The Wrong Type of Seduction

63 Unpacking Val


63: Unpacking Val

It didn’t take Val long to settle into Matt’s place. She’d been there so much she knew where nearly everything was. It felt good to have Christophe close. Pam was just one floor down. Christophe often snuck out of Pam’s apartment to knock on Matt’s door. Matt teased about getting a doggy door for him. Christophe mistook his words and thought Matt was going to buy him a dog, suckering Matt into getting him one.

Pam’s condo was a four bedroom, where Matt’s was a three bedroom, so Val moved the majority of her stuff in with Pam so not to crowd Matt’s apartment. Of course he pouted. But Christophe was thrilled about having two homes.

Val warned her son about leaving either floor without permission. He was allowed to come and go if he got permission from Pam, Matt, or Val. And he wasn’t allowed to go beyond Pam’s floor without an escort. Security was also informed and aware of the wanderer. Val was worried about someone learning about her son, but Matt assured her it would be okay. She wasn’t so sure.

It had been three days since she got back and today the family was coming over — Matt’s brothers and Cody. Val didn’t know how she felt about that. She hadn’t seen Tyler since they got back, but their last interaction was mostly Matt staying between them. She had talked to Cody plenty on the phone when Matt was busy with his music. Val liked Cody. Though the girl didn’t have a refined bone in her body, she was genuine and refreshing.

Val worked at Pam’s new kitchen table looking over schematics for her new project while her son colored across from her. Pam was still unpacking boxes, a chore she loved. Val wanted to hire someone to do it, but Pam refused. Her friend liked fusing over everything.


Val looked up at Christophe who looked ready to asked a million questions.


“Are we keeping Matt?”

“Why do you asked?” Val asked worried her baby didn’t like Matt.

“Before it was only me, Mommy, Grammy Pammy, and Roger. Now there’s Matt. So are we keeping him like we keep Roger?”

Val grinned. “We are.”

“Good. He’s fun. I like him. I like his music. He’s nice to you. You smile.” He waved his crayon to draw a smile in the air.

“I smiled before.”

Pam snorted somewhere behind her.

“Not really.” Christophe went back to his drawing. “Not like you do now.”

Val frowned, wondering if she looked like her own mother to Christophe. Her mother had been kind of cold as well — not smiling much. And when she did, it never met her eyes. Her mother had been strict, but never unkind.

Val stood from her table and walked past Pam, grabbing the woman’s arm. She pulled her friend into her bedroom and shut the door.

“Am I bad mother?” Val asked out loud what she had questioned herself on over and over for years.

“What? No!”

“Pam, be honest. I left him for months. I didn’t smile. I-“

“You left to make him a better life. To see if it was safe for him. And you left him with me. I’m a darn good caretaker you know.”

“The best.”

Pam nodded. “A smile doesn’t make a good mother. My mother used to smile at me even knowing my father was beating me. You my sweet spend time with him, protect him, raise him. You’ve left clients hanging when he got sick. And while he doesn’t have friends his age, he has people who care.”

“I want him to have friends.”

“Then he will.” Pam smiled. “And so will you.”

“I have you.”

“You do. And you have Matt. You two are so cute together.”

Val blushed.

“And he adores you.”

“Do you think he’s good for Christophe?”

“Does it matter? Christophe’s keeping him.” Pam laughed.


“Matt’s young. He probably never thought he’d be a dad this soon. But I think he wants the roll. If not, Roger will be here soon enough.” Pam rolled her dark blue eyes.

“Thank you, Pam.”

“I’m only telling you what’s true.”

“Matt!” Christophe’s voice rang from the other room.

Val’s heart quickened.

“There’s that look.” Pam gushed. “Awwww.”

“Wait…how did he know I was down here?”

“He probably doesn’t. He comes by often to check on me and Christophe.” Pam beamed. “You didn’t know?”

Val shook her head.

“Mommy! Matt’s here! Matt’s here!”

“Go. I’ll keep Christophe occupied.”

“Thank you.” She mouthed before they left the room.

Out in the dining room, Matt and Christophe were sitting side by side in chairs talking conspiratorially.

“What are you two up to?”

“Nothing,” they said in harmony.


They both looked up at her innocently, and for a moment, she didn’t see Domenic in Christophe. She saw Matt. Why was she projecting her wishes and hopes onto her son?

“What are you doing down here?” Val asked Matt walking to the table, putting up her laptop and papers.

“Came to see my favorite people. And you.”

“When did I get to be second place?” Val grumped not liking that.

“I’m first!” Christophe announced holding up his orange crayon.

“You heard the man.” Matt raised his hand and Christophe high-fived it. That was new… “Can I kidnap your mommy?”

“Yes,” Christophe said going back to his coloring book.

“That’s it? No fight?” Val looked down at the kid.

Those tiny shoulders shrugged. “Matt’s ours so… yeah.”

She rolled her eyes.

Matt grinned that adorable smile, flashing his dimples. He crooked his finger at her and Val followed him eagerly. When they got out into the hall, Matt turned and kissed her.

She closed her eyes enjoying his taste, like chocolate and something else.

“I’m yours, huh?” Matt breathed pulling away.

“Christophe has declared it. So it must be.”

“Now that I know who makes the decision…” He leaned back in and kissed her again. It was about five minutes of lips and tongues before he pulled away looking her in her eyes lustfully.

“You want to fuck me.”

“Right against the wall.”

“Your family must be upstairs.”

He blew out a breath.

“We can wait, go up later.”

He shook his head, took her hand and they headed for the stairs. They went up one flight.

As soon as his condo door was open, Val heard cursing and a cheer.

“You suck.” Bailey growled at Cody who was waving her hands in the air.

“You’re just mad cause I’m right. The Colts are going to win. It’s a beautiful thing.” Cody needled.

“They’re always like this.” Matt told Val.

“Ah.” Val watched the scene in front of the television. Bailey sat on the couch looking grumpy as usual and Cody looked like a happy cheerleader sans outfit.

When she turned and saw Val she cheered again. “Val!”

“Hi, Cody.”

“I know you don’t watch football, but you want to join us?” She asked elated.

When Val looked down at the hard stare of Bailey’s she shook her head. “Not right now.”

“Bailey be nice.” Cody smacked his head.

He winced.

“He better.” Matt warned.

“Matt, don’t force it.” She whispered going into the kitchen.

There Tyler sat at the kitchen table in a t-shirt and sweat pants working on his computer. He appeared more relaxed and less boardroom ready. His hair was a bit messy but he looked as gorgeous as always.

“Ah, Val,” he said when those cunning gold eyes turned up to look at her.

“Hello Tyler.” She drawled leaning back against the counter while Matt began pulling food out to cook that night. “Do you need some help?”

“Can you cook?” Matt asked looking amused.


He laughed unwrapping chicken cutlets. “I knew it.”

“Why should I cook when there are so many people more talented than me who I can pay? And me paying them keeps them in business.”

Matt laughed harder leaning to the side almost tipping over. “A business woman to the core. So tell me, Mrs. CEO, how would you help me exactly?”

“I can use a knife.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

“Oh, I want to see this.” Matt put the veggies beside her and a large sharp knife. “I need it big enough for stir fry.”

Val took the cutting board he pulled from a cabinet and handed it to her. Then she used the knife and quickly cut up the veggies.

“Anything else?” She asked his dumbfounded expression.

“So fast…” Matt just stared down at the cut veggies.

“My mother taught me.” Cutting food was Val’s first lesson in using a knife before she graduated to living subjects.

Matt leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Remind me never to piss you off.” He kissed her.

“I’d never cut you…” She licked his bottom lip. “Suck you, yes. Cut you, never.” She was about to kiss him again when a throat cleared.

Matt’s eyes closed and Val turned slightly to see Tyler grinning at them, leaning over the counter.

“So Val… Assassin?”

Val’s heart stopped.

“What?” Bailey scowled, coming into the kitchen at just the right moment.

“You did that shit on purpose.” Matt snarled about to go over the counter to grab his brother.

Val wrapped her arms around Matt keeping him from hurting Tyler.

“What happened?” Cody asked coming into the kitchen following Bailey.

Val pulled at Matt, until she had him on the opposite counter leaned back, huffing and ready to kill. “He’s your brother,” she said grabbing his face between both her hands and making him look down at her. “He’s your brother.”

“Yep, and it wouldn’t be the first time I beat his face in.”

“I like your hands on me better.”

He smirked. “Me, too.”

“Explain!” Bailey barked.

Val sighed leaning on Matt’s chest to keep him from going anywhere.

“There is no conclusive evidence, but according to the data Mr. Walthour pulled up on Val, she’s an expert in poisons, toxins, and other manner of killing without actual martial combat. Not to mention all the complex and yet impressive weapons she had in her house that no normal person should be able to acquire. AKA assassin,” Tyler said smugly.

“Whoa!” Cody’s eyes gleamed. “Teach me! Teach me!” She bounced on her toes. Val looked at her shocked.

“She’s a fourth degree black belt in tae kwon do and studies other martial arts.” Matt told her.

“Ah,” Val knew the young woman had an edge on her after their first meeting, now she knew why.

“So Val, who is your target? I’m dying to know.” Tyler baited.

“Not yet,” Val said before she picked up the knife and flipped it through the air. It whirled less than an inch from his ear, sailing until it hit the dining room table embedding itself in the beautiful polished wood.

“I’ll buy you a new table.” She murmured to Matt.

Tyler’s eyes widened.

“Holy shit.” Cody breathed.

“Matt!” Bailey roared in rage.

“Oh fuck.” Tyler’s body trembled before he charged Bailey, grabbing him and pulling his head down.

Val’s mouth hung open. They were right there. Brothers kissing. Tonguing and… Tyler started grinding on Bailey in such a manner that Val felt her own heat rising to very…very…hot temperatures. Bailey fisted Tyler’s curly hair as he backed them toward the table clearly planning to use it. Their kiss became more engaged, hips gyrating.

A hand came down over her eyes.

“Room! Now!” Matt barked.

“Fuck me, Bay.” Tyler practically moaned.

Val’s jaw was still unhinged when Matt took his hand down. The brother’s were gone, but she heard a lot of bumping and grunting in the next room.

“What…just happened?” Val finally blinked.

“You made Tyler hard.” Cody sighed.

“Everything makes Tyler hard.” Matt groaned.

“Like you,” Val said looking down at Matt’s crotch.

“I usually have more control unless it comes to you.” Matt winked. “And watching you flick that knife made me want to bend you over and-“

“Call me when dinner’s ready,” Cody said headed out the door.

Val meant to stop her, but Matt’s hand came down on her ass.

“Matt!” She yelped.

“That’s for making Tyler hard.”

“How is that my-“

He smacked her ass again. She spun to face him and argue only to find him pointing to the back.

“Room. Now.” Val’s body shivered. “Yes, sir.”


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