The Wrong Type of Seduction

69 Vulnerable Val


69: Vulnerable Val

After Pam put Christophe to bed, Val sat staring at the baby grand that Matt had just finished playing. He was right, she didn’t want to be the one to explain to her son how his father died. Yet, Domenic needed to die.

Matt took her hand and they left the condo together silently. His grip on her was so tight, she knew he feared she would run again. To ease him, she tugged their joined hands so that he’d turn and face her. 

He did. Then she gasped when he pushed her up against the stairwell’s concrete wall and kissed her, large hands fisting her hair.

The ferocity of his kiss had her moaning for mercy as she clawed at him to keep her balance. Her panties dampened with each pass of his tongue over hers.

He pulled back just enough to say, “Unzip me.”

She lowered her arms, hands going to his pants.

“Shit…not here.” He picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder.

“Now you care where we do it?” Val laughed.

“Tyler’s lurking. I’d bet money he’d walk in just as it was getting good.”

Their brother really was a troublemaker. 

When they got to their room, Matt dumped Val on their bed and followed her. His head buried under her shirt, bra pushed up, and mouth attacking her breasts. The roughness of his tongue sensitized her flesh.

As she enjoyed the suckling, she lifted her tunic until she had it peeled off him and her. She hummed satisfaction when his teeth plucked at her hard nipples sending pulses down her body.

“Who do you have watching me?” He asked lifting her skirt.

“Damn, Roger…” She huffed pushing Matt of her body. But he didn’t budge and instead unzipped his pants.

“Is the person watching me an assassin?”

“No. Roger is training him to be my bodyguard.” Val grumped then moaned when he pushed his long cock inside, stretching her deliciously. 

“Feel good?”

“You know… ahhhh,” She whimpered arching her back when he began moving just how she liked it, hitting all the right spots. Her hands grabbed the sheets to hold on. Those big hand palmed her ass, lifting her so that she met each one of his thrust, his member sliding in and out her liquid heat. He felt so good…

“Why… don’t you have the bodyguard on you?” Matt asked stopping, panting. “You need it now more than ever.”

“I’m not the one who’s been shot at, Matt. You’re the one he wants dead,” she snapped, remembering how her heart had stopped when they pulled those guns out.


“Dammit, Puppy, is it not enough that I’m letting you handle this?” She punched his shoulder. “He may have not been shooting at you down there, fearful of hitting me, but you just being near it… I’m so pissed!” She punched his shoulder again. “My heart hurts just thinking something could happen to you. And you won’t even let me kill him…if he takes you from me, there’ll be nothing stopping me. I’ll be no good to Christophe.” Tears began filling her eyes. “You’ve ruined me!” She nearly screamed in horror. “Fine! Fine! If you want me to take the damn bodyguard I will. But it just means I’ll have more servants following. I’ll do it. I’ll be the heir. Just…just…don’t die.” She cried holding on to him.

Matt held her close. “I can’t promise you something I can’t control.” His voice soothed.

Val only nodded in his chest knowing that, feeling so powerless. “I hate this feeling…I hate…” She lifted her head and kissed him. 

“I apologize for bringing it up. Let’s think about something else.” Matt mumbled against her lips and his hips slowly pumped. His thickness was a perfect distraction to her fears. 

She begged him to fuck her to sleep, because she feared she would leave him just to hunt down Domenic and end his miserable life.


The next morning, Val rolled off Matt and onto the floor. “Ow,” she groaned, not realizing how close to the edge of the bed they had been.

Matt only grumbled and turned over the opposite way. 

Smiling at his cute butt, she pinched it.

“Cut that out,” he said in a sleepy garbled tone.

“But you have such a cute tush. So pinch-able.”

“Tush?” He chuckled turning his head to look down at her.

“Laugh all you want.” She got up crawling back onto the bed, straddling him.

His eyes zoomed in on her bare breasts.

“If Tyler hadn’t told me about how you rarely had sex, I’d believe you were a sex maniac.”

Matt cocked his head up to look her in the eyes. “He told you that?”

She nodded. “He said, he knew I was the one for you because you try to fuck me everywhere.” She laughed. “That I’m the only one you’ve ever really wanted to have sex with.”

Matt nodded. “Pretty much. I never understood the thrill of sex until now. It was always… Something was always missing when I slept with other women. And men never did it for me.”

“You slept with men?”

“I tried it once, thinking maybe I was gay if women weren’t making me horny all the time. But it didn’t go anywhere. I just wasn’t into it enough to keep me hard. Or sex. Music was my hard-on I guess you can say.”

She nodded. “And now, music isn’t.”

“Oh, music is not only my hard-on. It’s my mistress. I’ll probably cheat on you with her.”

“It’s not cheating if I know and we agree.”

He sat up and kissed her. “Just know, I spend a lot of nights in my studio. And I often forget the time.”

“I know.”

“And I often fall asleep down there.”

“That’s fine.”

“And sometimes, when the urge to compose hits, I’ll stop what I’m doing and start writing.”

“So me and music will have to share you. Its fair since you have to share me with Christophe.”

“All this talk of orgies is making me…” Matt slapped her ass. “Ride me.” He ordered. She loved how he took charge in bed. And those hands on her ass or inside of her, all over her, they played her like she was just another one of his instruments. He slapped her ass again. “Now.”

She hissed in response sliding her buns until the crack of her ass sandwiched his cock. “Yes, baby brother.”

“Oh, shit…” He closed his eyes, body trembling in a near orgasm.

Her fingers played over the muscles of his chest. “You like that.” She cooed lifted up, taking hold of his cock, and then lowered herself down on his leaking rock hardness.

“Mmmmm…” He slapped her ass. “Say it again.”

“Ohhhh…Baby brother.” She breathed enjoying the feel of him inside, as she rotated her hips to get just the right angle. “Aaaahhhh, so good, baby brother…”

“Shit…I’ve never been so hard in my life.”

And she’d never been so full. She began pumping her legs, up and down, tits bobbing.

“That’s it big sis,” He slapped her ass. “Ride me. Ride your baby brother…”

She shivered from the sound of his velvety smooth voice, the filthiness of it. “Oh… don’t…”

“Fuck me, big sis…” He began to sing, his voice carrying a beautiful note before that large rough hand stung her ass again.

She came, back arching. “Oh, oh, oh shit…that’s…sick,” she said before she laughed dropping her head on his shoulder gulping in deep breaths.

“Awww….but,” He mock whined into her ear, “You baby brother is still hard,” He said lifting his hips while rubbing his hands over her sensitive ass.

“Stop that,” she said feeling her core clench around him from just the words he spoke. It was disturbing how those words made her wetter and hotter than she ever recalled. She was readying for him again.

“Stop what, big sis.” He hummed in her ear tickling her nerves.

“Stop that!

“But sis, I love the way you feel on my cock,” he said sliding his finger down the crack of her ass.

“Matt!” This was not happening.

“You started it, sis.” Then he slapped her ass.

Val moaned, her inner muscles contracting around length.

He flipped her onto the bed and began to whisper in her ear. “I love fucking my sister’s pussy,” he said pushing her knees wide as he began moving, thrusting inside. Then he stopped, the mushroom head of his cock, nearly pulling out. She whimpered in protest reaching for him, but he grabbed her wrists and pinned them over he head. “Say it, sis, say you want me in your pussy. Tell me, you want your baby brother’s cock buried deep inside of you,” he said lips feathering her lips, her cheek, her jaw, teasing her.

“You’re so bad. A bad, bad baby brother. Ahhhh!” She grew louder when he went deeper. Her body slid back on the mattress as he powered into her with each nasty word. “Oh, brother…brother…Right there… Right there brother…fuck your slutty sister!”

“Shit!” he said slamming into her attacking her vaginal walls with a pleasure that was nearly painful. The sucking, slapping sounds mixed with their naughty words fueled them higher.

“Give it to me!” She shouted, trying not to scream but failing. “My brother’s cock’s fucking me… Fucking his sister… Oh, oh… this is… this is…”

“Fucking…hot…” Matt panted as he plowed forward, nearly driving her into the headboard. Her hands pushed at the surface keeping her from hitting her head.

“Cum…little brother…cum inside you’re sister…spill your filthy seed into your nasty sister… I want my brother to mess me up.”

Matt came, nearly roaring as he blew his hot load inside of her, body shaking violently as she screamed his name, pussy convulsing around him in spasms. Every nerve in her body sizzled with new life as she quivered under him.

He dropped down beside her, pulling her to him.

They panted and huffed.

“Can we even call that a kink?” Val finally asked in shock. And Matt burst out laughing hugging her to him. 

Before she was completely calm, she groaned when she felt his cock nudging into her ass. “Uuuuhhhh,” She opened her mouth in ecstasy, rolling her head back against his shoulder. Spooning her, his hips slowly pierced her sending sparks all over her body. 

“Say it.”

“Puppy…” She whined, covering her face in shame for what he was asking.

“Say it,” His fingers slipped into her wet sex and began seeking the sensitive nerves. Her hips pushed back on his cock seeking more of the pleasure and pain she desired. He stretched her in the front and the back so wonderfully, she couldn’t get enough. “Tell me what you want, sis.” He ordered.

“Take me in the ass, baby brother… I want your cock to claim your nasty sister. Fuck her naughty hole.”

And he did. He fucked her until she was screaming out his name again.

During breakfast, Val didn’t look at Bailey or Tyler who kept watching them both with odd expressions. Of course they heard because they had been so loud…and she was modified. She’d never been so horny and disgusted at the same time. Just thinking about those words, how they affected her…

She put down her tea mug and covered her blushing face. “Please stop staring.”

“Oh, now she’s modest.” Bailey actually chuckled.

“With us fucking to the sound of you and Matt, does that qualify as an orgy?” Tyler sigh a sound of satisfaction. “If so, I want to do it again. My balls are drawing up for more.”

“So you got off on that, did you?” Matt asked absently as he continued eating not the least bit concerned.

“Hell, yeah. Me and Bay couldn’t get enough, especially the way she called you baby brother in such a high pitch-“

“I’m going to go visit my son.” Val stood not wanting to hear anymore. Mostly because it was heating her all over again.

The door opened just as Val got to it. Cody greeted her. Val grabbed her new sister’s arm, turning her around.

“Wait, where are we going?” Cody asked as Val dragged her out of the apartment. “I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

“I’m sure Pam has something downstairs.”

“Val doesn’t want you to hear how she and Matt fucked like rabid bunnies calling each other baby brother and big sister,” Tyler said behind her and she wanted to kick him.

“You…oh shit!” Cody said sounding amused. “Oh, shit!”

“Yeah, it was hot. Me and Bay-“

“Would you shut up?” Val snapped taking the stairs.

“He finally found your weakness, so he’s going to use it.” Cody informed her.


“And its a hot nasty weakness, too. I can’t wait for part two.”

“Go back to work, Tyler.” Cody chuckled.

“I’m off until the Ricci situation is dealt with. My job is to help Matt until he doesn’t need me anymore.”

Val entered her condo and called for Pam. When she didn’t smell anything cooking she knew Pam and Christophe were out. Then she frowned. She told Pam not to leave again until she and Matt had the situation with Domenic handled. She wanted them indoors and out of Ricci’s sights. Yet…where were they? Pam was so fussy she was probably worried about having enough food for everyone. Maybe they were grocery shopping. They’d be back and Val would fuss at the woman just as Pam always fussed at her. They had guards with them so she wouldn’t worry…

She ignored Tyler looming over her as she went to the frig to find Cody some food. She pulled out containers of leftovers and began rewarming them.

As she pulled down a container she felt something on her ass. “Tyler, there are some chips in the pantry. Please take those to Cody,” she said giving hims something to occupy his hands.

He sighed walking away.

After fixing Cody a plate of food and sitting it before the woman, she took out her phone and called Pam.

It rang and rang. She looked at Cody and Tyler who watched her curiously.

“She must be in a bad area,” she said dialing the guards. She had made sure to get all of their numbers just in case. When the first didn’t answer, she went to another…then another.

“Hmmm…” She rang them again.

Tyler got up from the table and took her phone from her. He looked at the screen. Then he handed it back. He got on his own phone. Transforming into a professional businessman before her eyes, she watched as he ordered a trace on Pam’s phone.

Val didn’t know how to feel as she just sat staring at him.


Her attention went up to Cody, who was coming around the table. “Tell me all the places they were supposed to go.”

“I don’t… They weren’t supposed to go anywhere. She’s never defied me before… In the mornings Pam usually does all her shopping because the stores are usually less crowded…ummm.” She closed her eyes. She needed to separate herself from this. She needed to think logically.

She called Roger.


“I need you to activate Christophe’s GPS,” She said.

“Understood, ma’am.” He hung up.

It would take a moment, so while she waited, she began counting down from one hundred.

“Seventy-five…seventy-four…seventy-three…” Her mind kept counting even as her eyes barely registered Matt walking into the condo talking with Bailey. When Matt’s eyes touched her, she felt her resolve begin to slip. “Sixty…Sixty…”

Matt was talking. Saying something. Cody was approaching them explaining.


Matt’s face transformed into a frightening expression. 


Matt was approaching her even as Bailey tried to pull him back. Matt smacked his hand away and kept forward.

The closer he got, the more she felt his…anger or…something… Her minds wasn’t clear but she knew she needed to…needed to…

Tyler came around her and got between them, pushing Matt back.

Matt said nothing as he just stared his brother down. Tyler moved, going to stand beside Bailey. When Matt got to her, Val threw back her head and raged. “Where is my son?”


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