The Wrong Type of Seduction

9 Val Drinks Away


9: Val Drinks Away

Val berated herself for the millionth time that night. “How the hell-” Aside from marriage, she never did something so stupid. He can’t even drink!

She downed her glass of wine before she filled it up again. “Stupid, Val! Stupid!” And if he hadn’t said anything about a condom, she probably would’ve let him fuck her raw. She was more upset that they didn’t continue, than she was at nearly giving in. How did he get under her skin so easily…How?

She began pacing again over the burgundy colored carpet. 

Even as she cursed her own existence, she couldn’t help remember those large hands gripping her thighs, hard lean muscles holding her up and grinding into her. Each delicious thrust drove her so wild she couldn’t imagine why she cared he was nineteen. He had nearly made her release through layers of cloth.

Either their chemistry was perfect or his technique.

She was glad about one thing — that they made out in the bathroom. If they had done it anywhere more private, she’d have demanded more. Just thinking about those ample lips had her wet wanting to kiss him again.

“And I kissed him! I don’t do kissing!” Even when she fucked someone else, she never kissed them. She screamed and downed another glass. She hadn’t kissed anyone, ever, other than Domenic. Her lips had always belonged to him. Always.

But not anymore. “They are mine to do as I please.” And that son of a bitch wasn’t allowed to rule her life anymore. That’s why she was going to live on her terms. “And if I want to fuck a nineteen-year-old sex god then so be it.”

Then she laughed dropping her head and stopped walking. “I drank too much.”

She had asked him questions, things she had no right to know. How could she show such interest? That was the first rule when keeping a distance from a potential sex partner — don’t ask questions. Don’t show interest of any kind — keep it cool, emotionless, and detached. Yet, she asked about school, as if curious. Was she? No. She didn’t have the right to wonder about him.

School…he was nineteen and finished with school already with a career more successful than most grownups. How could she not be impressed with that? It shouldn’t matter!

The fact he didn’t have condoms in his pocket and stopped when he realized he didn’t, told her so much about him. Clearly he didn’t go around fucking just anything that offered. He understood the risks of unprotected sex and cared enough for his partner and himself to remember to use protection. He could’ve pushed the subject, pushed right inside of her without it and she wouldn’t have protested. Was she nuts?

Yet he had been so damn thoughtful it grated on her nerves. Oh, she knew he probably had enough experience to know what he was doing…she could tell by those damn lips and his seductive words. Yet… No! I need him out of my head! I can’t do this with him! “I swore I wouldn’t do this. And definitely not with Matt. I can’t allow him to derail my life.”

She trudged to the window and stared out at the city. Pulling out her phone, she absently dialed the woman who had been her anchor for the last five years.

It picked up on the third ring and a warm voice greeted her in German.

“Hi Pam,” Val said into the phone trying to not sound tipsy.

“My lady? Not that I’m not happy that you’re calling…but…um…”

“I know. Breaking my own rules… I just needed to hear your voice. You keep me from doing anything stupid.”

The woman laughed. “No, you are the sane one who keeps me from doing anything stupid… So you calling me…and sounding a bit chatty means… How much have you drank?”

“I’m not drunk.” Val inwardly winced knowing if anyone, Pam would figure it out.

“No, but you get chatty when you drink. If you were drunk, I’d have to send Roger after you to make sure you don’t do something foolish.”

Val groaned, remembering the one time she ever got drunk. It had been four years ago on the anniversary of her wedding, nearly a year after her divorce. Depression had washed over her, nearly drowning her when she through of all the time she had wasted being married. All the things she allowed him to do to her. The painful memories, the self-loathing, and the anger pointed her to the first wine bottle in the house. She drank until she was crying in Pam’s arms. What would she have done without Pam?

“Would you like to tell me about it?” Pam asked.

“No.” She sighed.

“It’s not about your ex is it?”


“That’s a relief. So?”

Val just groaned. “I was stupid to call,” she said, not wanting to admit that a nineteen-year-old got into her heard and nearly fucked her silly. Then again, Pam would love those details.

“Well, since you did call…” Pam began to tell her stories about that side of the world and everything Val had missed.

Val laughed at Pam’s crazy stories, even as she cried, wishing she was there.

“…which reminds me, when are you coming back through? I’m getting a lot of questions.”

“I know. I’ll try to swing by next week.”

“Good…good. Send me your schedule and I’ll make arrangements. Take care of yourself please. Just because I’m not there to cook for you doesn’t mean you can live off wine alone.”

“Of course. Good night.” 

“Night? Morning here, I’m making pancakes.”

“Save me some,” Val said hanging up the phone.

Still standing at the window, she stared at the building across from her. The hotel window wasn’t very big, but it was big enough to show her a great view of the city. She needed to find a permanent residence but she didn’t know where in the city would be best to live. She didn’t want to stay in any of the high-rise condos because she knew about most of the building owners. The ones she knew also knew Domenic. Though she wasn’t worried about them telling him about her, she didn’t want to put them in a position over loyalties. Plus, they were all shady or not worthy doing business with. Maybe she should have chosen a small town to live in instead of a big city.

Leaning her head against the glass, Val let the cold sober her just a little so that she didn’t do anything stupid like regret all the choices she made in her life. She took in a deep breath. No. No more pity. Pity has never helped me before.

Val walked to the minibar and sat her glass on the fridge. Then she made her way to the bathroom where she turned the faucets on in the shower. Stripping, memories of that body flashed in her mind. She wondered what Matt’s gold skin would look like naked. She shook her head of those thoughts and stepped under the warm spray hoping to wash the feel of Matt’s heat off her. And those muscles had been so hard, his cock, his body, his chest — rock solid. While she may lie to him, she couldn’t lie to herself — she had wanted him in that moment. He felt so right and wrong against her. Just thinking about it made her horny and needy. 

Val found her hand venturing down to her pussy, fingers parting the puffy flesh. Her thumb began stroking her clit as remembered kisses flashed in her mind. His tongue… Her middle finger penetrated her slick heat and began slipping in and out of her inner walls. Slow, then quick, she sought release. 

Her other hand slid up her wet body, going to her breasts. Cupping one mound, she massaged it before pinching the nipple. Then she rolled the hard point, groaning as she imagined Matt’s large hands on her. Would he be rough? Gentle? Or bother? 

Her other hand circled her clit to get just the right pressure. Breathing against the tile, Val leaned against the cool surface as her body ground against her fingers recalling every moment he rocked his erection against her sensitive center. How would his dick feel sliding in her core? How deep would that cock she only felt through his pants pierce her? 

Shivers played over her nerves. She came sucking in a breath and cursing, not nearly satisfied, and angry for thinking of him while she got off. I need to get a dildo. That would help with the urges, because clearly she’d gone too long without sex if she was craving like this. That’s all it was, a craving for sexual release.

Yes, a dildo or a partner only interested in one night might do the trick. And Matt wasn’t an option because from how he eagerly pursued her, no way was he only interested in one night.


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