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12 Happily Ever Thereafter Maybe


12: Happily Ever Thereafter Maybe

The next day, Bailey’s ass throbbed, sore but it wasn’t bad. He had felt worse after busting his butt on the field during a game. Every time he looked at Tyler, the guy was staring at him longingly like they hadn’t fucked all night and morning.

“This is sickening.” Matt groaned during breakfast, leaving to go to his music lessons.

They spent the rest of the morning kissing, fondling, fucking, and Bailey was grateful his brother was innocent of killing his father. Because he didn’t like knowing Tyler could’ve been the one to do it.

That afternoon before practice, Bailey trudged his way to the locker room when he saw a man up in the bleachers. Making an extra stop, he headed for the guy. He walked up behind Jerry, who was half sitting, half laying back on the bleachers soaking up the summer sun. His floppy hair spread out on the metal surface. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, but it was hard to tell with all that hair on his face.

“Skin cancer is alive and well man,” Bailey told the guy before taking a seat two steps up from him.

The guy opened his eyes and glanced in his direction. Then closed his eyes and said, “Vitamin D.”

“You get that every time we practice on the field.”


The guy probably didn’t want company so Bailey made it quick. “Me and my family often hang out if you want to join sometime.”

Jerry sighed. “I don’t need pity.”

“Not pity. Just chill time. Hanging out with people. Nothing more.”

Jerry said nothing.

“Nothing wrong with a little downtime.”

Jerry still said nothing.

“Plus, I’m nosy.”

The guy smiled then.

Bailey waited, but when he got no reply, he got up and walked away.

“Hey, Bailey.”


“You and Tyler have beautiful eyes.”

Bailey paused, feeling every bit uncomfortable and yet flattered. “Thank you,” he said, voice coming out strained before he strolled off.

“Jerry…” Tyler said later after Bailey told him what the guy shared with Bailey. Tyler sat at his computer on the opposite side of the room while Bailey sat on the couch flipping the channels on the television. “Yeah, I did research on him after I noticed him checking you out. He’s the second year from Omaha, Nebraska who got a full scholarship. Jerry Mather. Farm boy.” Tyler made noises behind him as if he were moving around. “Are we fucking him?”

“No!” Bailey shouted.

“Damn. I think he’d be pretty intense. It’s usually the quiet ones that-“


“Fine. Fine.” Tyler came up behind him and shoved his hand down Bailey’s pants suddenly. “So he knows about us huh?” Tyler licked up Bailey’s ear while massaging his ball.

“Ty…” Bailey opened his legs wider enjoying those large hands on his cock.

“And we have pretty eyes.” Tyler purred, lips kissing down Bailey’s jaw.

Bailey moaned.

“If he’s like us, he’s gay and got a crush on a brother, or two. Someone in the family found out and went ape-shit. Either the parents or…” Tyler immediately pulled away. “I want to find out.”

Bailey grabbed the guy’s arm and pulled him over the couch into his lap, kissing him. “Find out later. Finish what you started now.”

Tyler slid his fingers into Bailey’s hair and they made out on the couch the rest of the evening while the television played in the background.

Bailey woke the next morning on the couch to find Tyler naked on the floor before him, his laptop propped on the coffee table. Tyler didn’t do mornings if he could help it… unless there was a problem plaguing him.


“Bay.” Tyler’s voice didn’t sound right.

Sitting up on his elbow, Bailey watched his brother. Those gold eyes finally turned to him with an oddly calm expression.

“Ty?” Bailey warned knowing Tyler was in a dark mood.

“Your guy, Jerry. He’s your camera man.”

Bailey frowned. “What?” He sat up.

“That motherfucker took the picture of you and Heather. It wasn’t the quarterbacks. I did some digging. Added up everything you and Cody told me. And pieced it all together. Then I hacked some student computers. Jerry is the originator. He uploaded the picture from his phone to a dummy email account and then sent it out.”

“Shit…And I thought-“

“It was like he was waiting for an opportunity to catch you doing something. And that was the worse he could find.”


“He said it himself. Jealousy. You got everything he didn’t get. When he was fourteen, he was nearly beaten to death by his older brother, age nineteen. No one knows why, but two days later, Jerry’s twin brother killed himself.” Tyler turned the laptop for Bailey to see the article, Tragedy Strikes Thrice for Family.

“Three times? What was the third?”

“The mother lost her mind. Debilitating depression. She’s catatonic and hasn’t responded since. His father walked way, never even showed up at the hospital for Jerry, the twin’s funeral, or the older brother’s trial. Doesn’t say why but let me take a stab at it.”

“I don’t-“

“We both have beautiful eyes. The same eyes. Like twins. Like his brother and he. They were in love. His oldest brother either thought they were disgusting or was jealous. Either way, he snapped and tried to kill Jerry, possibly the twin. Jerry survived barely and ended up partially deaf. His twin couldn’t handle anyone knowing so ended his life. The mother was too shocked by everything to accept the truth and escaped mentally. The father also couldn’t accept it but escaped physically. Now with his brother in jail, his lover gone, and he alone, Jerry wallows in misery. And misery loves company.”


“Face it, Bailey. When he realized that you and I were more than brothers, he waited. Waited for one of us to slip up so he could capture it. Instead, he only got a picture of you and Heather. Maybe he grew impatient-“

“Or maybe he wanted to warn me that someone is always watching… Like dad watched. Maybe he wanted to spare me his fate. Maybe that was his way of saying don’t take your love for granted and let your guard relax,” Bailey said looking Tyler in the eye, remembering how Jerry showed him the picture. The guy warned him. And how he showed concern for Tyler. He didn’t have to say anything to Bailey. He could have continued to work in secret to find the proof he needed. But the guy made it a point to warn him. “Not everyone is out to get us, Tyler. Not everyone is as evil as you.”

“Or he just grew a conscious.” Tyler lifted his eyebrow clearly not convinced.

Bailey opened his mouth to tell Tyler to leave it alone and not mess with the guy. Hell, it sounded like Jerry had been through enough. But Bailey knew that wasn’t going to happen, even if Tyler had to be punished. So instead Bailey said, “Before you do anything, get my approval.”

“But that could take forever. You think too slow.”

“Ty. What are you going to do to him?”

Tyler frowned thoughtfully before he said, “He can’t be in our lives Bailey. I’ll watch him like he watches me. I’ll be in his computer. In his head. I’ll make it safe. Make him safe. But first, I’m sending a virus to his computer. Time to wipe the bitch clean.” Tyler went back to his laptop.

Bailey nodded as he sat watching Tyler work. He could have lost Tyler in a similar way. His father wanted to kill Tyler, but refrained for Bailey’s sake. His life could have mirrored Jerry’s. He couldn’t take that for granted. He had to always be watchful and careful. For Tyler.

He leaned forward and kissed Tyler on the cheek, running his fingers over those soft silky curls.

“I’m glad you’re home, Ty.”

“I know.”


Bailey never went out of his way to talk to Jerry again. He didn’t even confront Jerry about what he learned. Or even asked the guy about his motives. And Jerry never approached him again about anything specific. They only shared greetings. No more pictures were taken or gossip spread. And Jerry remained untouched. Tyler seemed to show a kind of respect to the guy. Maybe he realized Jerry was more a guardian angel than a demon. Of course that didn’t mean Tyler was going to stop watching him.

For a month after their father’s cremation, Tyler helped Michel with the investigation, but nothing was revealed. Even the bullet that had been used to kill their father was an original, so unique it was believed to be crafted specifically for that purpose alone — which made it untraceable.

The hunt drove Tyler mad. The few times Bailey got to see him during that month, there were no leads and Tyler was a mess. Bailey would fuck him back to normal and then send him back out to work. But after a month, Gabe diverted resources elsewhere, meaning Tyler had to go back to work directly for the tycoon. And Gabe worked Tyler like a mule. Bailey got to see him once, maybe twice a week.

It was hard, but it was never more than a week and Tyler stayed out of trouble. And when they saw each other, they made up the time… Unfortunate for Matt, who earned a standing room as Gabe’s hotel. And Cody knew not to come around.

That became their new normal and Bailey was okay with it, because his brothers were safe and protected. And his lover was behaving…for now…



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