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7 Girlfriends be like…


7: Girlfriends be like…

The next morning, Bailey pulled up to the Walthour hotel where Cody was staying with Gabe. She called early that morning demanding to go to practice with him, so he told her he’d pick her up.

It wasn’t five minutes before she was running out the hotel and jumping into his truck wearing her usual baggy jeans and baggy t-shirt.

“So what’s this about you cheating on me?” Cody asked looking amused slamming the door shut.

Bailey’s jaw dropped. “How-“

She held up her phone. “Matt plus seventeen texts from different members of the football team and the cheer squad when the shit hit. Might I add I was with Gabe…” She sighed and covered her face hiding the blush blooming across it. “Tyler’s not going to be happy,” she said keeping her face covered.

“The girl just started crying and I froze up. I never meant for…that to happen.”

“That?” Cody gasped dropping her hands to look at him, questions dancing her gorgeous eyes. “More than a kiss on the cheek?”

“No! I mean I didn’t expect for it to become a damn scandal. A guy on my team, Jerry-“

“Oh, right! Sixty. The quiet fullback.”

“Yeah, he said to watch myself. Someone might be jealous or something.”

She nodded thoughtfully. “Very possible. Both of the quarterbacks don’t like you much. They’re worried about you taking their place.”

Really? Bailey never noticed. “How…did you know?”

“Tyler told me when you first started. He told me to keep an eye on them. It seems they took my absence as a sign to fuck with you.”

“So Heather doesn’t like me?”

“Oh, she likes you. But she’s so dim that she probably doesn’t know she’s being used. Have you seen her since?”

“I avoided her all yesterday like a disease.”

“Good.” Cody rubbed her hands together. “That’s why I asked you to pick me up. I’ve got work to do. This is my purpose after all, keeping the flies from Tyler’s sugar-bear.” She laughed evilly sending chills up Bailey’s spine.

During practice, Bailey saw Heather darting across the field crying. Not two minutes later, Cody came waltzing to the bleachers with her hands in her pocket looking damn proud of herself.

“Cody!” Some of the guy’s waved and whistled.

She waved back before she cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled. “Ya’ll better tell them bitches to stop fucking with my man or I will bring the heat!”

The field roared with cheers and laughter as Bailey’s cheeks flushed from embarrassment. Some of the team slapped him on the back with obvious approval.

After drills, Bailey ran to the sidelines, and kissed Cody as he often did in public.

“Stinky and sweaty…” She screwed up her nose.

“You like it. So what did you say to her?”

Cody thought for a moment. “Oh, right, something like, I don’t know what you’re playing at, but I don’t like stupid rumors or bitches messing with what’s mine — that means Bailey. Don’t fucking touch him again, you greasy ho.”

Bailey’s jaw dropped.

“I get all my inspiration from Tyler.” She grinned a goofy smile.

“Heather’s not that bad-“

Cody held up her hand cutting his off. “This is why you get into shit. Stop being nice. It gives the wrong signal. Be frank. Be blunt. Be honest. Or me and Tyler have to get involved. And you know if it was Tyler, it’d be worse.”

He nodded.

Cody ruffled his hair then slapped his ass. “Go wash. My nose is offended.”

He laughed and ran off.

After getting ready, he was heading down the corridor toward the parking lot when he spotted Heather. She was dressed in tight jeans and a tight T. Cute as always. Leaned back against the wall, she looked pretty upset as she hugged herself.

He continued walking nearly passing her when she said, “I was just trying to be friendly Bailey, you didn’t have to sick your girlfriend on me. That was pretty mean.”

“The thing is, Heather, Cody sicked herself on you because she trusts me and knows I wouldn’t cheat on her. She doesn’t like rumors and lies spreading about me anymore than I do. We have each other’s back. That’s love.” He kept walking.

“I didn’t mean for… I didn’t know someone would… Sorry…”

He barely heard her, but Bailey didn’t turn back and say how sorry it came to this or that he felt bad. It was best the girl understood the line, just as Cody said, he was too nice.

When he got to the truck, Cody was grinning at her phone, looking all kinds of cheesy.

“Gabe?” He asked.

“Uh huh.”

“You’re turning into a girl, Cody. It’s sickening you know that?” He chuckled.

“No more sickening than you and Tyler.”

They drove home with Cody describing the island she and Gabe spent her time on. It sounded quiet, exclusive, and relaxing. A place he wouldn’t mind taking Tyler one day when he had his own money.


Two weeks had passed since Tyler’s incarceration and it felt like two months. Bailey drowned himself in football. Matt drowned in music. They only seemed to see each other when Cody came to visit.

And today was one of those days. They were sitting around the living room, eating and watching television — Matt and Cody chatted about Matt’s upcoming competition while Bailey pretended to listen flipping the channel during a commercial.

“Bailey,” Cody grabbed his chin and turned his head in her direction. “He’s fine.” She held up her phone and on it was a picture of Tyler sitting in a chair reading. “He’s being the model inmate.”

Bailey smiled looking at the picture. He couldn’t take his eyes off it. When the screen timed out he sighed. “Can I have it…the picture?”

Cody sent it to him.

“Have you talked to him?”

Cody shook her head, curls flying. “Gabe won’t let me.”

“I’ve been dying to know but… Why the hell is dad so important to Gabe?” Matt asked.

“I asked the same damn thing.” Cody leaned her head on Bailey’s shoulder. “Radford heads a very powerful security firm backed by Walthour’s money. He has a nearly spotless success rate. He hires people that are useful resources. And those people are loyal. Sometimes to a fault. It makes it hard to not only get to Radford, but to learn how the business is run. If you take Radford out now, that company fails. And Gabe’s not willing to take such a huge loss. That firm not only does personal security but network security. That leaves a hell of a lot of people exposed to any kind of threat. Along with millions possibly billions of dollars down the drain.”

“So how does Tyler and Michel fit into the take over?” Matt asked.

“Tyler was working on new network security infrastructures and building software and measures that outperform Radfords. And Michel was building his own resources and collecting his own army of spies and guards to rival Radfords.”

Bailey understood. Walthour was trying to make their father obsolete. Brilliant.

“What if… dad found out?” Bailey asked thinking over some of the conversations that they had in their condo while those listening devices were their. “What if he learned from one of our conversations that he was going to be replaced?”

“Shit…” Cody nodded. “He would want Tyler eliminated.”

“Not Gabe or Michel?” Matt asked.

“Your dad has a hell of a lot of enemies. He doesn’t want to add Gabe’s family to it. Bellini-Sadik is a powerful mob. And so is Mick’s family. That group is full of spies.”

“Michel is mob?” Matt asked shocked as Bailey’s jaw dropped.

“To hear Mick say it, no. But his family is more than protective of him.”

“But Tyler only has us. Easier to get rid of,” Bailey said understanding. “And our father can’t do it himself because Tyler is under Walthour’s protection. So instead, dad uses the information he got about Cody to make Walthour want to kill Tyler. Or throw him out so that dad can kill him.”

Cody cursed. “He’s as evil and brilliant as Tyler.”

“That’s why they hate each other.” Matt said, “Dad didn’t account for your influence over Gabe.” He turned to Cody. There father probably expected Gabe to kill Tyler regardless of what Cody wanted.

Cody nodded. “This isn’t over. If Radford knows, then I need to tell Gabe. Warn him just in case.” She got out her phone and left to make the call.

Matt and Bailey looked at each other as an unspoken understanding flowed between them. Tyler knew. That’s why he went after their father. Because as long as their father was alive, he would continue to come after Tyler or worse, Matt and Bailey to get at Tyler.

Cody came back smiling a dreamy expression and Matt laughed. Bailey had to admit, love looked good on her. Then again everything looked good on her.

“Gabe wants a meeting. You, him, and your father. He wants to settle this before it gets out of hand,” Cody said.


“He’ll set it up and let us know. But most likely, very soon,” She said flopping down beside him and grabbing a bag of chips. “So be prepared.”


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