The Wrong Type of Seduction

73 Val Equals Elimination


73: Val Equals Elimination

Val was up on a ladder checking the wiring of the security system on the second floor when she heard the stairwell door open. Bailey walked in grinning at Christophe.

“Hi, Uncle Bailey,” Christophe said waving with a screw driver in hand.

“Hey, DC, you helping your mama out.”

Christophe nodded.

“Cool.” Bailey’s attention went up to Val and he twisted his lips as if he wanted to say something, however was fearful of how she’d react.

Satisfied by what she saw in the ceiling, Val closed the metal hatch and used her electric screw driver to secure it.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so…dressed down.”

“One of many faces… So?” She asked waiting up on the ladder, looking down at him.

“My brothers are…special to say the least. Smart as hell to the point they let logic rule when empathy should.” He squatted down in front of Christophe. “Look forward to that in Christophe. What he lacks in emotions, will be replaced by cold hard logic. The best you can do is make sure they always have something to do. Matt’s was always music so I never needed to worry about him until now. Tyler on the other hand, easily accomplished everything so very few things held his interest long enough to keep him out of trouble.”

“Except you,” Val said understanding how Tyler did everything for Bailey.


“Bailey, you don’t have to explain them to me. I get it. I do. Because he was right, I would want to do the same thing for him, to protect him. But I feel…” She wasn’t sure how to explain it.

“It’s a kind of disappointment. I know. Every time Tyler does something that I’m not proud of, I feel this…weight.”

“Yes.” Val closed her eyes. “But I have no right to feel that. I’ve done things…but…”

“You thought better of Matt, just like I did. It disappoints me, too. Thank you for that.”

“What?” Val’s head snapped back in shock as she caught her balance before falling off the ladder. “Why are you thanking me for his plots?”

Bailey laughed. “Because I’ve never seen this side of my little brother before. I’ve never seen him stupid or stupid in love. Usually he’s so calm and mature. He was the adult among us, the voice of reason despite me being the oldest.” He grinned wider shoving his hands in his jean pockets. “It’s like he’s finally letting the teen angst in and rebellion is coming out to play. Honestly, I would’ve preferred him just sneaking out at night like a normal teen, but… I’m glad he’s doing more than drowning in his music.”

She just stared at the proud papa. “We have to be the strangest family.”

Bailey laughed again nodding. “Hell, yeah.”

Helping Val and Christophe, Bailey followed them from floor to floor, as she readjusted the alarm system to include the new infrared tech she installed. He answered all her questions about Matt’s favorites and even told him adorable stories of how Tyler and Matt fight all the time.

Then when she asked about Travis Radford, their father, Bailey gave a sad expression to show how much the subject hurt.

“Never mind. Later, when the knowledge of what I’ve done is not so fresh.” She dropped the subject.

“Thanks.” Bailey nodded.

They were on the eighth floor, Christophe and Bailey sword fighting with screwdrivers and Val installing the new enhanced imaging security camera when her phone rang. She pressed the Bluetooth device in her ear.


“Ma’am,” Norman’s cool voice came through the speaker. “I’ve got a wild card. A young man, maybe in his twenties, entered with a resident. The resident, female, young, known to party. She looks high or drunk. He might have slipped her something. But she claims he’s her boyfriends. Its the first time on record that he’s been in the building. Unfortunately, she has a history of bringing in guests after clubbing.”

“What floor?”


“Is her condo in your visibility?”

“No. But if I move, I’ll lose sight of my objective.”

“No, stay put and keep an eye on your mission. Keep me on open channel.” She told him before she said, “Bailey, can you and Chris go down to the security room and stay put?”

Bailey, getting serious, took Christophe’s hand.

“Is Cody and Tyler in the building?” She asked taking the tool belt from her son.

“Cody’s with Mr. Walthour. Tyler is in the office working on something while the two of them are on a date.” He explained before leaving with his nephew.

Val jogged up the stairs to the twelfth floor. The hall was quiet. She stepped lightly toward the front door Norman told her belonged to the woman. She leaned her head carefully against the surface to listen.


Quickly, Val used the lock pick set in her tool belt and unlocked the door carefully. The lights were out and the door wouldn’t budge more than halfway.

She stuck her head in to find a body slumped behind the door, blocking entry while the rest of the apartment was dark and motionless.

“Norman, he’s on the move.” She told her guard as she headed back for the steps.

“I’ll call security and-” 

Val tuned him out as she went into professional mode.

Her mind hummed with purpose, her heart kept pace with her legs as she climbed the stairs. She heard a door above her shut and she doubled her pace.

Thinking through what she understood of her own profession, this one was too sloppy to be an assassin and too impatient. So not an assassin.

Kidnapper? Possibly.

She stopped on Pam’s floor and found the door wide open. Determined not to let him escape, she entered only to find Matt’s long leg kicking out, shoving right into the intruder’s gut.

The guy stumbled back and tried to pull something from his pockets, but Val was on him in a dash. She pulled her flat head screw driver from the belt and shoved it in his ear, twisting.

The guy fell over.

Val turned to Matt looking him over. “You okay?” She asked.

“Yeah…” Matt blinked several times looking down at the body.

“First dead body? Did I just pop your cherry?” She asked curious.

He seemed to think about it. “Do funerals count?” He asked still staring.

Val took his chin and angled his head to look at her. “How are your hands?”

He held them up. “Didn’t use them.”

She inspected the long digits for herself. Then she went to the body and forced the screw driver from her victim.

“Norman,” she said going to the kitchen sink.

“The building’s been locked down. I took out an unknown in Matt’s condo. Possibly got in earlier when I wasn’t looking…I’m not even sure when that was…There are no mentions of anyone else new coming into the building.”

Assassin. “Check for any more movement.”

When the building security came, Val ordered them back downstairs to protect their son. Without hesitation, they did.

Val called Roger for a clean up as Matt hovered over her watching.

“Does this fascinate you?” Val asked after hanging up.

“And arouse.”

Breaking protocol, Val laughed. When she calmed she said, “Brew some coffee. We’re going to be up all night until we can get moved without incident. Voronin’s push toward elimination is making all of Ricci and his allies desperate and dangerous and-” She was cut off by a kiss.

Tongue sweeping in her mouth, he pushed her body up against the kitchen counter, large hands gripped her ass and hoisted her up on the surface.

Her mind exploded, body going up in flames with need. Whatever professionalism she had, deserted her as she kicked off her shoes.

The only thing that kept her from going for her pants or his were the people coming and going from their apartment cleaning up the mess she made.

Here she was supposed to be one of the best assassins in the world, ready for anything, but instead she was sucking face with her favorite nineteen-year-old. She pulled away, “I’m still mad at you.”

“I know.” Then his tongue was back in her mouth making her moan, legs wrapping around his waist.


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