The Wrong Type of Seduction

78 Matt


78: Matt

Matt thanked everyone for their attendance and then afterward thanked everyone involved in the production. The Mad Knight was officially supposed to begin in the spring if everything went according to plan.

The rest of the night was shaking hands, thanking people, laughing at stupid jokes, and generally playing nice. Now and then he caught sight of Val, but mostly the only ones who stayed around him were his PR Sandra and the playwright. He and Val weren’t public yet because he still wasn’t able to talk her into it, but he wasn’t giving up.

As the night grew late, his family headed home and he helped finish out the festivities at the theater turning up the charm.

After the after party, Matt headed home, tired, but not too tired that he couldn’t stop at his studio to work on the song that had been stuck in his head all night.

He didn’t know the time, but he’d guess it was close to one in the morning when Val entered the sound booth and sat beside him on his piano bench. She didn’t interrupt him as he finished jotting down a chord.

Then he turned to her and smiled.

She kissed him. “You have too much family.”

Matt laughed, knowing having so many people suddenly in her life that were bossy and pushy was getting on her nerves. While in Ricci, Val had lots of people around her, but most of them bowed to her as the wife of Domenic. Now, she had a real family that didn’t care if she came from royalty or had been a mob wife.

“What happened now?” Matt asked kissing her again.

“Tyler and your mother…fighting again.”

Matt chuckled, knowing what it was about. Tyler really wanted their mother to go on a date. And Matt wanted to help.

“Why can’t he leave the poor woman alone? She clearly doesn’t want that.”

“Maybe…but Bailey worries about her.”

“Ah…he’s doing it for Bailey. Should have known.”

Her hands smoothed over his thigh and Matt hummed leaning in for another kiss.

Her delicate fingers unzipped his pants while their tongues slowly slipped and slid together. He tasted the wine that lingered on her lips. She slowly untucked his hardening cock from the material of his boxers. When it was exposed and at her mercy, she dipped her head down and began to lick at his long thick dick. Half in a daze with lust, he played with the silk strands of her wavy reddish brown hair allowing the wet heat of her mouth to destroy him. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking him in and out, driving his eyes to the back of his head. The pad of her tongue massaged against the flesh. He didn’t notice he was pushing on her head and pulling her hair to make her go faster, until he felt teeth dangerously scrape his sensitive flesh. He loosened his hold, only to find himself pushing her head again, hips fucking up into her mouth. The suction was mind numbing, wet, hot… “Oh shit!”

She choked on him slightly, as he came. His cock throbbed with release. Swallowing every drop, she licked him clean.

“Marry me.” Matt demanded for the fifth time.

Val rose to face him. She licked her lips. “Maybe later.” Then she kissed him. He tasted himself on her, licking her lips and her tongue.

“I know you said you’re already mine, Val, but I’m greedy. I want more.” Matt pulled away and stared into her watery eyes.

She nodded, and tears began to leak from her eyes.

“Whoa, whoa, what’s wrong?” He reached up to smooth the tears from her face.

“I’m scared, Matt. Right now I’m hopeful. Happy. Desperately in love with you. But I’m scared it’s too good to be true.” She half laughed. “I’m terrified it could all go away in just the blink of an eye. Someone could take it all away or it could be just a joke, a dream I might wake from…” She leaned into him. “I’ve never felt this before. I think I’m delirious.”

“Sometimes, I feel the same. And nothing’s wrong with that.” He kissed her forehead. “Let’s drown in it. The love. The fear. The plots, schemes…ambushes.” He watched her laugh. “Let’s do it all together, til death do we part. Marry me, Val. Those who know the truth about us will never stop us.”

“I know.” She whispered snaking her tongue out licking along the seam of his lips.

His cock began to throb as she teased him. “Is it because you were married before?”

“No…” Her tongue flicked, making him harder.

“Now you’re fucking with me aren’t you?” He realized.

Then her eyes turned up to stare into his. “Why, Puppy, what would make you think I’d do that?” She pulled back looking him over with the most seductive expression.

“Fuck…My cock needs more than your mouth.”

Val laughed louder, hugging him.

“Seriously, Val. I’m not joking.”

“You’re so adorable.” She kissed his nose.


“It’s been a long day, I’m going to bed,” she said standing up.

He grabbed her and pulled her into his lap, kissing her giggles away.

“You’re dick is poking me in the back.” She breathed against his lips.

“Spread for me.” He demanded.

She got up and hoisted that sexy black dress up her legs slowly exposing flesh, inch by decadent inch. Then she did the hottest thing he’s every seen. She began to crawl up onto his grand piano, her hands and feet playing the most horrible sound before she spread her legs, knees raised giving him a perfect view of her pussy.

“Come on, Mr. Piano Man, play for me.”

Matt grinned staring at his target. He was up, crawling over her, and praying the piano was sturdy, because he really didn’t want to be gentle.

His dick sunk deep inside her while both hands braced on both sides of her head. His hips began to piston, sliding in, out, in, and out. They breathed in unison, staring into each other’s eyes. She reached up to his face. He kissed her fingertips, then sucked one into his mouth and let his tongue play with it as he picked up the rhythm, snapping his hips. His hands braced above her shoulders were the only thing keeping Val from sliding back on the piano’s shiny finish.

It wasn’t long before he was spilling inside of her hot and clenching vaginal walls. She smiled and said, “I guess I’ll marry you, but only because I’m bored.”

About time.

He kissed her lips, and began to slid his hand up her dress, over soft skin, preparing to fondle her into another round of sex when he heard, “Can you two give me one moment before round two? I want to record it on my phone.” On the overhead speakers.

Matt’s head whirled to the studio observation window to see Tyler standing on the other side. How long had he been there? That wicked grin told him everything — too damn long.

“I’m going to kill him.” Matt groaned.

“It’s only fair. You’ve walked in on them before. Several times I’m told.”

“That’s not the same! It’s not like I wanted to see them screwing. And plus… Wait… Why are you siding with him?”

She slid her hands up his chest. “It’s kind of hot to be watched…remember that night your hand was up my skirt in the taxi?”

Well, shit. “Then the next time you wear that damn dress in public, don’t be surprised if we fuck in every taxi in Manhattan.” He kissed her.

“Can I join?” Tyler’s voice came again on the speakers.

“No!” They both said at the same time.

“She’s my sister, too!”

“I found her first!” Matt snapped, feeling his dick misbehaving. It was all he could do not to start thrusting into her again.

“Sharing is caring.” The asshole sounded too damn amused. “You know Bailey taught us to share.”

“Go away!” Matt roared then turned back to her. He marveled at her leaned back on elbows looking up at him all sexy and sexed. “We better go before he actually does join us,” he groaned feeling her core massage his dick. It felt too good to pull out.

Val kissed his chin, then his bottom lip, before her husky heady voice said, “Yes, puppy.”

}~{}~{ END }~{}~{


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