The Wrong Type of Seduction

75 Val’s Last Stand


75: Val’s Last Stand

“Matt get in the bathroom, crouch down in the tub, and stay down.” Val pushed him in that direction.

“Not without you.” He proceeded to pulled her, but Val slipped free.

“I know I stink but I’ll have to pass for now.”

“Val, you can’t go out there. If they find out what you’re capable of-“

“They won’t. Now get your tush in that tub.”

His face hardened but he went as she commanded.

Still holding her phone, Val entered a code waking her drones. Then she woke their defense matrix as she made her way down the stairs with Norman by her side.

“What’s the situation?” Gabe asked ushering his mother to the back.

“Kowalski and Raina, where are they?” Val asked.

“They both ran to their cars thinking they could outrun whats coming.”

“Of course they did. They’re your leak.”


“Raina?” Donya’s eyes widened in shock. “Since when has she allied with Kowalsk?”

“I’ll tell you later, mother. You got this?” He asked Val.

“We’ll see,” Val said before leaving them.

“My rifle is mounted on the roof, ready for your orders,” Norman said.

“Go, take out as many as you can. And avoid shooting my drones.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He jogged away.

Checking the surveillance through her drone’s cameras she saw a call coming in from Roger. “Yes?”

“M’lady, you need air support?”

“How far off are you?”

“Five and closing in fast.”

“There are two vehicles trying to run. Take them out and come no closer. I don’t need questions about an unknown helicopter. Plus, I believe Walthour’s security has the sky. Don’t want them shooting you down.”


When the vehicles lined up outside Val maneuvered her drones to get behind them while she went into the kitchen where Michel, Gabe’s chief of security, gave orders.

“What’s your strategy so I know how to stay our of your way?” She asked him.

He told her.

“Does everyone have on the red arm bands I asked them to put on?” Val asked.

He nodded.

She knew then that the best strategy for her drones were to let them target anything or anyone not wearing the special arm bands giving off the pre-programmed radio frequency. 

She grabbed her laptop in a case in Christophe’s room. The larger screen on the computer would give her views from the drones’ cameras and buildings’ security cameras which would help her keep an eye on everything that was happening outside. She went to Pam who was crouched by the kitchen sink holding a rifle.

“I want you to go upstairs and keep Matt company,” Val said while she programmed her last commands to her drones.

“Ma’am, I have all the respect for you in the world as the head. But as your friend, no.”

Val laughed. “Stubborn.” Sitting beside Pam, she watched from her screen as her drones targeted the enemy guards the moment they got out of their bulletproof vehicles.

“Some of them are circling around…trying to surround the house.” She yelled over the gun fire as glass broke around her.

“Val, you shouldn’t be out here. You can do that from safety,” Pam said. “You weren’t trained for this kind of fight.”

Val ignored the woman’s words, even as she knew she was way over her head. Val was an assassin that worked from the shadows, not a soldier that came out guns blazing. However, she couldn’t just sit by while others died to protect everything dear to her.

“At least, take a gun.” Pam huffed.

She felt something cold touch her hand. Taking the handgun that Pam offered, she checked the clip and readied herself with one hand while keeping her focus on the screen. She watched as drones shot down enemy after enemy as if in a video game.

“You do still know how to shoot, right?” Pam asked, flinching when bullets zipped over their heads.

Having only shot a real gun during practice, she never had to shoot someone herself… so she worried. Instead of answering her friend, Val gripped it tighter, and hoped she didn’t need to use it.

In the camera, Val noticed Walthour’s helicopters closing in. Rapid fire began mowing down the invaders through the trees. Val relaxed a bit, knowing it would be over soon.

One of her drones, out of ammunition, continued to fly, taking survellience video. In one particular shot, she noticed guards surrounding and protecting one man carrying… “Shit!”


Getting up and running, Val was out the back door, ducking gunfire, heading into the cover of the trees. She kept down, pulling her phone from her pocket. She began issuing voice commands to it. “Switch to handheld.” The surveillance video came up on the smaller screen. “Drone camera five.” She ordered. On the single screen she saw the group of guards, two of which had been shot down. But the one that concerned her was still working to setup what Val feared was a missile launcher.

Careful not to draw unwanted attention to herself, Val never fired a shot as she passed behind one of the enemy gunning for the house. Keeping quiet, steps quick, she ignored the fallen bodies on the ground, either dead or dying. 

Staying low, darting from tree to tree, Val made her way to the location in the video. They were hunkered down behind an armored car. She continued until she saw the entourage of Ricci’s SUV with her eyes. She followed the tree line until she was right in the view of the dwindling group. The man she was targeting still had three people guarding him as he loaded the huge barrel of the launcher with a long missile.

Getting low, until she was at a crawl, Val found a perfect spot to view the group. On her belly, arms outstretched, Val took aim and began firing.

She took out all of them, leaving the launcher rolling off the hood of the SUV where it had been propped and hitting the ground with a thunk clank.

Then a bullet whizzed by her ear. She rolled onto her back, took aim, and fired at the gunman coming behind her, but not before pain coursed through her.


Even as the pain blinded Val she thought, What the hell is Pam doing out here…


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