The Wrong Type of Seduction

68 Matt’s Determination


68: Matt’s Determination

Matt helped Pam in the kitchen as Val asked the Russian guards a million questions concerning the protection of Pam and her son. There were two men and a woman named Klavdiya whose name Pam couldn’t pronounce at all. So everyone just called her Klad.

They all ate as the food got ready. Pam enjoyed feeding a full house while Christophe went from person to person as if he didn’t know who to talk to, yet had fun deciding. Finally, Bailey got his mini red football and started playing catch with the kid out in the hallway.

After Val warned the guards to take their job seriously or it would be their lives, she slid up to Matt and put her hands in his pockets, head peering over his shoulder to watch him stir the mashed potatoes. “He’s going to be an awesome dad, your brother.”

Matt was about to say “our brother” when he remembered not everyone in the room was privy to that information. “Yeah, he raised me after all. I turned out pretty darn good…can’t say the same for Tyler.”

“He said your father…was a lot like Tyler except colder, and less caring.”

Matt nodded. “I guess. I barely knew him. Didn’t like him the few time he was around. He was a stranger to me. Mom, she’s cool.”


“But what?”

“But you don’t talk about her much.”

“She didn’t raise us either, but she was there. And she tries to…be understanding, you know?”

She nodded snuggling his shoulder.

“She’s more a friend to me than a mom.”

“So you never talk about friends. Usually a guy as popular as you-“

“Matt doesn’t do friends,” Cody said coming into the kitchen grabbing another plate of whatever was ready. “Unless you count me.”

Matt chuckled. “Yeah, mom calls me a hermit. If it wasn’t for my family, I’d have no other life than music.”

“Just like Gabe.” Cody nodded chewing on something.

“What about Aaron?” Val asked.

“We can’t be called friends. Friends share stuff. Go places. Talk outside of work.” Matt answered.

“You don’t think you need friends?”

“I have you. And them. And Christophe. Mom. Gabe. Voronin. If my life gets anymore full, my music will suffer.” He groaned. “I don’t think I could stand it.” 

“So you and Voronin aren’t friends?” Val’s pretty hazel eyes looked up at him. The gold specks in them reminding him of their father’s gold eyes.

“I guess we are.” He thought about it. “We talk. But mostly he talks. I listen. I play. He invites me to dinner when he’s in town. Or I go to lunch with him when I’m in Moscow.”

“I haven’t seen that guy in years.” She mentioned.

“He hasn’t changed much. Why is me having friends important?”

“I guess…I was thinking of Christophe. He’s never had friends his age. Everyone around him is an adult and only looks out for his protection. I want him to have friends.”

“He will. Don’t force it. He seems happy just getting to know how he can manipulate all the new people around him.”

Val laughed at that.

The door opened and Christophe came running in shouting, “Mommy, mommy, someone is here to see you!”

She stiffened.

Matt frowned. “Who else knows you’re here that you’re expecting?”

She shook her head pulling away from Matt. “No one who’s supposed to be visiting.”

Matt turned to see Bailey with a building security guard.

Pam grabbed Christophe and immediately took him to the back rooms. “Let’s let mommy talk to the stranger, okay?”

“Okay.” Matt heard Christophe say before they disappeared.

“Ma’am.” The guard bowed his head. The whole room stood on edge, weary but ready.

“Yes?” She answered sounding so calm.

“Domenic Ricci is downstairs. He would like to talk. And he would like you to bring-“

“Have you already informed your boss?” Matt interrupted him, because there was no way in hell Val was bringing their son to Domenic.

The guard nodded.

“I’ll speak to him.”

“Matt.” She grabbed his arm.

“You’re welcome to come with me, but no way in hell are you going down there by yourself. Not without me.” He looked at the three Voronin guards and nodded. One of them got on the phone with their boss.

“Matt, we’re going to have a serious conversation later tonight with just the two of us. I need to know what’s going on,” Val whispered next to him.

“No, you don’t. The less you know, the less our son can accuse you of later.”


He kissed her, not wanting to fight her about it. Then he left the apartment and got into the elevator with the security guard. Val, Tyler, and Bailey followed.

“Why are your brother’s coming?” Val whispered.

“Overprotective. I wouldn’t be able to stop them if I tried so don’t bother.”

Val nodded hugging herself. “I don’t like this,” she murmured. “I don’t want you all in the middle.”

“It’s fine.” Matt reached up and tucked her wavy hair behind her ear to reassure her.

Even though she didn’t look at him, she smiled.

The elevator opened to the ground floor.

They walked out to the lobby where Domenic and a group of his guards were surrounded by Gabe’s security.

“Those aren’t Domenic’s guards…” Val said sounding apprehensive.

“Maybe they belong to one of Domenic’s new allies.” Matt considered.

Matt watched the group carefully. He stopped walking halfway across the lobby and Val stopped with him looking up at him curiously.

“What do you want, Domenic?” She asked even as she never took her eyes off Matt.

Matt slightly smirked when the asshole’s eyes turned angry.

“I’m over here.” Domenic nearly growled.

“Just answer the woman so we can go back to eating,” Bailey demanded.

“What is this? Do they all own you now?”

Val turned to look at him then said, “Yes.”

If it were possible, Matt thought he saw smoke coming from the guy’s ears as his olive skin turned red. “Then I’ll make this quick, whore.”

Matt clinched his fist. Bailey put a hand on his shoulder, steadying him.

“Is that child my son?”

“No,” All three brothers said at the same time.

“No?” He folded his arms over his chest. “I want a blood test.”

“You can demand all you want, you get nothing. No test. No nothing,” Val said.

Domenic closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Valeria, he’s our son. My son. Do not punish our son because of my sins. I should be in his life. Allow me to be with my son. Don’t deny him his father because of how I acted on one single day. Allow me to be a father to him and I’ll let all this go.”

His words were compelling and Matt feared she might give in knowing how much she held back because Domenic was Christophe’s father.

“Domenic. I’ve known you since I can remember. We grew up together.” Then with the heaviest meanest Italian accent that Matt had ever heard from Val she said, “So I know when you’re lying. Open your eyes, you motherfucker and look at me.”

Matt nearly stepped back when he felt the violence come from her. She was vibrating with a cold rage.

When Domenic opened his eyes, she unleashed hell. “You think I keep my child away from you to punish you? You can’t even look at me and apologize for the years and years of cruel words and isolation. Forget one day. What about all those nights you left me to sleep with other women?” Val’s accent grew thicker and huskier. “All those nights I spent alone or the nights you had me take another so you could watch. And then when you did come to me, you only cared about getting off. You never cared if I was satisfied or if my needs were met. All you did was take, take, take, and I can’t give anymore. Nothing. What makes you think I want that adorable child to be anything like you? What the hell makes you think I want him in a family that will allow him to be nothing but lazy. I refuse to deal with you or Ricci again. Especially since they knew what you were doing to me and never lifted a hand. Fuck. You. All.”

Domenic said something in Italian that sounded all kinds of vulgar. If Matt understood him he’s probably be in jail.

“Domenic, go away, I still have packing to do. Remember, you gave me three days. I still have two.” She waved turning her back on him.

“Don’t turn your back on me!”

“Put down the gun!”

Matt noticed two of Domenic’s guards pulling out weapons. “Shit.”

Domenic backed out the building as gunfire started.

Matt was on the ground the next moment, not quite sure how he got there until he saw Val on top of him.

“Stay down.” She ordered.

Silence replaced the shots.

Matt looked around for his brothers. “Bailey! Tyler?”

“We’re good.” He heard behind him.

Though Val didn’t look upset, Matt wrapped his arms around her keeping her from getting up. “No. No going after Domenic.” He demanded knowing she’d planned to do just that.

Her nostrils flared.


She said something in what he assumed was Italian. The guards answered back.



“You need to be able to look at your son. You’ll need to be able to tell the truth to him without regret.”

“I need to protect you both. That’s what I need.”

“I’ve got it covered.” His hands slid down her back smoothing away her fury. His lips began nibbling her neck.

“Matt…” She whispered trying to push off of him.

Matt quickly grabbed the back of her neck and forced her head to meet his. Their lips collided in a violent kiss. Then he pulled back and issued a warning, “If you don’t let me handle this, I’ll fuck you for all to see.”

“Please.” Tyler agreed.

“I came for dinner, but I didn’t know there’d be a show,” A Russian accent said and Matt twisted his body to the side to find a man had stepped through the front door adorning pink shorts and a matching pink tropical shirt. He had bright jewel blue eyes and a shiny bald head. Tall and built, the guy looked like a mature male porn star with his sunglasses on top of his head.

“Mr. Voronin.”

“Matt! I almost didn’t recognize you for the nice view.” He wiggled his eyebrows at Val’s ass.

Ok, no.

Releasing Val, she got up, helping him up as well.

“Oh, Valeria, it’s been years!” Ivan Voronin held up his arms as building security searched him. “I heard you died. I can’t believe that naughty Domenic, hid his wife from me. Was that because I told him I wanted to fuck her? I had been…only slightly kidding. So I see I just missed the party…” He looked around the lobby frowning. It didn’t look too bad except for the over turned potted plants and new holes in the walls. “Gabriel is going to paint the town with Domenic’s entrails when he finds out his precious building had unscheduled renovations. Should be fun.”

“Mr. Voronin, what are you doing here?” Matt asked straightening Val’s clothes. Though she was sulking, clearly pissed, she looked so damn adorable with her bottom lip slightly poking out.

“I came to have dinner with you, my boy.” The most beautiful smile adorned Voronin’s mouth, crinkling the corners of his eyes.

“He’s not yours.” Bailey grumbled behind Matt.

“Only because you won’t let me have him.” Voronin frowned staring down his nose at Bailey.

“Guys let’s not. I’m nineteen now.” Matt groaned looking at Val embarrassed.

“But I can give you my name anytime. Say the word,” the man said.

“He’s happy with Delarosa,” Bailey said.

“But Voronin sounds so much better. Matthew Voronin. And it comes with billions.”

“Money isn’t everything.”

“Guys, can we take this upstairs?” Matt asked practically dragging Val with him as she stared at the door where Domenic left. “I’m surprised you came yourself. I didn’t think you could touch Domenic because of his alliance with Bellini,” Matt said.

“I can’t. But his allies don’t get that privilege? Our feud dates back to…I forget. I just fuck with them to alleviate the boredom. It wasn’t serious until today, when they fired on my Matt.”

“My Matt,” Val said, snapping out of her rage.

“Not you, too,” He pouted. Then he perked up. “Valeria!” Voronin held out his arms stopping in front of her.

“I’m not hugging you.” She shook her head leaning into Matt once they were on the elevator. “The last time we met, you touched my ass, and I don’t want Matt trying to kill you.”

“I didn’t touch your ass, I merely brushed my fingertips along its lovely curve.”

“Voronin, all of Val is off limits,” Matt said it as if law.

“Ah! I see. Now. Where’s dinner? I heard your lady friend cooks a mean mash.”

When the elevators opened and they were back in Pam’s condo, Matt called, “DC!”

Christophe came running with Pam trailing behind him.

“Your mom needs a hug,” Matt said ignoring Val’s evil glare.

Christophe immediately tackled Val’s leg.

“You play dirty.” Val muttered before stooping to scoop up her baby boy.

“I do.” He kissed her, before he went back to his room. He sent Roger a quick text message.

Matt: [Did you get that Information about all of Ricci’s movements yet? When can I get that?]

Roger: [It’s done, but you won’t be the recipient. Too direct.]

Matt: [Who then?]

Roger: [Don’t worry, it’s in the right hands.]

Matt: [BTW, Domenic’s becoming volatile.]

Roger: [I heard.]

Then a picture came up on his phone. It was an image of their building…from across the street. A bird’s eye view.

Roger: [Your plus one has you covered.]

Val? She had someone watching him? He wasn’t the only one keeping secrets.

There was a knock at the door.

Matt quickly pocketed his phone as he went to the door.

It opened just as he reached for it.

Tyler stepped back letting Matt enter the hallway. “What are you up to?” His brother asked.

“Remember that thing I told you about? The one where we never tell Bailey?”

Tyler just grinned.

They both walked into the loud and rowdy living room where Voronin was drooling over Cody who was eating again. Val was on her computer. Christophe and Bailey were playing checkers on the floor by the couch. Two of the guards were standing around looking more stiff than before and Pam had the third guard helping her in the kitchen.

Matt went to Val and began to massage her stiff shoulders.

“I’m not going anywhere, puppy,” She said looking up at him. He leaned down and kissed her.

“You two look cute together.” Voronin grinned. “But my daughter would have looked better with Matt.”

“First, let’s not say that in front of me. I’m very, very, very, territorial. That.” She pointed to Christophe. “That.” She pointed to Pam. “And this.” She grabbed Matt’s chin. “Mine.”

Matt’s dick throbbed excited.

Voronin laughed slapping his thigh. “I like you more now than when you were Domenic’s foot stool.”

“Yes, thank you for that reminder. Now don’t you have some people to…ruin?” She asked carefully as she glanced at Christophe.

“After dinner.” The man announced standing up going to flirt with Pam.

They were finished eating, sitting around the large open living room with Christophe sleeping on Val’s lap when Voronin asked, “I’m guessing Christophe is Catholic like you?”

Val nodded running her hands over her son’s hair. Matt sat beside her on the arm of the couch.

“And does he have a godfather?”

“No, but-“

“Then its settled. This gives me more reasons to visit Matt.”

“Why do you want to be related to Matt so bad?” Bailey asked as if annoyed.

“Because, he has magic fingers.” Those blue eyes sparkled with childish excitement. “I wake up to his music. I go to sleep to his music.” He pulled an iPod from his shorts pocket. “I have three different playlist for just his stuff. One for the jazz. One for classical. And one for the eclectic stuff… Oh, four. I have a playlist for his remixed stuff that other DJs use. I can’t wait for the pop album.” He grinned pointing to the piano. “Please, Matt. While I’m here. Please?” The guy nearly begged.

Matt chuckled, kissed Val on the cheek and then went to the piano. Cody turned off the television and Matt began playing the piece he called Assassin. While playing, he smiled thinking of her, in his arms, back where she belonged. And how he was never letting his assassin go. Ever.

When he looked up, he noticed Val talking to Voronin. The man’s happy smile faded as a dark expression glossed over it. When Matt finished, Voronin said in a very calm tone.

“Did Domenic really threaten your hands?”

The room went deathly quiet.

Val had just committed murder, without so much as lifting a finger. And Matt was going to help. “Yes.”

The man’s face brightened suddenly as if he had flipped a switch. “Well. I should go. People to kill. You said you have two days until the deadline, Val?”

She just nodded her regal head once.

“Good. His allies should be dog shit by then…or still shitting them out. See you two at the chapel in a couple of weeks when things calm down. Bring my godson.” He bounced up onto his feet and began to whistle as he left, patting the shoulders of his guards on the way out the door.

“He’s going to commit mass murder,” Bailey said, sounding oddly calm.

“Damn, you’re almost as perfect as me.” Tyler licked his lips seductively.

“You flatter me.” She winked. 

No, the hell she didn’t… “I swear…” Bailey grumbled as Pam, who took the sleeping Christophe from Val, watched curiously.



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