The Wrong Type of Seduction

64 Demanding Matt


64: Demanding Matt

When Matt and Val finally stopped trying to compete with Tyler and Bailey to see who could be the noisiest during sex, the house was quiet and Val slept snuggled into him one leg wrapped outside of his. His cock was still inside her where he wanted to leave it.

Slowly he rolled away from her and got up. He dressed and went out to the kitchen to start dinner.

But Bailey was already cooking. He looked happier. But he just finished screwing Tyler’s brains out, so…yeah.

And Tyler? He looked around for the pain in the ass. Was he knocked out as well? Matt was tempted to sneak into the guest bedroom and smother the troublemaker.

Matt said nothing to Bailey as he began to help with dinner.

As Bailey cooked the meat, Matt made the rice.

It wasn’t long before Bailey began his overbearing lecture. “She’s the ex-wife of a gangster and an assassin, Matt. She’s killed people. What would stop her from killing you when she feels like it? Shouldn’t you be worried?” His brother asked as Matt headed back toward Val, not sticking around for words that would be wasted on him.

“Says the man fucking a sociopath. Did I judge you?”

“Tyler hasn’t killed anyone.”

“That you know of,” Matt said, “But he’s done some shit that you’re not proud of hasn’t he?”

Bailey grew quiet.

“Get to know her first, Bailey. You taught me acceptance. So open that thick head of yours,” Matt said before going into his bedroom and closing the door. 

Val laid on the bed, beautiful olive/gold skin and lush blushing ass tempting him. Head on his pillow, she looked at him over her shoulder. “If it helps, I’ll behave and be the perfect-“

“I don’t want Domenic’s wife. I want Val. The mischievous sex goddess.”

She nodded. “Be careful what you ask for.” She turned away, burying her head in his pillow.

He crawled onto the bed and pulled her into his arms. “Talk to me.”

“You accused Tyler of being a chameleon, but so am I. I anaylze people and access their reactions so I know how to navigate them and how to manipulate them to get them to do what I want. That’s why I have become so successful and how I have survived. Throwing that knife was deliberate, to set your family off. I knew better but… I play people, Matt.”

“So do I.”

She frowned. “Matt…don’t try to make this okay. I could’ve handled that better. I could’ve-“

Matt laughed. “Val, you didn’t realize Tyler was the one who pushed your buttons? He knew just when to attack for maximum impact. Don’t blame yourself.”

“I knew what he was doing but…I added fuel to the fire… I don’t want your bro- I mean Bailey to hate me more than he does.”

“Bailey doesn’t hates you, he’s just being Bailey.” Matt lay his forehead against hers. Facing each other he said, “My brother raised me. He was the father that our father never was and the mother our mom didn’t know how to be. He’s overprotective because he cares, worries. You’ll see once you let me tell them.”

Val took in a deep breath. “Can you give me more time?”

“All that you need.”

“Why are you so understanding of…everything?”

“Because, other than the fifty percent of my brain that focuses on my family, the other goes to music. Everything else really isn’t worth shit or the brain power.”

She smirked. “The world thinks your so charming and caring.”

“The charming, innocent act is just that and you know it. The real me would rather be selfish and shut himself away from the world with just you and the music. And I’ll be honest, I was a bit upset at first when I found out I had to share you with Christophe. But he’s mine now. No take backs.”

She smiled. “Good.” Running her hands up his shirt she said, “How can you accept him and me so easily?”

“Love.” Then he brushed her hair out of her face.

Val smiled up at him. “You say that like it’s a given.”

“It is what it is. I love my brothers. I love Cody. I love you and everything that comes with you. Everything.” He leaned in and kissed her. They stayed liked that, her in his lap, kissing, petting, just enjoying each other until he said, “I got an offer from Walthour, but I don’t think it was for me. I think it was for you.”

She was staring at his mouth when she said, “Go ahead.” Her fingers touched his lips as if mesmerized by them. How was he supposed to think with her doing that?

“He wants to adopt me into Bellini. He wants me to learn the business. And possibly take over.”

“Whoa!” She sat up crawling from his lap. “Whoa…”

Matt grabbed her hips dragging her, forcing her back into his lap. “Yeah. But I think he was directing that at you. He didn’t say the words but…”

“I don’t want my son in that world.” She folded her arms over her breasts.

“He proposed it before he knew you had a child. But even knowing that, I still think he would offer it. Despite what you want, you are from that world. And there are many who remember you and want you back in, not just Ricci, but…your other family too.”

“Dammit, Roger!” She gritted out.

“His orders came from higher up.”

“Of course they did.” Val looked venomous.

“Val…they are you. Think about it. They are also chameleons trying to survive, playing behind the scenes in order to keep from being discovered. I don’t know the whole history between you and them, but I’m guessing they kept it from you until you were out from under Domenic.”

She nodded not meeting his eyes. “Yes. Roger brought my uncle to me while I was on bed rest… It was the first time I realized I had more family that hadn’t been killed by your…by our… by Radford. They didn’t trust me. I was Domenic’s pet. But that doesn’t change my feelings of not wanting my son to be apart of them.”

“I don’t think that life is just going to let you be. Especially since you still operate as an assassin.”

She blew out a breath. “Let me go so I can dress.”

He released her.

She got up, walked to their closet where she fished through it for some clothes. She didn’t say anything to him but he could tell she was thinking about the offer so he didn’t push.

She threw her choice of clothes on the bed and got into the shower.

He went into the bathroom and leaned his hip against the sink. His eyes swallowed in everything about her as she washed. She was his. From head to toe. She lived with him, used his soap to wash…

She looked over at him and smiled. “You still smell like sex. You should get in, too.”

Shaking his head no, he said, “I like wearing our smell.”

She laughed screwing up her cute nose.

“Roger said something about Ricci’s recent allies are pretty formidable. They will be a problem won’t they?” He asked when she turned off the faucets. He grabbed a towel from the bar and approached her.

“And Ricci is allies with Bellini,” she said stepping out and into the towel he held open. “They are not going to like me going to Bellini without their permission. It could ruin any alliance.”

“And make them enemies.” He wrapped her in the towel.

“Yes.” She leaned her head on his shoulder. “Walthour knows this…which means he’s planning to break the alliance anyway. Risky but I don’t blame him if what I know about Ricci’s new allies are true…which they are. But joining Walthour…”

He kissed her cheek. “Whatever you decide.”

“Hmmmm… Domenic will respond soon. I know he hasn’t given up. And he might want a little revenge against both of us.” She sang.

“Both of us?” He pulled back eyeing her. “We know what I did, but what did you do?”

“Maybe… applied to much pressure in his neck when I went to see him…and caused partial blindness?” She batted her lashes trying to appear innocent.

“What happened to not acting on emotions?” Matt asked exasperated.

“You mean not killing on emtions. He’s not dead.”

“But who ordered it?” He tilted his head to look at her questioning her.

“He threatened you,” Val said playing with his t-shirt. “No one gets to hurt you.” She murmured looking so cute.


“No one gets to hurt you. Not even Domenic.” She lifted her gaze full of dead seriousness. That’s when Matt realized, Domenic no longer meant anything to her or her son. He was truly expendable. And that made Matt’s heart soar.

“And if I want him dead?” Matt asked testing his theory.

She leaned in and kissed him. “Say the word.”

But Matt never would, because he knew it would hurt her to look at Christophe knowing she killed his father.

Matt.” Cody’s voice called to him.

“In here,” he said tucking Val’s towel around her.

Cody walked into the bedroom but stayed in the doorway. “Gabe called. Domenic says Val owes him a date and a debt. Tonight. I’m told the asshole’s pretty pissed.”

“I’m going,” Matt demanded to Val.

They just stared at each other.

His hand slid up under the towel, slowly smoothing over the skin of her ass knowing the skin was still sensitive from the paddling he gave it.

Her eyes fluttered shut when his fingers pressed into the crack of her ass. “Okay, puppy, you’re going.” 


Matt watched Val’s profile as she stared at the passing scenery in the limo. Though she wasn’t looking at him, her hand gripped his tight. She was worried about him.

But it wasn’t himself he was worried about.

Though he wasn’t religious, Matt prayed for the fourth time in his life. The first time was when his brother Bailey got shot years ago and they weren’t sure he would make it. The second was when Cody had been abducted by crazy mobsters. The third was when Tyler ran away from home to kill their father, placing a death sentence on his own head. Each time he prayed for his family’s safety, health, and a miracle. This time, he prayed that he never disappoint Val or her son because he loved this woman more than he thought he could love anything. Which meant Domenic was never getting his hands on her again.

A restaurant nestled in a high-rise overlooking the city was their destination. The building was owned by Mr. Walthour so it was considered neutral territory.

The host sat them at their private booth where Val scooted in marveling at the night view out their window.

“Matt, this is beautiful,” she said while he scooted in next to her.

Enjoying her pleasure he just stared at her profile.

“Stop staring at me Matt.” She shook her head turning to give him that knowing expression that turned him on.

He took her hand under the table and threaded his fingers in hers. At first she just pierced her lips together as if trying not to smile, then she gave the shyest grin before turning back to the window.

“I hate you.” A full on smile lifted her cheeks. “I feel like a stupid teenager with her first crush.”

“I am a stupid teenager with his first crush.”

She laughed and picked up the menu with her free hand reading it over. Matt played with her fingers instead of caring what was on the menu.

“You’re not going to wait for Domenic, before we order?” He asked.

“He’ll be late. Might as well enjoy ourselves before he shows.”

“Like a real date.” Matt whispered close to her ear.

“Matt, shouldn’t you look at your menu?”

“I’m studying what I want to eat. Order for me.” He commanded as his thumb stroked over hers.

“You’re so embarrassing,” she said blushing trying not to look over at him.

When the blush reached her cute ears he was tempted to suck on the lobes.

The waitress came and Val ordered a glass of wine for herself and a soda for Matt. Then she ordered their meals.

After the waitress left to put in their order, Matt asked close to her ear, “Tell me about the code.”

Val glanced around and whispered, “The short version, some Egyptian priests that worshiped the Goddess Serket were used by their ruler to send scorpions and poisonous snakes to the kingdom’s enemies. Then one day the ruler mysteriously dies and the priests disappeared never to be seen again. Soon after the House of Serket was established and with it the code.”

“If I understand right, you and Christophe are the last heirs? The heart of the organization?”

She nodded before leaning her head on her shoulder. “There are actually five other heirs, my cousins, but I am the one in line to inherit. They are vaguely aware, but not truly informed of the organization as they rule Monaco.”

“Wait…rule Monaco? True royalty?”

She tilted her head in thought. “Because my mother was born outside the family, the cousins didn’t know her or me…” Val shrugged. “The heirs…well, me… We have to be the best of the best because it’s our job to know every member and enforce the code. We are responsible for the code’s survival.”

“So an assassin that hunts assassins.”

She hummed agreement.

“Why you and not the cousins?”

“My uncle wanted to honor my mother for her service, since he couldn’t be there for her as a brother.”

“He’s the head honcho. Let me guess, a billionaire or-“

“Adviser to the throne. One of many. But yes, the family has money. The organization has investments everywhere, but none of it is funneled to one location or by one person. I’m told each servant and assassin owns a portion so it’s hard to say what they’re worth collectively.”

“But as the heir, you know.”

“I know more than I wish.”

“What do you lose by joining them?”

“A level of independence. I’ll have lots of…servants for lack of a better word.”

“You couldn’t just fire them?”

Val chuckled a low throaty sexy sound. “Most of them were born learning to serve while I was learning to kill. It’s in our blood and it doesn’t just go away. Roger’s living proof.”

“And what do I gain by being your permanent plus one?”

“Servants willing to serve. Some serve as assistants, maids, informants, spies… If you need money, resources, fake IDs, supplies, hard to acquire materials, or just need to set someone up instead of killing them…the list goes on and on. But you don’t have access to the assassins other than me. Being part of the code means you can’t issue contracts. But you can receive them and pass them on.”

“Receive them how?”

“You don’t need to know that. You focus on music.” Val blew on his ear, turning his thoughts filthy.

“Val…” He moaned when her lips skimmed his jaw. “Your brand of seduction is far more potent than mine. It takes me ten minutes to get you ready for me, but all you have to do is bat you lashes at me and I’m hard as hell.”

She chuckled then said, “Less than three.”

“What?” He turned to look at her hooded gaze.

“It takes me less than three minutes to be hot for you.”

He just stared at her dumbfounded by her admission. When she slowly began to lick that sexy tongue over her lush lips, Matt cursed and scooted out from the table. “You’re horrible. I’ll be back.”

Val laughed when Matt hurried to the bathroom. After calming his raging boner, he walked back to the table only to see the motherfucker had arrived.

Matt mentally reeled in the need to kill. Though Val appeared comfortable with a glass of wine in hand, leaned casually back, Matt could tell she was on edge.

Matt slid into the seat beside her, slipping his arm around her, letting his hand rest at the small of her back to give her comfort as he stared razor sharp hate at Domenic who glared back, eyes narrowed to slits…or was he squinting?

“Ah, so you weren’t lying. You brought your damn bro-“

“Careful, Domenic. I have more of your secrets than you have of mine.” Val warned.

Matt shifted in his seat closer to Val to keep from reaching across the table and wrapping his hand around that throat, finishing what he started.

“Did everything go alright in the bathroom?” Val asked in Matt’s ear, her hot breath distracting him from murder.

“Would’ve been better if you were there,” he said turning to kiss her on the nose. Instead her mouth caught his, pulling at his bottom lip. He was opening about to inhale her, when Domenic snarled.

“This is disgusting. Val! You will not disrespect me in public.” The man ordered.

Matt nearly stood, but Val’s hand smoothed over his thigh, snaking over the fabric of his pants expertly making him forget the idiot in the room. Her fingers pressed against his crotch, dipping between his thighs. Oh, shit…

“You wanted a date, Domenic, here I am. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to be alone with you. Matt’s orders are absolute,” Val said turning to the other man as Matt lay his forehead on her shoulder enjoying her caress.

“So you follow around this fucking boy? He holds your leash now?”

Leash? Val’s hands stroking his erection was the only thing keeping him from making Domenic eat glass.

“Do be careful what you say. If what I was told is correct, you almost choked to death from your last encounter. I’m not sure what will set him off today. We might have to call Walthour to have him clean your blood off the windows.” Val purred in such a sexy voice Matt nearly came.

Fix my eyes.” Domenic’s fist came down on the table making the silverware and the glasses clink.

Matt shifted to move, but Val’s nails dug into Matt’s groin just enough to have him leak and moan, keeping him at her mercy.

“You did this to me…” Domenic blinked and squinted. “You think I won’t respond? You have three days to come to me or I will force you. Three days to gather your shit, Val. No more. I have no more patience.” Then he stood and left.

“Puppy lift your head,” Val demanded.

Matt looked up at her in a daze.

“Thank you for not causing a scene.”

Matt only nodded unable to think past her fingers kneading his cock.

Val nipped at his lips. “I want you inside me.”

“T-the stairwell…no cameras this floor.” Matt muttered remembering asking Mr. Walthour about the blind spots.

“Let’s go.”

Matt slid out and led the way from the restaurant paying the host cash on his way to the stairs.

The moment the door was closed, Val hiked up her skirt, no panties. Matt mindlessly unzipped his pants and sheathed himself in her dripping flesh.

Fuuuuuuck.” He breathed out into her mouth before they kissed. He fucked into her up against the wall not caring who might decide to take the stairs. He hoped like hell that them being on the thirty something floor kept people from wanting to use the elevator.

He pumped his hips as Val clung to his suit jacket moaning into his mouth.



“I don’t want…aahh…”

Matt continued to roll his pelvis dipping into her depth and wishing he had some control when it came to her. But it was clear, neither of them did.

They came together groaning into each other’s kisses. Matt finally registered Val’s hands in his hair mussing it up, fingers massaging his scalp.

“Want to grab some pizza on the way back home,” he asked against her lips.

She shook her head kissing him deeply as if she couldn’t get enough.

“I don’t want you hungry,” he said pulling back.

“I don’t need food. I have you.” She breathed against his neck before sucking on a spot on his jaw and then nipping it with teeth.

Matt moaned. “We can’t stay here forever, Val.”

She nuzzled his neck. “Fine,” she sighed and pulled away from him, smoothing her skirt. Then she finger combed his hair and straightened his clothes. “No need to get pizza. We can eat the stir-fry that’s leftover.”

“There won’t be any. Cody would’ve polished that off.” He watched her intently as she worked, mesmorized by her every move. “Will you at least hear Walthour out? I want you protected. If Domenic so much as breathes your air again, I’m liable to kill him. I want to kill him.”

She pushed away. “Matt-“

Matt grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. “Speak to Walthour.” He ordered, knowing he had that power over her. He didn’t want to use it, but he needed her safe.

Val sighed and nodded.

“Thank you.” He kissed her.

“I didn’t say I’d agree to him.”

“I just want you to talk to him. Come on. I need to feed you. And then bury my cock in you ass.” She giggled as he pulled her to him.


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