused. “What?”

“I’m. Having. Bailey’s. Baby.”

Stepping out of his pants, Gabe charged her. Cody found herself on the hotel’s table, bent over, and screaming from the harsh entry. She held onto the wooden surface shouting, “Fuck, fuck…” as tears began to fall from the pleasure and pain of his force. Her feet lifted off the floor every time he pounded his cock inside. The table scooted and tilted dangerously with every push of his pelvis. She barely breathed through his assault. Each punishing thrust left new marks inside her as if he was trying to enter her womb. He grunted, fingers digging into her hips, probably bruising her skin. Slap, slap, slap sounds echoed in the room as flesh slammed flesh. His heavy balls rocked against her thighs. “Fuck…” Her inner walls squeezed around him, feeling each inch of him shoving in and jerking out, sawing over her g-spot with a speed that blinded her through her first orgasm.

The sheer magnitude of it had her shaking, crawling at the surface of the table, toes curling nearly locking, screaming his name, “Gabe!”

“That’s right. You’re mine. All of you!” He demanded, pumping his seed deep inside of her. She lay sore and boneless as he stood behind her, still impaling her until the last drop. When he stilled his hips, his hands moved, pushing her t-shirt from her back. He worked the cloth from her body, over her head without her help. The he unclasped her bra and removed it.

His large hands smoothed over the skin of her back, arms, and neck. “When is it due?”

She laughed weakly. “I’m not having his baby now, moron.”

Gabe’s dick twitched inside her. “You’re…not pregnant.”

“No. I plan to have Bailey’s baby in the future. And will never sleep with him. It will all be clinical.” She breathed skill catching her breath.


Cody turned her head finally to look at him. He stood with his eyes closed as if horrified. Had he let his jealous instincts take over his rational mind? “Yeah, I wanted to piss you off, so I told you like that… I didn’t think you’d go caveman on me thought.”

“I’m already fucking furious about that damn video, Cody. I’m trying not to kill my own daughter. I can’t believe you and Molly… Fuck…”

Cody frowned. “What did she tell you?” She asked with a sneaking suspicion.

“You explored…each other…to see if…”

Cody burst with laughter and Gabe’s cock grew more. “She was lying. Fucking with you. Everything you saw on video, was all there was, nothing more. George was there, he’d never let us do anything but hold each other. And that’s it. We never did more but lay there and let George record.”

Gabe began moving inside Cody again, gentler this time, a hand smacked down on her ass making her gasp.

“So this is funny to you?” He asked through clinched teeth. His hand descended again, smack!

“Oh… I think so…” Cody opened her leg’s wider to accommodate his size.

“You want me to punish you, don’t you?” Gabe picked up the speed, slamming into her again. That big hand came down and stung her cheek.

“Fuck, yeah…” Cody moaned as wetness leaked around his cock and down her thighs. Her back arched each time he fucked into her, sensitizing all her nerves. He spanked her again, sending her head reeling. “Oh, shit!” Her release snuck up on her, making her eyes roll up into the back of her head. She was about to collapse back onto the table, but Gabe held her up around the waist. With his cock still inside, he walked them slowly to the bedroom. His other hand came up to cup one breast, massaging it. Each step was like torture on his thick steel cock. Already sensitive and thoroughly used, Cody whimpered and walked. If she tried to pause, he pinched her nipple sending tremors down to her core, making her clinch around him. Fucking torture…

They both collapsed onto the bed, Gabe on top of her, straddling her thighs, before he started moving again, strong hands pressing her back so that her stomach pushed into the mattress.

“Oh, shit…” Cody closed her eyes and opened her mouth to the onslaught. “Fuck…you… feel so good…” She moaned as drool pooled at the corner of her mouth. “Fuck…”

“You missed me…” He panted.

Even when she shouldn’t. Her insides began to ache with another orgasm. She buried her face into the bed sheets and groaned in sweet agony. She pushed her ass into his thrusts helping him cum.

“Shit!” He barked when she clinched her pussy around him hard.

Liquid heat radiated from his dick as she lay exhausted and sore. She drifted off only to awaken when he turned her over. She lazily watched him trail kisses over her stomach, her pelvis bone, and the inward curve of her sides. Sleepily, she moaned when his tongue darted out licking into her belly button. That tongue made a wet path up the middle of her abdomen toward her tits. Her body jerked when teeth nipped at her nipples before he suckled them, slowly. That tongue darted out again, lapping each hard nub, worshiping them. He leisurely circled the areolas while tenderly massaging the mounds. His sexy muscular body moved to and fro as he paid every inch of her body attention. Enjoying the feel of his hands, her eyes fluttered shut with ecstasy when he began massaging her feet.

“Mmmmm, that feels good…” She said enjoying how he spoiled her.

“So…this baby?” His deep uncertain voice had her smiling.


“What does that mean for nine months? No sex?”

Cody laughed. “That’s all you fucking care about.” She kicked at him. He grabbed her ankle and then the other before using his hold to pull her toward him, spreading her wide, cock lining up with her swollen puffy vaginal lips. Cody used the muscles in her abdomen to sit up. He slowly entered her as she wrapped a hand around the back of his neck, seating herself better on his big dick. Straddling him, she kissed him. Hell, she loved his kisses.

He opened his mouth so her tongue slid inside. Neither of them moved as they stayed connected, kissing and luxuriating in each other’s smell, taste, feel…

She finally pulled back and leaned her forehead against his. “Are you worried how the pregnancy will affect my body?” She asked combing her fingers through the short strands of his brown hair.

“No…” He got quiet. “I’ve…seen how some women forget their relationship to devote everything to a child.”

“You’re worried about sharing…Gabby!” She scolded.

“I’m a selfish man, Cody. I can’t help not wanting to share. And every time I turn around there is someone else who wants a piece of you. I’m barely tolerate sharing with Molly and your boys right now.”

“I get it.” She nuzzled his neck, inhaling his musk. “But the child will be Bailey’s and Tyler’s. I will help, but I won’t be the only one. Hell, the baby will have Matt, their mother, Molly, George, your mother-“


Cody laughed. “Yeah, she visited.”

“I know.”

“She wants to get to know me.”

“I know!” He flexed his hips pumping in and out of her. “How many more?” He grunted bouncing her on his lap. 

“Sports agents have clients, Gabe. That means I’ll be involved with jocks. Hot… Sweaty… Masculine… Oh fuck!” She shouted when he hammered into her with each word probably to punish her, but she was loving it… His dick speared up into her spot, stabbing her into delirium.“Oh shit… And they’re younger…”

“I’ll kill them all.” Gabe grunted, pushed her back onto the bed, and began a pounding that had Cody clawing at his back. “Gabe…” She barely uttered before her eyes rolled with every nerve sparking with pleasure/pain. Then her body gave up consciousness.


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