The Wrong Type of Seduction

8 Mesmerized Matt


8: Mesmerized Matt

She wore khakis that flared around her ankles and hugged that generous ass that he loved watching as she walked in cute thong sandals, toes painted pink. The pink tunic she wore flattered her curves, and flowed effortlessly. Somehow as innocent as the shirt appeared, without showing excessive skin, it still seemed to flirt with him.

Or that was his wish — that she flirted with him like when he played at Ada’s bar or when they were in the cab. She had the cutest ears that peaked out from medium length wavy reddish brown hair just long enough to brush over her shoulders. He couldn’t help but want to tuck it behind her ear again. He could imagine diamonds in her earlobes instead of those silver studs…or was that platinum?

She was definitely worthy of diamonds. Diamonds especially around that slender neck. And he so wanted to kiss that neck. Leave a mark…

“So where is this restaurant?” She stopped walking and peaked back at him over her shoulder. “Or are we just going to walk?” She asked with the slightest up curve at the corner of her lips that told him she knew she was sexy as hell and that he was checking her out.

He cleared his throat and mentally told his semi-erection to behave. “Next building over,” he said walking beside her, which made it even more obvious he was checking her out because he couldn’t help but look down at her every chance he got.

She walked with an air of dignity and refinement that told him she came from wealth. Yet that sexiness in her eyes and in the subtle swish of her hips told him she knew sex and how to please. Hell, the maturity coming off her was out of his league and yet, her age couldn’t have been more than thirty. Something told him she was younger than her obvious sophistication and confidence, and it wasn’t her gorgeous looks.

When they got to the restaurant, he quickly grabbed the door and opened it for her.

“Thank you,” she said nodding her head slightly before walking in. He didn’t know what that sly look in her eyes meant when she walked by, but it made his dick twitch.

They ordered at the counter, took a table number, and sat down.

“So, Val, are you new to New York?” He asked hoping she told him something about herself.


“Oh. Visiting or…”

“Or?” She looked at him expectantly.

He had hoped she would fill in the blanks, but clearly she wasn’t about to open up her life. “Do you live here?”

“For now,” she answered sitting her elbows on the table and leaning forward. “My turn. What did you have planned on the twenty-sixth that you so eagerly pushed aside to perform at the gala?” Her low voice intoxicated him with that foreign accent he couldn’t place.

Matt didn’t want to talk about himself. Somethings in his life weren’t up for discussion, yet, this was an easy question. He took out his phone, looked in his calendar that his manager updated regularly on his end. “Seems I had an interview with…Forbes,” he said putting the phone back in his pocket.

The woman’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “Well the gala isn’t until the evening, so I’m sure you can still make it.”

“Probably. Depends on the type of interview. Sometimes they want to spend the day with the subject. But I have a feeling that I might be preoccupied.”

Her lips twisted in amusement. “With what?”

“Trying to get you to go on a date with me.”

She shook her head and leaned back, relaxing, one leg coming up to crossing over the other at the knee letting her pretty foot hoover and entice him. “I don’t date.” Though she didn’t fold her arms over her chest, he knew she was on the defensive. Hoho, she was going to be a fun challenge. Bring it on!

“Not even a little?” Matt smiled not the least intimidated by her flat refusal.

“Not even a little.”

He sighed, “I’ve got my work cut out for me.”

She chuckled. “Not giving up?”

“Hell no… I mean… Sorry. No. I fully intend to stalk you and hope to either wear you down or have you calling the cops while running screaming for me.”

Her eyes lit with amusement. “That would be bad for your image.”

He shrugged. “I’ve been the good boy all my life. Maybe it’s time I try for the bad boy.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “If you want a bad boy, I can be that for you.”

“No. No boy.” She smirked.

“Bad man? Or woman?”

She chuckled. “I. Don’t. Date.”

“I heard you. But I’m pretending I have a chance. Can I pretend?”

“Look, Matthew-“

“Matt. Please call me Matt.”

“Ok. Matt. You’re cute, but too young. Plus, I’m not interested in a relationship. Definitely not with a puppy.”

“What makes you think I’m too young? Just because I’m nineteen? You don’t look much older than me, so it could work. Especially since women don’t tell their age. And-“

“I don’t date.”

He nodded. “And I don’t listen very well.”

She laughed and hell it was throaty and sexy as fuck. He thought his best friend Cody had the best laugh, but while Cody’s was musical nearly infectious, Val’s made him hard and wanting. He could imagine that laugh while he held her, sweaty after the best fuckfest.

Their food came just as she was about to say something, but grew quiet. The waiter finished putting down his turkey and cheese with a side of tomato bisque. She got a simple Caesar salad with extra dressing.

He watched as she dipped her head the slightest bit to thank the waiter, like some royal queen blessing him for his service.

When she picked up her fork and glanced up at him for a second, he noticed the curious glance she gave him and wanted to know what she was thinking. Hell, he wanted to cleave into that sexy head of hers and make her lay her soul bare to him. He longed to taste what she kept locked so tight that she didn’t date, even if it meant being a little devious on his part.

He decided to change things up a bit. “So no date…dating… I get it. I don’t usually date either. Barely have the time for it.” She opened her mouth to say something but he cut her off by saying, “No, I won’t give up…” She shook her head and started to eat. He picked up his sandwich, positioned it at the entrance of his mouth, “What about sex?” Then he took a bite.

The fork full of salad that she had slid into her mouth, stopped. Her face went absolutely still with emotion. Her eyes turned to him as he blinked at her expectantly. She would either choke up, be completely insulted, or consider it.

When she finally reacted, she removed the fork and began chewing. He continued eating, watching her intently. She kept eating, taking small dainty bites as if he said nothing at all. Ignoring him? That would never do.

Letting his gaze show his need, boring into her, making her as uncomfortable as he possibly could, he ate slowly, taking his time. He imagined undressing her, peeling off layers with each bite he took. With every morsel he chewed, he pictured her spread for him, beckoning him with the crook of her finger to please her, daring him to make her scream his name.

Though she tried to keep her eyes from meeting his, the blush creeping up that long neck told him she felt his hungry stare. The tension between them became a living heat and a battle of wills as he stared and she pretended not to notice, eyes carefully glancing at anything but him. When the waiter came over, he looked a bit nervous filling up their drinks. Cautiously, he asked if they needed anything else.

Matt handed him his check card, telling him to go ahead and bill them while never taking his gaze off Val.

Val didn’t object as she shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

After gulping down his water, the waiter came with his receipt and his card.

“Excuse me. Where is the bathroom?” Val asked in a heated husky voice.

The waiter pointed to the back and Val thanked him.

“I’ll be right back,” she said giving Matt a look that scorched him. She wanted him.

For a moment after she left, Matt sat staring at her empty seat. The next moment he was up and following her.

Before the door was closed to the unisex bathroom Matt was inside and closing it behind him. He clicked the lock.

She whirled around. “Matt!” Her face lit with shock.

He took one long step, bent down, gripped her chin, and brushed his lips with hers. She backed up, but she didn’t scream or protest. So he stepped into her, pressing her backward, and letting his lips take more of her. Mind descending into lust, Matt almost forgot they were in a bathroom and his big brother would hammer his head in for putting a woman into such a situation, taking advantage of her.

Yet rational thoughts flushed right down the toilet the moment her mouth returned his pursuit. Her lips parted and tongue speared into his, sliding over the roof of his mouth. He groaned, body moving. He picked her up by the thighs and slammed her into the adjacent wall. Her hands came up, slipping over the back of his neck holding on to him. His hips ground and she moaned in return breathing hot air into his throat.

Her grip on him seem to pull him closer, nails digging into his flesh, while she humped him through their clothes. He wanted skin so bad he nearly went mad holding himself back from ripping her pants. Her hips began churning on his crotch in a demanding pace that would make him blow any moment, he just knew it. He tore away from her, just enough to create space so he could unfasten her pants when he recalled he left his messenger bag at the school and his condoms were in it.

“Fuck, no condoms.” He growled as she sucked on his bottom lips.

She stilled, as if realizing what he had said. Her legs uncurled from his waists, touching down on the tile. However, she didn’t let his head go, pulling him with her as she continued to kiss him as if she enjoyed it. And oh how he hoped she was enjoying it. He deepened the kiss, letting his tongue possess her. Their tongues tangled, gliding, playing. She smiled slightly pulling away.

“That was nice, but no next time,” she said as if she were trying to turn him down, but he wasn’t fooled. She enjoyed the kissing if nothing else.

He steadied himself mentally calming his hard-on, pulling her into his arms. “If you insist, but I’ll remember this moment forever.”

She let him hold her, until his erection had calmed to only half painful, then lightly pushed him off giving him that sexy smirk. “Shouldn’t you be getting to class?”

“No.” He let her go, but stayed close. She leaned back against the wall staring up at him with lust filled eyes that made him curse himself for not keeping a condom in his wallet.

“Oh, finished with classes for today?” She asked.

“No, I graduated last year from undergrad. Finished with classes until my brother talks me into going to grad school. I help some of the talent there and other schools to make connections, that’s it.”

“So what? You’re giving back or…” She walked to the sink and turned on the faucet.

He stepped up behind her and reached around her to the soap dispenser. After a few pumps of soap, he took her hands in his and massaged the soap into a lather. Her hands were perfect, not too soft and not too small — just right to wrap around his- don’t think it Matt, you just calmed down. “Do you know the statistics of most of those students making it in music once they graduate? Most people who study music have to find jobs in other areas because music is so competitive. And then you have those who never get the chance to go to school. I’ve met a lot of them who have as much or more talent than I do. I try, where I can, to give a hand to those who need it and are willing to do the work.”

“Aren’t you generous.” That heady accented voice wrapped around him. “Kindness of your heart?”

He chuckled. “Nope. I just hate seeing good music go to waste. It kills me when non-talented people become famous just because their dad or cousin knows someone that can get them in the industry, when you have people with twice the talent pushing their demo tapes and slowly watching their dreams die. Plus, I know what its like to need a little help.”

She nodded as if understanding while she watched their hands slip and slid together. He lowered their hands under the cool water to rinse.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “You sure we can’t do this again? And a little more? I bet your pussy would taste good on my tongue.” Then he gave the blushing ear a lick.

He caught her slight smile in the mirror as she tried to twist her lips to hide it but she said nothing.

Her silence meant nothing to him, because he knew she wanted him. And he knew where she volunteered and planned to ambush her every chance he got.

After drying their hands, she left the bathroom first, looking as dignified as she always did. Behind her, Matt probably looked like a clumsy dog panting after his owner. An elderly woman standing out in the hall waiting for the bathroom widened her eyes noticing them both leaving at the same time.

They continued on, leaving the restaurant. When his face hit the open city air, he heard Val say, “I hope she didn’t recognize you.”

“I guess I should care?” He thought about it long and hard but felt no inclination to give a damn.

“It could cause a scandal.” She looked back at him with her eyebrows raised.

“It would be my first. And it was worth it. Can we create a scandal? Right here?” He leaned down hoping she would kiss him again.

“Goodbye, Matt.” She turned her back and walked away so abruptly he knew she wasn’t giving him more…for now.

He watched her leave, but in no way was he saying goodbye. That ass was going to be his.

“Young man…”

He looked down at the older woman that had been waiting for the bathroom. “Yes?”

“May I have your autograph?” She grinned holding up a napkin.

He took it and began to write his signature.

“And if you ever want to call on me… Please do.” She grinned up at him wiggling her wrinkled brow. Matt kissed her on the cheek wishing that offer had come from Val.


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