The Wrong Type of Seduction

61 Val Encounters Trouble


61: Val Encounters Trouble

Val woke stretching and groaning from the pain in her lower back and ass. Hearing voices come from downstairs, she looked over at the other side of the bed where Matt should have been. Why wasn’t he next to her?

She sucked in a breath, realizing how clingy she sounded and snapped out of it. She wasn’t that kind of woman. She’d never been that kind of woman. If she wasn’t careful she’d insecurely stalk his every move…

Shaking off the nearly agonizing feeling of his separation she took in slow deep breaths. She looked out the window toward the lake and cleared her mind. Matt wasn’t the one she should be worried about.

“I’m the one who left him.” She closed her eyes wishing she could take those weeks back, could’ve accepted him sooner. But they had now and she wouldn’t let him regret wanting her.

Moments after pulling her obsession in, the object of her desires walked in with breakfast… There went another nail into her coffin. He was killing her with how sweet and thoughtful he could be. If Christophe hadn’t called him to go play, the guy probably would’ve fed her himself. Val ate and went back to sleep when Pam came to collect the tray grinning and blushing. She’d heard them last night hadn’t she? Val groaned before she went back to sleep mortified.

Around late lunch, Val woke again. After showering and changing her clothes, Val went down to the kitchen to where groups of guys and women sat eating the food Pam fixed for lunch. She wasn’t sure but she thought the group had to belong to Walthour.

She looked over the faces, curiously, and landed on a pair of gold eyes and provocative lips that she recognized. She understood why Cody covered for the two brothers, they had similar faces. But there was a sex appeal about Tyler that distinguished him from his harder more domineering eldest brother.

While he seemed like a calm composed business man who was just observing her, she knew better. Matt had already warned her about the infamous genius.

She continued to look around expecting to see Bailey and Cody, but neither were present.

Pam fixed her a plate and ordered her to eat — sandwich, a pickle, and chips.

“Where’s Christophe?” Val asked sitting at the counter.

“With Matt and Roger at the lake. Now eat.”

Shutting out all the watchful eyes, Val ate.

It wasn’t long before the young man stood from his place against the wall and walked around the kitchen as if he was taking a casual stroll. But Val knew his destination. And sure enough he was sitting beside her seconds later.

“Val?” He didn’t offer his hand so she didn’t either.


She finished her turkey sandwich trying to stomach it, or to just feel normal. But she felt…so off balance and naughty. Because she wanted more of Matt…her brother.

“What did he tell you?” Val finally asked.

“That he needed to find you.”

“Nothing else?”

“I learned enough to piece together some of it.”

Val had a feeling that if all these people weren’t in the kitchen, she’d get another version of Tyler, the one Matt told her about.

“You have questions.” Val stated.

“Do I?”

“You tell me?” she asked.

“Your assumption is that I want to know.”

Ah, so he was playing that game. Trying to throw her off balance. Or test her. Val’s lips twisted into a smirk. Tyler was good, but she’d played with masters, gangsters, assassins, and corporate bullies — she could hold her own.

“Do we need to go somewhere private?” She asked picking her pickle up.

His beautiful eyes blinked slowly. “Is there something you need to tell me that you don’t want others to hear?”

“Depends on what your questions will be. Would you like to come up to my bedroom?” She asked gauging his reaction as she licked the tip of the pickle.

“Is…that an invitation?”

“Are you going to answer all my questions with a question?”

“Is my questioning you making you uncomfortable?”

“Are you sure you want to know?” She asked licking the length of the sour and salty snack, slowly.

Several of the guards stopped eating and watched as she gave the head of it a bite. Then she licked her lips, humming in pleasure before chewing.

Tyler just watched her, not showing any hint of reaction, but when her eyes roved over him seductively, she noticed the bulge in his pants and his silence.

“May I assume that was an invitation?” His husky voice sounded a bit deeper, breathier.

Adding an alluring lilt to her voice she said, “You may assume what you-“

“Val!” Matt’s voice made her smirk.

“Yes?” She dropped her pickle on the plate and looked back innocently at the doorway leading to the living room.

Her puppy’s scowl was so masculine and accusing it was sexy. “No.”

“What?” She batted her lashes cluelessly.

“You just have to open Pandora’s box don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She lied enjoying the smoldering look he gave her as he stalked toward her. That amused but exasperated expression told her he was ready to fuck her or spank her. And that just made her totally forget…forget… What was she supposed to remember?

He grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the front door. “I’m so punishing you.”

Val followed giddy, watching him be all jealous and commanding, pulling her to… “The woods?”

“Pick a tree.”

She stumbled trying to stop him. “Matt, there are people here!” She giggled. “You’re not having your way with me up against a tree. My son plays out there.”

Matt spun and pulled her into his arms. “I can’t believe you tried to seduce my brother.”

“Our brother.” She mouthed breathlessly against his lips. “And I was just messing with him like he was messing with me.”

“Well, I was jealous.”

She yelped when his hand came down on her ass. Her panties grew moist. “I like you jealous.” She licked his lips.

“Fuck…” He took her lips with his own, drowning her in him. She missed his mouth so much. His kiss was worse than a drug, addicting her like eternal chains. How did she run from this man? How?

She moaned as his tongue explored her.

“You two are so cute together.”

Matt cursed.

Val, still in a dreamy state, tilted her head to look back at the interruption. There was a smugness to him that she didn’t see before. Was this the real Tyler?

The man opened his mouth to speak, but Matt cut him off, “Before you start with her, know that our son is off limits. No using him to get back at her.”

“… So what do I call him, step-nephew?”

A real nephew actually, but they would save that for later.

Tyler ran a hand through his hair. “Fine. Any other rules?”

“Pam is still clueless so step carefully around her until I have her convinced. And if you touch Val inappropriately, I’m liable to break my hand in your face.”

“Oh, can’t have that.” Tyler rolled his eyes. “Bailey would be pissed. For some reason your delicate hands are more important than my pretty face.”

“Because Bailey doesn’t need your face to get off.”

Val gasped turning to look up at Matt in shock. Did he just say that out loud?

“No, but he likes my mouth. Especially what he gets to put in it.”

“Then I’ll make sure to knock out your teeth, too. He’d really like that.”

“Are you two seriously talking about that out loud?” Val asked low looking around to make sure no one else was in earshot.

“Yes,” they both said.

“Nice ass.” Then Tyler smacked it and ran.

Matt took off after him. And Val stood stunned. “What…have I gotten myself into?”


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