The Wrong Type of Seduction

71 Val, Pissed Beyond Pisstivity


71: Val, Pissed Beyond Pisstivity

Val stormed from the boardroom with Matt on her heels.


“The pictures that Walthour showed me of my son…who tipped them off?”

“Val listen-“

She stabbed at the elevator button. “Voronin was just a piece of a very large plot against Ricci. Set them up, knock them down. I know how it works because I’ve done it before. But my son? You used him. And Pam… No, I’m not stupid enough to believe she went in blind. She may have never said the words, but I knew she was…like Roger. Her timing was too convenient…I’ve always known, but I was too grateful for her.”

How easily she could forget when the woman was so sweet and caring. Pam had been the daughter of a German hitman who worked for gangsters. The organization that Pam’s father once worked for had ties to Ricci until Ricci betrayed them before Val even married into the family. Pam had been the first to recognize who Val was when she was recovering from Domenic’s assault. Her friend was an organizer at the women’s shelter. She not only took Val in and helped her raise Christophe, but she also gave Val her last name.

Though Pam held little love for her father after enduring years of abuse by his hands, she also hated Ricci for destroying her family by their betrayal — her father drinking himself to death and her mother breaking down from the abuse. Val was grateful she wasn’t part of the Ricci family when those events happened, because while Pam was the sweetest woman in the world, she knew how to use a gun extremely well. So Pam helping to get rid of Ricci was no shock, but it still hurt that the people she loved so much were plotting behind her back and involving her son.

“We made sure that Christophe would be okay.” Matt tried to reason with her. “Val, we knew you’d never agree to it, but by doing it this way Ricci would no longer be any threat to you.”

“Because they won’t exist. You’re going to wipe them from the face of the planet.” She stepped on the elevator with him following. “The moment Walthour gets the votes to out Ricci from the alliance, Voronin will slaughter the whole organization. Families, children, all of it.”

“Not the ones who know nothing. Not the innocent ones.”

Val laughed. “You’re naive. You have not been in these organizations. You don’t know what they’re capable of.”

“You’re right.” Matt crowded her in the empty compartment. “I don’t know all of what happens, but if that’s what it takes to protect my family, I’m fine with it.”

“I have no right to judge, but don’t you think that’s a little extreme?” Val stepped aside dodging his advances not wanting him to touch her. She was too angry to want to be seduced.

“Tell me you haven’t thought of eradicating all of Ricci yourself. Tell me you haven’t considered it more than once.” His voice lulled her toward his gravity.

She didn’t answered as his arms slammed down onto the walls on both sides of her keeping her from running. His tall body leaned into her.

“The difference is, you would’ve probably done it yourself, not wanting to get anyone else involved. You’re that damn independent. You have resources you refuse to even use — resources that could have stopped this shit from hitting the fan, but you’re so solidarity and afraid to get burned again, you won’t let anyone help you. That’s where I’m different. I’m willing to use whatever resources I have available to make sure no one ever touches what’s mine. Even if that pisses you off.”

The elevator let them off on the ground floor and Matt moved to let her off first.

“Even my son? You consider him a resource?” She stormed past him.

“Do you think our son wouldn’t do anything for his mother? He loves the hell out of you. He’s always talks about how great you are. That’s what me and Christophe have in common. We’re both your biggest fan. And I believe if that little boy was older, he’d have agreed with my decision.”

“That’s the thing, Matt, he’s not older.” When they got outside, she got into the black bulletproof SUV that Walthour provided.

“For that, I’ll apologize.” He crowded beside her. “Please forgive me.”

Oh, no, she wasn’t falling for those pretty big brown eyes. Or that adorable expression. Ignoring him, Val got on her the phone.

“Ma’am.” Roger answered.

“Tell your boss Pam better come back to me, alive.”

“M’lady, you know we can’t-“

“Don’t argue with me, Roger. Give him the message. That’s an order.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She hung up, entered a code into her phone before she dialed another number.

“I knew you would call, you whore.” Domenic hissed on the other line.

“Hello, my love. Let me speak to, Pam.” She purred into the phone turning to see Matt’s face change from pleading to malice. 

“No, you will speak to me. I want them all dead. You kill them and you can have your precious old lady back. Start with the boy, then his brothers, Walthour, and end with Voronin.”

“Darling, I want to hear that she’s alive first.” Val cooed. “Or you get nothing.”

“I don’t mingle with trash. She’s not with me.”

“Then call me back when she is.” Val hung up.

“Was that-“

Val never let Matt finish. She slapped his hand off her thigh and then slapped him with the full force of her anger. “Never use my son again!”

Matt’s head snapped to the side, holding his jaw he only nodded.

Val entered another code. A hidden app on her phone opened. There she saw Domenic’s movements on a map. He was in upper state New York. “I can’t believe I trusted you.”

“Your best friend trusted me,” Matt said, “I got her permission and she is Christophe’s guardian. She knows your son as well as you do.” His voice was low and soothing

Though he was right, Val was still reeling with the sting of what he did. She keyed in another code in her phone, commanding her surveillance drones to fly to the location that Domenic was moving to.


Val held her finger up for him to be silent as she worked. She had no time for him until Pam was home safe. She texted Norman an order than she said to Matt, “Nancy Mazur, one of your patrons…she’s used my services before to kill off her husbands. And Donya Walthour also knows how to initiate a contract.”

“Donya…You killed Mr. Walthour’s wife?”

Without answering she continued, “Either one of them can start the contract. Normally, it takes time to set up a kill and execute it. But some circumstances will allow them to do a twenty-four hour turn around. Get the information from one of them and then give it to Voronin to use. Domenic will be dead in less that a day. I’m sending him the surveillance information and coordinates of where Domenic is and where they are holding Pam.”

Matt didn’t hesitate, he called Cody who in turn called Donya Walthour.

When she finished her last text to Tiffany, Val put up her phone, hugged herself closing her eyes, and felt the bumps in the road as the limo drove. She’d just contracted her first kill, indirectly. And it was to kill the boy she grew up with. Yes, he’d been a horrible man, but he’d been like a brother. Christophe’s biological father…


For Pam…for Christophe, for Matt…there was nothing she would not do… So as angry as she was, she understood why Matt went to such lengths. “I owe my life to her… She’s the reason I was able to pull myself up and move forward after Domenic tortured me. She’s the reason I didn’t give my son up for adoption because I didn’t think I was a fit mother.” She felt Matt’s arms circle her. She jerked away from him. “She never told me, yet I knew she was part of the…” She grew quiet knowing the driver was probably listening. But Matt would understand she was talking about the code. “Her timing when I was at my lowest was too perfect. And her willingness to help, too subservient. I never asked her or… anyone to confirm my suspicions. I was just too grateful to her. Now, she’s like a sister to me, a fussy older sister. Servant or not, I need her. Christophe needs her.”

Matt grabbed her forcing her to accept his strong embrace. She melted, grounding herself in his scent, and hating he had that effect on her.

“I’m sorry, Val. I’ll do everything I can to make sure she lives.”

Her phone rang. She wedged her arms free from his to answered it.

A soft, shaky voice replied. “Val?”

“Pam… are you okay?”

“A little bruised, but…” The woman paused, a sharp yelp of pain came next.

“What are you doing to her?” Val shouted into the phone.

“You got to hear her. Now do as you’re told.” Domenic hung up.

Val looked up a Matt to see the concern in his handsome face. “She’s alive for now.” Val lowered her gaze to his mouth then quickly turned away, not wanting to think about kissing him in that moment.

But Matt pressed his fingers against her cheek, turning her head until her lips met his. He never played fair.

Pulling back, she said, “She better live, puppy or you’re in the doghouse.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said kissing her into pliable putty.


During dinner, Val barely touching her food as she worried for her friend. What was Domenic doing to her? Would she live? And if she didn’t, how would she ever look at Matt again? How would she explain it to Christophe? Christophe loved Pam as much as he loved Val? It would break his heart if she was no longer around.

Matt took her hand under the table, but Val pulled away.

“Mommy, Bailey plays football!” Christophe said excited.

“Really?” She asked absently.

His head bobbed big hazel eyes shining. “He’s teaching me the rules. There are yards and a funny shaped ball and goals like this?” He held up his arms mimicking football goals. “Can I learn to play football, Mommy?”

“Only if you’re careful.”

“Yay! Uncle Bailey, I can go with you to Seattle!”

Val nearly choked. “What?”

“That’s not how I told you to ask.” Bailey shook his head frowning with disapproval. “Say it properly.”

“Oh…” Christophe thought for a moment then said, “Mommy, can I go stay with Uncle Bailey for a little and learn what he does?”

Val glared at her son trying to look innocent, then up at Bailey.

“I was thinking.” Bailey said low, “When your friend returns. She and Christophe might want to hangout with me in Seattle. I would love to get to know him. And it will give you and Matt more private time. Maybe around my off season?”

Val looked over all the faces at the table, feeling uncertain. She’d never had Christophe in anyone else’s care before. But this was Matt’s brother. If Matt trusted him so would she.

“Okay.” She nodded. “But you have to call me with updates.”

He smiled. “Definitely. Oh, by the way, mom wants to meet you.”

The table grew quiet as Bailey continued eating.

Matt groaned. “Did you tell her…”

“Everything.” Bailey added.

“She already thinks we’re all nuts anyway, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.” Tyler grinned before making a face at Christophe who made a face back.

“Tyler, what are you three?” Bailey asked.

“Yes.” Cody and Matt answered at the same time.

Enjoying their friendly banter, Val listened as the family showed her how close they were. It was odd having a family all of a sudden, but she was glad that Christophe wouldn’t be alone. Soon there would be a new addition to their family after Cody gave birth. And Christophe would have a cousin to help raise.

She liked that idea. A real family. She never knew she wanted it so bad, until now.

But it was incomplete without Pam.

Her phone rang. 

“Excuse me,” She said before getting up from the table to answered it.

“Vala…” Her uncle’s soft voice entered her ear. “You know I can not authorize what you’re doing. The code-“

“Is in danger of being exposed. Do this or the House will fall brick by brick,” she said going into their bedroom.

“You would tie our hands and take us hostage?” He asked but didn’t sound the least bit upset or even concerned…more like curious.

“I would. You gave her to me. She is mine. Or am I wrong?”

He paused. “Vala, we all die in service eventually-“

“Will you do it or not?”

“The hierarchy dictates that only the head of the House can move outside the code in order to protect it.”

“That is why I need your authorization.”

“No. Use your authorization,” he said in a near whisper.

Val took in a deep breath. She didn’t want to do it. She didn’t want to chain herself to that…hell, who was she kidding? It would just come back to haunt her like Matt did — both of them slippery sneaky little pains in her ass.

A notification chimed in her ear. She pulled her head away from the phone to look at the screen. Three of her drones had reached their target location. They would take pictures at a measured distance so not to be detected. All the information would be fed to her so she could send it to Voronin who was contracting the assassin…however, Pam needed to be safe just in case all hell broke lose. Because even with Domenic dead, Ricci would still need to be eliminated to keep them from plotting revenge. And of course that is why Matt empowered Voronin, who liked to annihilate all loose ends. The only ones capable of keeping Pam safe without being detected was those under the code.

She put her ear back to the device to continued her phone call. “Ok. You win.”

“I will only hand you the information after you agree to one more thing.”

“Who’s taking who hostage, now?”

“I want to see my nephew.”

“I’m sure you’ve been seeing him behind my back.” Especially if Pam was working for him.

He chuckled. “I have.”

“Then you don’t need my permission.”

“But I want it to be legitimate. I want you to be with him.”

“Lonely, old man?”

“Yes. Very.” He sounded so tired.

“Fine, but I’m not living in Egypt.”

“Understood. I just hit send. Everything you need is in the email. By the way, tell Matt it was good talking to him.” He hung up.

Val’s blood ran cold. Domenic wasn’t the only one who’d been played. She was glad half of her stuff was already in Pam’s condo, because now she didn’t need to move anything. She marched out the bedroom and up to the table.

“Uh, oh,” Cody’s eyes widened. 

All the brothers turned to her in fear, faces paling.

“I don’t know what you did, Matty, but deep shit doesn’t seem to cover what you’re in.”

“Come Christophe.” Val spoke to her son who came willingly, taking her hand.

“Val?” Matt stood. “Wait!”

She and her son left the apartment as she cursed how much her heart hurt.


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