The Wrong Type of Seduction

67 Val’s Reintroduction


67: Val’s Reintroduction

“So your father is…” Val just stared at the daughter of De La Rosa and Gabriel Walthour. She was such a perfect gorgeous blend of both their best features with her chocolate coils, brilliant green eyes, tall height, and copper skin, Val couldn’t see much of either and yet… “And you love him?”

Cody nodded proudly, amusement lifting the corners of her eyes.

“I feel like I’m in a parallel dimension or something…” Val downed her glass of wine.

“I know, I know,” Cody slouched. “I know. Weird.”

“Don’t look at it like that,” Tyler said, ogling Val’s breasts so openly she felt naked. “Think of it like a secret organization with a vow of silence. Break the vow.” His eyes met hers. “You die.”

“Does this organization have a dress code?” Val asked leaning toward Tyler who smiled a sexy expression.

“Clothing optional,” Tyler said in a deep husky voice his gaze raking over her hungrily.

“This is too creepy.” Cody shook her head getting up from the table they all sat around.

Laughing, Val went back to her wine, filling the glass before leaning back in her chair relaxing. “So I’m surrounded by sinners. I fit right in.”

“I don’t know… you out class us all. I feel underwhelming compared to you,” Cody said going to the window to look out.

“You flatter me.” Val took Tyler’s hand when he slid it over her thigh. To keep his hand where she knew it wouldn’t wander, she threaded her fingers through his.

“How did you do it?” Tyler asked looking too damn pleased. “How the hell did you pull of that shot? And how did you find him?”

She looked at him curiously. “I assume you’re talking about your…our father?”


“I got my assignment over a month before the actual day. It took me a month of hacking, spying, and waiting. I was linked with one of his top people, unbeknownst to any of them, when I heard Radford was moving for an emergency meeting in Miami with his boss. A once in a lifetime opportunity, seeing as he rarely showed his face. I called a friend.” Roger. “He flew via helicopter to Miami where he deployed my drone about an hour before Radford was scheduled to arrive. I remotely programmed the drone with the exact longitude and latitude of the meeting so it flew nearly on autopilot. I was several cities away controlling the other more deadly functions, comfortably from my hotel room. When the meeting room came up on screen I just had to re-calibrate the zoom and wait for the perfect shot. When it came, I pushed the button. Simple.”

“I thought you were a poisons expert,” Cody said amazed walking around the condo curiously looking at the furnishings and decor Pam picked out — warming and welcoming just like her cabin.

“Poison’s expert, but my knowledge goes beyond that. No, I’m not hand-to-hand combat, but I know how to take down an opponent without a fight. I rarely, rarely have to. I have other skills, like computers and engineering that I also use.”

“Why not martial arts?”

“Look at me, Cody, what do you see?”

“A very beautiful, sexy woman, who is confident and graceful. High society.”

“Do I look like I can put up a fight?”


“Exactly. Most combat artists can spot another. I knew you were a threat the moment I saw you. It’s your muscle structure, it screams fuck with me if you dare. Each athlete has a different muscle structure. The most anyone can say about me, is that I keep in shape. I need people to think I’m no threat. That I’m weak.”

“So you can take them by surprise. That’s the real threat,” Tyler said.


“Back to that day…” Tyler said rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand. “It had to be pretty far from the meeting for the drone not to be detected because Gabe’s people were all over the city. So how did your drone survive such a powerful shot?”

“It didn’t.” She grinned as Tyler’s eyes widened.

“The debris…what happened to it?” He leaned forward excited.

“It was probably collected with all the rest of the scrap metal at the construction site. If you may recall, five years ago there was an apartment building being constructed in Miami, maybe a mile and a half away. I positioned it right over the site. When it took the shot, it broke apart landing among the rest of the construction material, blending in.”

“The bullet?” Tyler said face flushed with questions. “The labs said it was specially created to penetrate Walthour’s reinforced bulletproof windows.”

“Hardly,” she waved a hand dismissively. “Walthour’s windows aren’t unique. I’ve…crafted bullets for windows much like that, just like I crafted the drone.”

Tyler’s brows rose with his jaw open as if in awe. “I want to fuck you.”

“Dammit, Tyler.” Cody who was walking behind him at that moment, smacked him on the back of head. “Matt would kill you.”

“So would, Bay, but I’m willing to-“

“Shhh,” Val said leaning in close, letting him get a look of her cleavage. She lifted their joined hands and kissed their intertwined fingers. “Let us leave these things to our dreams. And nothing more.”

Tyler grinned a heart stopping expression. “I knew you wanted me.”

Cody snorted. “So Val, I’m eager to meet your son. When is he returning?”

“Who knows now that he has Russian bodyguards.” She looked up at Tyler. “Did you know about Matt’s allies?”

“Who Voronin?” Tyler asked as if it was no secret.

Cody groaned. “Not him… Please tell me he’s not still trying to adopt Matt. Matty’s too old to be adopted.”

“No. He’s providing protecting to my son and his guardian on Matt’s orders.” Val informed her.

“Really?” Cody looked over at Tyler. “Why?”

“Because he adores Matt, remember?”

“Not Voronin, Matt. Why is Matt getting Voronin involved?”

“Because if Domenic moves against Christophe, Voronin has a reason to slaughter all of Ricci. And the guy’s itching for it,” Tyler said bored.

“Dear lord, it’s going to be a blood bath.” Cody winced.

Val dropped Tyler’s hand and checked her watch. “I guess I should call them to make sure they’re coming home for dinner.”

While Val was on the phone with her friend, Bailey and Matt barged in looking between Val and Tyler suspiciously… Were they worried she’d sleep with Tyler? Or that Tyler really would fuck her? Well, wasn’t that cute?

“Were you going to cook tonight?” She asked her friend over the phone.

“Of course. I can’t have our little man eating take out,” Pam said.

“You wouldn’t mind cooking for seven would you?”

“Oh! We have company!” The woman sounded thrilled. “Good. I’m bringing my new friends Nikolay, Konstantin, and I cannot pronounce your name so I’ll just call you Klad.”

Voronin’s bodyguards.

“As long as you make plenty. Cody eats for two.”

“Three.” Matt added sitting on the floor at her feet. “Cody is two by herself.”

“So are you!” Cody scoffed.

“Oh, this will be fun!” Pam cheered before hanging up.

“I can help in the kitchen if she needs help.” Bailey offered.

“No.” Matt’s hand began creeping up Val’s leg. “She likes to cook and mother. And you like to mother and take charge. You two would clash.” Matt pressed a kiss to Val’s knee.

“Would you stop?” She asked looking down at him.

“I would…” Matt grinned up at her placing another kiss against her flesh.

“Matt get off the floor.” Bailey ordered. “We don’t want to see you trying to sneak up Val’s skirt.”

Matt’s guilty face flushed before he pushed himself up and off the floor.

“With your family here?” Val’s jaw dropped.

“Please, I’m nothing like those two. You’ve seen them.” Matt groaned pointing forked fingers at Bailey and Tyler. “When the door closes and visitors aren’t around, they’re like dogs in heat. They don’t care who the audience is.”

“At least they wait until the door is closed.” A sly smile crossed her lips.

Matt leaned down and kissed her. “I don’t think we’ve been public enough,” he said for only her to hear.

“So, Matt, I want to take Val for a spin,” Tyler announced as if he was talking about a car.

When Matt’s nostrils flared, Val grabbed his head and pulled him in for a full on kiss. She opened her mouth and he took the invitation.

“I guess that’s a no. But I’m not ready to give up.”

“Yes, you are.” Bailey growled. “Or you sleep alone.”

Val pulled away from Matt. “We should stop.”

Matt sat in her lap, straddling her. “Let’s not.”

Val laughed. “You’re heavy.”

“And hard.”

The room groaned and Val laughed louder not believing he was so open around his family…their family.

About thirty minutes later the door opened and the other part of her ran in with a plastic shopping bag hanging from his little hands. “Mommy!”

Then he slid to a halt when he saw all the grown ups.

Matt, who had vacated Val’s lap to help Bailey make sure they had enough serving ware, turned to grin over at Christophe. “DC!”

“Matt.” The kid waved.

“Bailey, I’d like you to meet Dean Christophe Andrews.” 

Bailey actually grinned for the first time Val could remember. Her heart skipped. With just a smile, Mr. Grumpy became more beautiful than Tyler.

Matt continued the introductions. “DC, this is my brother Bailey. He’s cool.”


“And you remember my other brother, Tyler?”

“Yes! Hi, Uncle Ty!”

Uncle Ty?

“And that is my best friend Cody.” He pointed to Cody who approached him and held out her hand.

“Hi, Christophe.”

“Hi.” He shook it, grinning even wider. “You’re pretty. Almost as pretty as mommy.”

“You flatter me, Christophe,” Val said, “but Cody is far more the beauty.”

Christophe shook he head and ran to her, crawling up in her lap. “You’re prettiest.”

“I agree!” Matt shouted. “I smell bias.” Val rolled her eyes.


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