The Wrong Type of Seduction

70 Monstrous Matt


70: Monstrous Matt

Matt held Val who was vibrating in his lap. After that ear piercing scream, she fell quiet. He watched as Tyler called Walthour and Voronin.

Hands smoothing over her back, Val soon stopped shaking with the rage she tried to contain.

“Get her a glass of wine.” Matt told Bailey.

Val shook her head. “No, I-“

“You need something to take the edge off. Either I strip you here and fuck you while your son is missing which will piss you the hell off, or you take that glass of wine. Pick.”

She glared at him.

“You can beat me up later.” He hugged her tighter.

Bailey came to her with half a glass of white wine. She took it and drank. Then she held up the empty glass. “Thank you,” she told Bailey.

“We’ll find him.” Bailey smiled wearily. “He still has to beat me in checkers.”

Val nodded closing her eyes. She uncurled from his lap and wobbled toward the back rooms. Matt followed. She was so unsteady he feared she might collapse somewhere. And she did.

Face planted on Christophe’s bed, the woman just lay there. Matt got on his knees beside the bed.

“Let’s go out and look for him.” He suggested.

She shook her head. Then she turned to look at him with angry eyes. “If I go. I’ll kill something. I’m in a dangerous state right now.”

So Bailey had been right when he tried to keep Matt away from her even though she hadn’t hurt Matt.

“Thank you for not killing me.” He laughed.

“Don’t insult me, Matt. I care for you too much. You and my son will never have to fear me. Ever.”

“I don’t. Have I ever?”

She smiled a sad expression. “I wished I had faced my feelings for you sooner. I wasted so much time…” She whispered.

“You’re here now. And soon, Christophe will be, too.” He leaned in and kissed her cheek. She reached up and touched his face turning her head so their lips joined.

Then her phone chimed.

She pulled back, sat up, and read. She handed it to him.

Matt read the text. Longitude and latitude coordinates.

“Roger found Christophe.” Val headed for the door when another text came through.

“Oh, shit,” Matt said looking at the picture. Val was not going to like this.

“What?” She whirled around and came to stand by his side looking at the screen.

It was satellite images of Pam surrounded by men holding guns. Another image showed guards ushering her to a large black SUV. But there was no Christophe or his guards.

“No!” Val shouted. “I’ll kill them.”

“First, we find Christophe.” Matt grabbed her hand and they left. They took Walthour’s limo to the GPS location and realized it wasn’t the same spot that was in the pictures with Pam.

They were in a department store. Matt continued to follow the GPS until they found a small hallway beyond the main store floor. The GPS had then right on top of the location when they found a small broom closet.

Matt opened it to a sleeping Christophe leaned in the back corner.

Val gasped before covering her mouth. She went to him and crouched down to check to make sure he was alright.

“Pam must have stashed him here when she realized it was hopeless to run. Something must have happened to Voronin’s guards.”

Val nodded, hoisting her son into her arms. The boy stirred enough to wrap his arms around his mother’s neck. They walked out and met Walthour’s guards.

“We found Voronin’s guards dead in an alley. We can’t find the guardian. They may still have her. I’m sorry,” one of them said. Val only nodded closing her eyes.

The guards walked ahead.

“Voronin will respond to this,” Matt said not moving to follow the guards.

“Good.” Val smiled but it didn’t reach her watery eyes. “Then they’ll think its him that killed Domenic.” She stepped up to him. “Matt, take my son home.” She whispered.



“You don’t kill on emotion. This is too personal.” He whispered wrapping his arm around her, Chrisophe wedged between them. “Let me finish this.”

She frowned feeling the hairs on the back of her neck rise. “Matt…”

He took in a deep breath and said, “Me and Tyler have already set it in motion for Voronin to kill off Ricci.”

She opened her mouth is horror.

“I knew you wouldn’t approve.”

“You set in motion…? Kill off Ricci? All…All? That’s… genocide. Stop this.”

Matt smiled apologetic. “No.”

“Matt.” She hissed baring her teeth.

“Only one thing will stop it.”

Her face screwed up in fury. “What?”

“Ricci’s unconditional surrender to Voronin.”

“Voronin doesn’t do surrender,” she said and then as if understanding she shook her head. “You are not that monster, Matt. You are not-“

Matt leaned into her face and just as calm as if they were talking about taking their son to the zoo, he said, “But I am.”

She silenced, staring at him as if she wasn’t sure how to take it, as if he was a stranger. 

When they got into the limo, Christophe stirred. “Mommy?”

“Yes, Chris.”

“I thought Grammy… Oh, right. Hide and seek. She said you’d find me.” He laughed wrapping his arms around her neck. “You’re good at this game.”

“I am.” Because Val had a GPS chip hiding in his plastic superhero watch.

“Hey, Matt,” he said to Matt who sat beside them. “Are we going to that museum like you said?”

“Not today. Later.” Matt tossled the little guy’s hair.

“Okay.” He uncurled from Val’s neck and crawled from her lap to sit in-between them, next to Matt. 

She brushed her hands over his hair.

“I don’t want another hair cut,” Christophe said as if knowing what she was thinking. He really was too smart for his own good.

“But it will make you handsome, like Matt.”

Christophe looked up at Matt grinning, then he nodded. “Okay.”

Matt chuckled, before he looked up at Val who had the saddest expression on her face. “We’ll find her.” He mouthed.

Val only nodded before turning to face the window. Matt’s heart ached, hoping she wasn’t regretting being with him knowing he would do anything to protect all that was his.


Val remained silent as they rode back to the condo and let Bailey take charge of Christophe before the two of them headed to see Walthour.

They were quiet the whole ride, Val staring out the window and Matt sitting close, but not touching her.

When they got to the office building, Gabe was talking in a large meeting room with several of his top security people. One of them being Michel, chief of his security company, taking over after their father died.

The man was tall and built like a tank. But he had kind brown eyes that showed a depth beyond just a mere grunt.

Mr. Walthour turned to Matt and blew out a breath. He said shaking his head, “I’m sorry, Val, if I knew he was going to do something this stupid, I would have waited.”

“What do you mean?” Val asked sounding as if she didn’t care one way or another.

“When he opened fire in my building, I moved to remove Ricci from the alliance. As far as I was concerned, he committed an act of war on my territory.”

Val only nodded as if understanding. “He did.”

“But right after I made the motion, Voronin eliminated his biggest South American ally. The others severed ties with Ricci in fear. So they are desperate.”

Val just shrugged. “Understood.”

He looked at Matt, though his face remained passive, he could tell the man was confused.

“He’s…probably going to use Pam as a bargaining chip or-“

“She better live.” Val’s words cut right through Matt before her emotionless eyes turned to him. “Or I’ll hold you both responsible.” Then she turned like a pissed off empress and strutted out. “Fuck.” He ran after her knowing she had figured it out.


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