The Wrong Type of Seduction

60 Matt Joins Forces


60: Matt Joins Forces

The smell of bacon woke Matt. He dragged his boneless ass out of bed to wash and dress so he could bring Val breakfast because she might be too sore to move from last night.

After his shower and mostly dressed, he was sitting on the bed about to put on his socks when shouts alerted him to an impending invasion.

“Mommy!” Foot steps came thundering down the hall. “Mommy, breakfast!”

Matt popped up and ran to the door. He opened it and caught the fly arms and legs that flew at him.

“Good Morning.” Christophe grinned up at him showing off his chubby cheeks.


“Breakfast is ready.”

“So I heard. Let your mom, sleep. I’ll eat with you.”

“K.” The kid wiggled free, dropped to the floor and took off. “Come. Sit with me.” Christophe ordered.

Matt followed on bare feet against the smooth hard wood floors. When he got downstairs he found his brother Tyler sitting at the kitchen table with half of Walthour’s guards. The other half sat around the island on the counter height stools. Pam was busy cooking with Roger helping as she ordered him around.

Deep blue eyes, thin straight salt and pepper hair, and  creamy white skin, Pam blushed when she bid him good morning…so she had been the one to catch them last night in the kitchen.

Christophe took a seat next to Tyler and grinned up at him. “Hi.”

Tyler frowned a moment, then smiled. “Hi?”

“I’m Christophe.”

“I’m Tyler. Is that your mom?” He asked pointing to Pam.

“No. Grammy Pammy. Mom’s upstairs sleep.”

Tyler slowly looked up and locked eye with Matt. “Really?”

“Uh huh.”

“Matt, can I talk to you outside?” Tyler asked sounding so professional, Matt almost didn’t recognize him.

“Matt’s eating with me,” Christophe said turning his childish scowl toward Tyler.

“Yeah, I’m eating with him.” Matt parroted.

“He’ll be right back,” Tyler said, eyes still locked with Matt.

“Ok, but hurry. Pancakes aren’t good cold,” Christophe said as if the authority of pancakes.

Matt followed Tyler outside. They walked a bit until they were in the center of the wide, long yard.

“That’s Domenic’s son,” Tyler said as matter of fact, turning to face Matt.

“He’s mine now.”

“Fucking hell, Matt. If that man finds out there will be war,” Tyler said, not changing his blank expression.


“Bailey better no get-“

“Hell, Tyler…” Matt folded his arms over his chest. “Would you just admit you love me and don’t want me to get hurt.”

“Why?” His brother tilted his head as if confused. “That should be understood. It’s redundant for me to say it.”

Or course. Tyler logic. “As redundant as you telling me that you do everything for Bailey. Will you help or not?”

“Do I have to say that too? Because I’m not interested in wasting words.”

“Yes, asshole, you have to say it ’cause I don’t read minds.”

“You and your words. When have I not helped you?”

“Better question is when have I ever needed your help other than now?”

“Details.” Tyler sighed waving his hand dismissively. “Fine. Let’s see…” He grew quiet and nodded his head as his mind started working.

“Shouldn’t you ask me what I need help with? And maybe clue me in on what you’re thinking so I can fill in the details. Remember, not a mind reader.”

Tyler groaned, shoulders slumping. “I need you to hurry up and evolve so we can speed these conversations along.”

“Such an asshole.”

“A brilliant asshole. An asshole Bailey thoroughly enjoys. And an asshole that’s going to get you the girl.” Tyler smirked that smug smile and Matt wanted to put his fist in the guys face.

Then he remembered the one thing Tyler didn’t know about their father’s killer, and Matt smiled. “Okay, your lead.”

Tyler narrowed his gold eyes.

“Too easy?”

His brother nodded.

“Too bad.” Matt shrugged. “How do we protect my little boy from Ricci?”

“First, we can never tell Bailey I helped you.”

“Why is it Bailey tells you shit, but you never tell him anything regarding you evil plans?”

“Because he’d be pissed. More than pissed. And he’d punish me.” Tyler sulked.

“But he always forgives your sorry ass.”

“Because I’m pretty.”

“And annoying as hell when you don’t get sex.”

“That too. I want to meet her.”

“When she wakes up.”

Tyler watched him carefully. Matt wondered what that brain was calculating. “You don’t mind?”

“She already knows about you and Bailey.”

Tyler’s eyes widened. “You really like her.”

“I fucking asked you for help. Didn’t that clue you in, Genius?”

“And she’s okay with it?” He asked frowning. “Or was that the reason she left you?”

“No, I just told her that yesterday.”

He nodded then shook his head. “What am I missing?”

“It took some convincing.”

“Ah, you used the Matt words are my weapon mojo. Okay,” Tyler sighed almost accepting that as that. “It took mom years under your mojo, but not everyone is like… Wait is Domenic her cousin… brother?”

Matt laughed. Not Domenic. “Nope, though they did grow up together. She says he was like a brother to her.”

“Maybe that’s it.” Tyler frowned. “It even took Bailey more than a day to accept it, but maybe…”

“Tyler!” Matt snapped, distracting Tyler before the guy figured it out. Tyler was a problem solver, he’d worry something to death until he learned what interested him. “About our plan.”

And like that Tyler switched gears as Matt told him about Voronin, Ada, and Walthour.

“Wait…wait… You pulled all this shit off without me finding out?” Tyler ran his hand through his hair shocked.

“You were occupied with finding, Val, remember?”

“Yes, the she-devil gave me quiet the chase. And now that we’re here, her cover has probably been blown. Ricci could’ve followed us. And that…” Tyler pointed to the house awkwardly. “…child’s exposed.”

“That’s why I need you.”

“Matt!” Christophe yelled. “Pancakes hot!”

“Go eat. I’ll think and let you know.”

Matt just stared at Tyler.

Tyler blew out an exasperated breath. “I promise I won’t do anything without warning you first.”

“Or I tell Bailey and Gabe,” Matt said walking toward the kitchen and his breakfast buddy.

“I swear, they think you can do no wrong…if only they knew.”

“Then you’d never be with Bailey, or you’d have been killed by Mr. Walthour…and don’t forget all the times I convinced dad not to send you to boarding school,” Matt sang innocently. “And there was that time Bailey almost found out about how you purposefully set George up to catch you and him making out in the coat closet at his wedding. Should I also mention-” “I get it!” Tyler snapped before he mumbled, “Damn devil.”


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