1 The Parting of Souls


**Warning Before You Continue: The story contains sex, graphic language, violence, and content which can be considered controversial (e.g., incestuous relations, dubious consent, etc). If any of the aforementioned bothers you, don’t read and don’t comment.**

1:  The Parting of Souls

The sun shined down over the crowd of people dressed in all black. Among the many single plots of green and potted flowers, one grave lay open waiting. Today in the cool spring Michigan air, a woman and her dead lover were buried on the same day. But not in the same cemetery. No, neither of the two would share the same plot, since both had been married to different people.

Marissa Walthour, wife of billionaire Gabriel Lloyd Walthour III was being buried after her body was found over two weeks ago in a small but lavish apartment in downtown Ann Arbor. Double suicide, according to authorities. Both she and her lover died of an apparent drug overdose — sleeping pills. Marissa’s lover, a millionaire who was on the road to making his first billion, also had a family — a wife and three children. The investigation uncovered that the two had been seeing each other for years in secret.

But Cody knew that nothing stayed secret from her lover, Gabe. He had known about Marissa’s affair and didn’t give a fuck. While most of the time Marissa was not allowed out of the house because of her “mental illness”, Gabe often let her free for a few days a month on good behavior. And those days, Marissa spent in the arms of her lover — a man who had ties to South American drug lords.

While Cody smelled foul play, Gabe swore to her he had no part in it. And Cody believed him because Gabe told her everything. While they lied to the rest of the world about their relationship, they weren’t allowed to lie and hid anything from each other. At first, it had been hard for Gabe to fully open up to Cody because he only depended on himself for years. However, after three years of practice, she found the man liked to do his best confessions of criminal misdeeds in bed after hot sweaty sex.

Watching the solemn crowd from the shadows of Gabe’s limo, Cody wondered how her sister held up. Since the incident that brought Cody and Gabe together, she and Molly had also become increasingly closer to the point that Gabe got jealous of their time on the phone together. Molly also grew increasingly jealous because she had to share Cody with Gabe and Bailey. After her sister’s marriage to her high school sweetheart, Cody thought her sister would calm down. Instead, Molly seemed to grow increasingly aggressive toward Gabe, calling him an asshole every chance she got.

It shocked Cody how hateful her language was to their father to the point Cody often asked what he did to make her so angry with him. All Molly would say was, “You were my sister first, dammit!” That didn’t surprise Cody, because Molly had always been protective and possessive of Cody. Cody felt the same for her sister, that’s why she hid her relationship with their father. She didn’t want to hurt Molly or take away from her happiness.

So when Molly called one day two weeks ago crying Cody dropped everything to run to her sister’s side. Since then, Cody stayed close as Molly grieved for her mother. Her proud beautiful sister had been a wreck. Between crying on Cody’s shoulder to hanging off George as if he was her lifeline, Molly seemed to be in a zombie like state. That was until two days ago, when Molly’s grandmother arrived in town and took over everything including Molly’s grief. Molly seemed to instantly sober. Cody on the other hand had to disappear into the shadows once again, becoming the child that didn’t exist so not to be noticed by the elder Walthour.

Cody knew Molly and her mother weren’t real close, yet she had been close enough that Molly often visited the woman. Unlike Cody’s relationship with her own mother which had been nonexistent. Now both mothers were dead, may their souls rest in peace.

The funeral began to break up, and Cody observed Gabe strolling on one side of his own mother while Molly walked on the other side. In her late sixties, Donya Walthour grand mistress of the Bellini-Sadik syndicate, barely looked like she was in her fifties. With long brown hair and greenish brown eyes, the woman was beautiful, elegant, and dainty. Though Molly and Gabe both stood taller than the matriarch, she seemed to overshadow them both with her larger than life regal air. Cody knew from how her sister talked of her grandmother that she had been a big influence to Molly. Gabe even admitted that his mother raised his daughter. Cody could tell by the way Molly walked with the woman that she drew much of her inner strength from Donya Walthour.

With her arm hooked in George’s Molly stopped walking and the two began to speak. Donya also stopped, waiting for her granddaughter. Gabe kept going headed straight for Cody’s limo. Molly, noticing Gabe wasn’t stopping, yelled after him. Too far to hear what she shouted, Cody only noticed the anger twisting Molly’s pretty face. When he didn’t stop, she yelled again. Donya then said something silencing Molly who looked furious.

When Gabe got to the limo, the chauffeur opened the door for him. He got in. Cody turned to him.

Adjusting himself on the seat, he leaned his head back as if trying to de-stress. She said nothing as she went back to look at her sister. Molly had no clue she was in the limo, but if she had Cody wondered if her sister would look as mean as she did now, glaring after Gabe like she hated him.

“What’s going on with you and Molly?”

“She acknowledges I’m a bad father. And I agree,” was all he said. When the car pulled off, Cody crawled to the end of the limo where he sat and curled into him. He rubbed her back when Cody kissed him.

“I agree. You’re a bad father.” She purred.

He smiled wickedly, hand sliding down to her ass. Then he kissed her, demanding her mouth. Cody opened for him, knowing he needed the comfort she offered. Though he would never say that Molly could hurt him, Cody felt in his kiss, that he was in pain.

She pulled away and looked into those mint green eyes. With a light lick of his bottom lip she wrapped her arm around his chest hugging him. “What’s going on?”

“If I knew, I’d tell you.” He leaned his forehead to hers. Then he whispered, “But…if I had to guess…she suspects…” Without finishing, he just stared at her and Cody knew what he meant.

“She never confronted you?”


“What do we do?”

“Nothing.” He kissed her, grabbing her arms pulling her into his lap. Cody straddled him and felt his hard-on against her crotch. That dick was always ready for her. “We do nothing, unless you think you can love me more than you do.”

Cody laughed. “It’s not just going to go away, Gabe.”

“It better not.” He nibbled up her jaw.

“I’m not talking about my love. I’m talking about Molly’s suspicions.”

He wrapped his arms around her hugging her tight. “I don’t want to think about Molly. Now start grinding on me. We have a thirty minute drive to the airport.”

“But-” “I need you…” His voice was hot and husky with a hint of pain, so there was no way she would deny him.


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