The Wrong Type of Seduction

62 Matt Encounters The Code


62: Matt Encounters The Code

Though Val appeared to be calm and collected as she helped pack her, her son, and her friend Pam up, Matt could tell she was a bundle of nerves. Matt kept assuring her with sneak attack kisses, but even he was nervous. One look at the beautiful little boy and there was no doubt he was Val and Domenic’s child. He had the perfect blend of their best features. He definitely had his mother’s pretty hazel/gold eyes, mahogany hair, and brains.

As soon as the boy was seen with Val, Domenic would be back. There was no stopping it. But Matt wasn’t planning to stop it. Tyler had a plan that Matt agreed with. And if Val found out, she’d kick their asses. But it was worth it. Her freedom was worth it. And Christophe deserved a father that wasn’t a motherfucker. He’d be that father.

Matt was loading bags into the car when he felt someone approached behind him. He turned to find Roger smiling.

The guy jerked his head as if wanting Matt to follow. Matt told the guards to continue loading as he followed the big rugged guy with stubble covering his jaw.

“What’s up, Roger?”

“She told you about…her other occupation, right?”

“The one Domenic made her do to destroy his enemies?”

Roger nodded shoving his big hand in his pockets.

“And you are what to her?”

“Not her lover. Don’t want to get between you two…You two make too much noise,” The man said before hollering a laugh. He’d heard them last night. “To her I’m just a retainer, a mere servant to m’lady. I was assigned to her by her mother. I was her primary contact in the outside world when she was allowed to leave Domenic and perform her duties.”

Matt frowned. “Servant? I know her mother was from an aristocratic Romano family, but I thought they were all killed by my father.”

“M’lady’s part of two noble lines.”

Why didn’t that surprise Matt?

Roger blew out a breath. “Don’t think of me as the butler type of servant. Think of me as a person that keeps an eye out for her, watches her back. In that business, I was the one she reached out to when she needed credible information. When she need things…arranged. I’m her only for now. Tried to get her to work with others, but she’s good for a reason. Limiting contacts means less exposure.”

“Okay, but servant? Shouldn’t you just say employee or something?”

He chuckled. “Employees are loyal to their pay check. We serve because we desire to.” His arms folded over his chest as he twisted his lips in thought. “She told you about the assassin bits, but… Did she tell you about the code?”


“Rules that she goes by.”

“You mean the no killing without orders or a contract?”

He nodded. “That’s just one of four main rules that has governed her family…our family.”

Matt’s eyebrows rose. The man looked nothing like Val…but he had a feeling when he meant family, he didn’t mean the brother sister kind, but the pop-a-cap-in-your-ass kind.

“The code…let’s just say its been around a long…long…long time.” He rotated his head on his neck. Matt heard something pop. “Most of these shit organizations wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for the code’s existence. Most governments too. A lot of people with power relied on the code to get where they are…thought I doubt they even know it. We don’t announce ourselves to just anyone. And most people don’t even know what to call us or what to look for. Without going into the complete history that dates back to the rise of the pharaohs, just know you’re going to be watched for the rest of your life. You see, that hardheaded woman and her little man are heirs to the heart of it all.”

“Why are you telling me this instead of her?”

“Because she wants nothing to do with it. I get it. We didn’t intervene when she needed us the most. But she was involved with Domenic, loyal to a fault. We couldn’t risk telling her anything while she was under his thumb. So we kept our silence.” He closed his eyes. “And the code is strict… Rely not on death until you receive death’s order. Because death is natural, so should you make it as natural as possible, leave little to no trace of interference. Do not intervene where potential for exposure could destroy the code.”

“Was that four? Sounded more like three.”

Roger nodded. “Speak not of the code unless given permission.”

“And Val gave you permission?” Matt asked doubtful.

“Nope.” Was all he said.

“Someone higher up.”

Roger rocked back on his heels, big body balancing unusually on the back soles of his shoes. “Mr. Musician, while we’re not impressed with the attention you’ve gained from pretty powerful people, we are impressed with how you won over Val. She’s not the kind you win over. Her mother didn’t train her to be soft. Even when she was with Domenic, she endured because she was tough.”

Matt didn’t reply, he just stared at Roger wondering where he was going with his speech.

The guy smirked nodding. “Wrap it up, aye? Ok. As her retainer, I’m duty bound to aid her when she requests. And she rarely requests outside of a contract. I’m…guessing you’re now an extension of her…Permanent extension?”

He was offering to be Matt’s retainer as well. Matt thought about that. “How pissed off would she be if I took your offer?”

“Pretty pissed.”

“And what do I need to do? Some kind of secret initiation?”

Roger chuckled. “No, you just need to take care of our lady and our young master. And if that means calling on me,” he shrugged.

“There’s a catch somewhere.”

“You never speak of it. Ever. You don’t know me other than an associate of Val’s. You never tell your bestie Cody, her lover Walthour, your brothers the lovers, your mother…no one.”

Matt’s eyebrows rose as he spoke as hairs rose on the back of his neck. “What are you like De La Rosa?”

“No. Not even close. De La Rosa sold secrets for the right price. What secrets we gather stay our secret and we only use them to survive — to know when to move and how, so that we are not seen. And to carry out a contract seamlessly. Think of us like that dormant virus in the blood that no one knows they’re even a carrier of until its too late. We’re the reason your father kept his smug ass in hiding, because he knew not the face of his enemy. Most people don’t. Even we don’t know all the members. Only select few do.”

“The heirs.” Matt summed up.

Roger nodded.

“Are you’re the reason Tyler had so much trouble finding Val?”

“Nope. That was all Val. If we didn’t want Tyler to find her, he’d be dead.”

Matt blew out a breath thankful they wanted him to find her.

“Like I said, we don’t intervene where there is a potential for exposure. With Tyler’s genius and Walthour’s resources, it can get tricky if not careful. Plus, killing Tyler to protect Val is outside the code. No contract. And we never contract for personal matters.”


The man chuckled. “I’m glad you make her happy. She deserves it despite what she believes. I know you see her as a lover… But know to me, she’s a real sister. Take care of her.”

“I’m surprised your…organization approves.”

Roger cocked his brow. “We are not judges, that is why we only kill on contract. Most of us believe one should live a full life until that life is over, no matter how a person chooses to live it. Everyone under the code must have a wide open mind in order to blend in where ever they go. That’s why I’m not surprised Val came around so easily. Though that cursing out you gave her probably helped.” He chuckled. He straightened his lazy posture and tried to look imposing. “With that said Mr. Musician, you better treat m’lady right ’cause she’s not the only one who knows how to handle business.

“Yes, sir.” Matt patted the guy’s shoulder.

“Another thing. Don’t have her all over the world killing people.”

“Definitely not. I’m not Domenic.”

“And raise Christophe well. He’s a smart bastard. He’ll have you turning cartwheels if you’re not careful.”

“I think my brother Bailey is king of raising smart bastards. So I’ll get pointers from him.”



“Pam’s mothering. Let her. Or life will be hell.”

“Got it. Does she know about your…?”

“Nope. She’s not in the code. The only ones in the code you know about are me and Val…for now.”

“Will Pam accept that my brothers…”

“Pam? She’s a romance junky. Reads all kinds of that mushy stuff. Make it mushy and romancy, I doubt she’ll care.”


“One thing.”

Matt groaned, this is going to take forever.

“Domenic has allied himself with some heavy hitters over the years just to keep his pockets lined with money he can play with. They are a nasty bunch. A couple of drug lords and terrorist cells.”


“Yep. But a certain Russian oil czar’s been fucking with most of those groups something awful over the years… Heard he’s a big music fan.”

Voronin. Matt said nothing.

“I sent some information out into the air. I don’t know if he’ll get it or even needs it, but if he does, he’ll know the names of the key players and their alliances. Their weaknesses.”

“To what end?”

“That…is up to whoever’s finger is on the trigger. I just set up the shots.”

“Isn’t that interfering?”

“The rule is, interfering where we could be exposed.”


“You know if they learn about that little boy, Ricci will want him. He’s their next heir.” Roger sighed.

“They can’t have him.”

“Then we agree.”


Matt turned to smile at Val who was carrying a box from the house. “Coming.”

“Careful, musician. You’re weakness is showing.” Roger muttered amused.

Matt shrugged, “Anyone who goes after my weakness deserves the hell she puts them through. Thank you, Roger.”

“No, problem. See you around.” The man began to bellow. “Christophe! Where’s my hug?”

Charging from the house, Christophe barreled straight for Roger. The guy picked him up and whirled him around.

“You’ll behave for Matt?”

“I can.”

“Good.” They hugged. “I’ll see you soon.”

The kid grinned. “Better.”

He put the little guy down and small fingers immediately wrapped around Matt’s fingers. “Come on, Matt, I want you to sit beside me.”

“Fine, but you have to tell me more about your mother.” “Okay.” The kid agreed nodding his head eagerly.


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