The Wrong Type of Wicked

Chapter 1: Mausoleum

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and purely for your reading enjoyment. Any similarities to your own experiences is coincidental. I don’t recommend trying anything illegal, dangerous, or culturally unexceptionable in this story, but what you do in your private life is your business (just be prepared for the consequences).

The Wrong Type of Wicked (Cover Coming Later)

As the head of the Voronins, a very old and very powerful family, Ivan has had to do unspeakable things to keep his family in check. Some would see his acts as evil, but to Ivan they were just part of life. However, no matter how untamed he seemed to others, he always had a code to live by… until his wife dies. Now he’s unshackled with a new leash on life. And that leash has Khalid Ussan’s name written in bold print…

Khalid has always been unfettered, free, without care or caution. His habits have earned him a reputation for blood and sex. His only boundary? Stay away from Ivan Voronin. However, that rule because harder and harder to keep as Ivan gets closer and more demanding. Soon Khalid learns that his wicked nature is more than skin deep…it flows in his blood.

**Warning: This story contains sex, graphic language, violence, and content which can be considered controversial (e.g., incestuous relations, dubious consent, same sex relations, etc.). If any of the aforementioned bothers you, don’t read and don’t comment.**


Chapter 1: Mausoleum

“She’s offering to have your babies. I already checked her ovulation cycle and I guarantee that she’s young enough and healthy enough to give you at least three or more…”

Ivan yawned and sat his glass of vodka down in the side cup holder as he listened to his little sister, Sandra, try to play matchmaker. Though his sister was brilliant when it came to medicine and sciencey stuff, she was an idiot when it came to scheming. He knew very well that his sister would only propose a match if there was something genetically “special” about the match she proposed. In other words, Sandra probably already experimented on the unsuspecting woman.

“Sister of mine, you know I’ll kill you if you involve me in one of your experiments, don’t you?” Ivan asked looking out the tinted windows of his limousine. The scenery that had been speeding by was now slowing down.

Sandra got quiet. “It’s not you…”

“My non-existent future children are included in that involve me statement.” Ivan added.

“But…” Her soft voice grew softer, “But I wouldn’t experiment on the children…”

“Of course, you wouldn’t…” Ivan rolled his eyes only to see the building his limo was pulling up to. “Put away your whimsical ideas my little mad scientist, or I will send Jerry on your trail. He so wants to put his hands on you.”

Sandra whined, “I swear I haven’t done anything else to his father or his mother!”

“He’s still pissed about his mother.” Ivan reminded her.

“That was years ago!”

“He’s a Voronin, sweetie. You know how that works. Revenge will either be swift or slow, but revenge will happen.”

Sandra whined again. Though his sister was crazy and deadly, she had no real backbone.

“I’m approaching my stop. Will talk to you later,” Ivan said hanging up while inwardly laughing at his stupid sister.

Buttoning his suit jacket, Ivan stepped out of the limo that had just stopped in front of the large ornate building that looked more like a palace than a catholic mausoleum. He took a quick glance down to make sure he had on a tie and his shoes were shined, she always liked it when he looked his best. He even picked a boring tie like she liked — gray to match his suit. Taking a deep breath, he glanced over to his assistant who’d just gotten out of the car holding a bundle of peach-colored roses. He never understood why his wife liked roses over other flowers, but she always had to have peach. Not red. Not pink. Not even yellow. Peach. His Lidiya was always particular.

“Ouch!” He glared at his Amelia, his assistant, who gave him an apologetic glance.

“Did you forget about the thorns again, sir?” Amelia asked almost on a sigh. She was a young petite woman with curvy hips and big brown eyes.  The woman’s skin had a healthy tanned glow that reminded him of nude beaches on the Mediterranean, which was fitting since she was from Spain.

“Was I supposed to remember?” Ivan asked, looking down at the bundle he held adorned with nice sharp thorns.

“Each time you tell me to order them, its you who tells me to make sure they don’t remove the thorns.”

Ivan nodded in agreement. “But you could still wrap them in enough plastic that it doesn’t hurt.”

“They didn’t hurt me.” She looked at him puzzled.

“I’m paying you too much.” He groaned.

“I checked, and Father Joseph should be here today tending the grounds.”

“Brilliant! You get a raise.” Ivan sang before he walked up the light stone steps, through decorative columns and wide-open archways. Inside, the building was quiet as hell. Perfect for the dead who preferred their rest in peace. He wondered, not for the first time, if the rest included vodka.

He marveled at his footsteps’ echo as he traveled past rows upon rows of epitaphs carved into walls from floor to ceiling. His slow pace brought him to the back of the mausoleum through double doors where a massive garden spread far and wide. Angel monuments decorated the grounds among small trees, grassy scrubs, and neatly trimmed bushes. The only flowers in the place were those placed on graves. He followed the stone walkway until he stopped at one angel with marble wings spread to the skies. The stone read, Lidiya Voronin.

Ivan sat the thorny roses at the foot of the angel right over Lidiya’s name. “Happy Anniversary, Gorgeous,” he said and smiled down at her name before looking around at the well-kept area. “I see that nothing has changed, you’re still keeping everything crisp and clean. Do you have the little nuns around here doing your bidding yet?” He asked. He continued to chat about what she had missed since his last visit less than a year ago. With great detail he recounted his killing spree of the man who took her from him. “You would have been proud.” He chuckled, before getting serious. “I know you didn’t like Khalid, but I think you should know, I’m going to fuck him eventually. Just making you aware. Our vows to each other were until death do we part, so don’t get mad. I kept my end of the agreement. Anyway, I recruited Phil to help out. He told me that he would help but I had to promise not to get mad at him no matter what the outcome is and how things turn out with Khalid… Which means he knows something… And he’s not telling. But I promised and I’ll keep my word. Plus, I still owe him for hunting down that damn sister of ours. And for helping me find that asshole Virgil who tried to kill me last month. Unfortunately for him, death eludes me again…” He sighed, remembering how he decided to skip his son, Vadim’s fashion show and head to Matthew’s concert last minute, taking a helicopter instead of his limo. The limo blew up just as the helicopter took flight. France was not happy about having to explain the non-terrorist, terrorist attack. “If you’re upset that I won’t be joining you sooner, take it out on Virgil since he’s with you now… Such an unlucky fellow. I definitely wouldn’t want to face your rage…then again, I always enjoyed your rage.” He grinned remembering the angry sex. “I’ll miss those days.”

He paused and sighed, “I know you cared about growing old. You thought I liked Khalid because he was younger and prettier. And he is those things, but it was never totally about his looks.” He rubbed his chin thinking of that tan flawless skin, long lithe limbs, beautiful androgenous face, and lips that made his dick throb. Yes, Khalid was far too beautiful for a man. Even for a woman. But so was Cody Walthour and that super model his son Vadim was horny for, Marquis D’Angelo. But Ivan never got a raging boner for Cody or Marquis like he got for Khalid. He liked Khalid’s sass and wit. And that queenly air about him that made those who didn’t have a strong will power, lower their head in his presence. Even those with strong will power found it hard to look directly at him because he was so achingly attractive.

Then again, Ivan had no problem looking directly at the man because he never really cared about beauty. Being close to Khalid felt…right. He didn’t know how else to say it. Even being with Lidiya for so many years didn’t feel as right as being close to Khalid. A shame the younger man didn’t agree and often pushed him away. But Ivan would remedy that.

He already formulated a plan that would have Khalid moaning on his dick. And the next Voronin mistress had Khalid’s name already tattooed on it, whether he liked it or not. Now all he had to do is declaw his kitten and drag him into Ivan’s gilded cage.



  • Katherine

    Hey Blu it’s been a while since you last posted so I just wanted to make sure that your okay and I hope I’m not being selfish by saying this but I really hope you start posting soon.I love you stories and I get so excited when you post I hope one of the reasons you haven’t been posting is because you’ve lost motivation,you are a great writer so please don’t give up.(am I seeing this because I’m a little impatient,yes but I do hope your doing alright.)

  • HR

    Hi I was wondering if you have the whole story written already or are you posting as you write it chapter by chapter? Also the first chapter was bomb!!!

    • Blu

      Hey! Yes I wrote the whole thing, but it need editing cause it’s really rough. So I’m editing chapters as I post.

    • msw04

      ??❤omg finally, i have been counting days for this,thanks for coming back with yet another masterpiece every time i say this series can’t get more good than it already is the next book slap me right in the face,you are the greatest author i have read to and you have all my favorite tropes,wish you all the best for this book i love ivan and khalid they have a very good and hot chemistry even though they merely interacted with eo in the last books but they already my second favorite ❤❤❤?

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