The Wrong Type of Seduction

6 Matt Takes A Ride


6: Matt Takes A Ride

He had just finished practice with the orchestra he was supposed to perform with Sunday night, talking with some of the members on the sidewalk when he glimpsed her. He couldn’t believe his luck. It was just her donning a briefcase and wearing a sexy black business suit — fitted skirt just above the knees and the baby blue blouse under her blazer cut low and tempting. He had to run to catch up with her quick pace, clearly she’d been in a hurry.

She had called him a puppy — cute and innocent like he wanted her to believe. He couldn’t have her be threatened by him. His height and confidence often intimidated if he wasn’t careful. His intensity when it came to music often frightened those around him even his own musical peers. It was hard to hold back when he felt passionate about something. So he had to be careful not to let his intensity scare her off. He needed her to think she was safe around him.

Safety meant she had relaxed for him, laughing and flirting even when she tried not to. With her guard slipping it allowed him to move in closer. She had been so close to giving up her name. But she ran which meant she found him threatening on another level…could she see past his charm and feel his primal need to claim her?

Matt sat in the back of the cab and groaned wishing his hard-on wasn’t raging or he would have stopped her. But he could barely move without ruining himself. She wanted him. He saw it. She was as hot for him as he was for her.

But she ran. Some kind of fear had taken over… He was going to have to strip that from her…and her clothes. First, he needed her name.  He moaned in agony wanting to fist his dick just thinking about her.

“Hot ass, no?” The taxi driver asked in a Middle Eastern accent staring at him through the rear view.

“No looking at my ass, please,” Matt said claiming his fantasy’s backside for himself.

“Not your ass. I no look at your ass,” The man said sounding disgusted.

Matt sighed closing his eyes, letting the rest of the journey take him from Midtown through Brooklyn to the far side of Queens. He laughed realizing she probably lived nowhere near the address the cab driver parked. His fantasy looked like money, fine dining, and expensive clothes, not family brownstone. Though he wouldn’t mind if she did live here. Maybe he would stand a chance. No his fantasy screamed old money and nothing less than the best.

He got the cab driver to take him back to Midtown where he got out and went to his condo. Every place he saw her was in and around Manhattan which meant she either did all her business there or she lived there. Or both. He hoped both, because that narrowed his search field.

Matt never had a woman run from him. Women usually actively seduced him, but he was so absorbed with his music he normally brushed them off. And with his schedule now filled with the business aspects of music, Matt only had time for practice. But his fantasy might be worth taking more than a minute just to explore the possibilities. He was willing to chase her if she kept giving him those heated hooded looks. History said something about men being natural hunters, and Matt was starting to agree.

He jogged up the stairs to his condo’s gym on the second floor. It had a full yoga studio, exercise machines, and weights. There his physical trainer sat on the bench press watching one of the televisions mounted on the wall. When the door closed behind Matt, the trainer frowned, looking down at the time on his fitness watch. Though he didn’t say it, Matt knew he was probably trying to figure out when Matt had ever been late.


“My cab took a detour,” he said in explanation while taking off his shirt, heading to the changing room.

The guy just nodded his head understanding before they began Matt’s reps for the day.

Exercise was a kind of torture to Matt. The physical trainer had been a present from his mother, Bailey, and Cody two years ago, when his mother told him that to build up his stamina and maintain his health for the long rehearsals, recording sessions, and concerts, Matt needed to be in peak performance not just mentally, but physically. His hands might be precious, but so was the rest of him, according to her. Though he hated it, his mother was right, it helped him keep up his energy for his long days.

After his trainer destroyed him, he went straight down to his studio on the ground floor and proceeded to start the evening’s recording session.

The moment he walked into the control booth his sound tech, Aaron that he knew since high school pointed back toward the door and said, “I know your funky ass just came from PT and didn’t wash. Don’t grace us with your presence until you give mad respect to some soap and water, my man.”

Turning right back around, Matt went up to his condo, showered, dressed, and got right back to work.

He finished his recording session with the band that night and sat at the piano struck with inspiration just from the thought of his fantasy.

“Yo, Matt, you sleeping here tonight. Want me to lock up?” Aaron asked in the mic from the control room.

Matt only lifted his shoulder as he played a few keys, then jotted down the right notes on the music sheet. Picturing his fantasy gave him music to play by. The way she walked rhythmically provided him with a beat. The lilt of her accented voice enticed a melody of its own. Her laugh… What is your name?

He went to sleep on the floor by the piano dreaming of that melody. And woke abruptly to the sound of a fussing Cody.

“I swear… can’t you at least sleep on the couch in the other room. This is ridiculous.”

Matt stretched and sniffed. “You brought breakfast.”

“Yeah, cause Aaron said you’d be here all night. So I knew you wouldn’t wake until noon. You’d be hungry. Who knew you’d be sleep on the floor. Not cool. Up!”

He got up and followed his best friend to his condo upstairs. She had become a bit more snippy since she became pregnant. His medical mother said it was the hormones.

“Working on a new song?” She asked as Matt ate.

He only nodded enjoying the taste.

“Can’t wait to hear it. Bailey said call when you get a minute.”

Matt nodded again, stuffing his face with the saucy meatball sub.

“So tell me about this thing you’ve got with Alyssa Swan.”

Matt nearly choked. He beat his chest to help clear his airways. When he swallowed finally, he said, “What the hell?”

“That was my reaction when I got a call from Pete yesterday night. He and Sandra are doing damage control, but Alyssa posted on Twitter something about… Can’t wait for our date, Matty!” Cody said in a cheery voice that mocked the pop star.

“Fuck.” Matt groaned going back to his sandwich.

“You just can’t help but charm them can you?” Cody laughed brushing her hand over his hair, smoothing down his bed head.

He groaned. “She’s going to make this bad for me I just know it.”

“If it gets to that point, we’ll call in the big guns.”

Matt smirked. The big guns meant his brother Tyler. That one could ruin anyone’s day, and life.

When he finished eating he called Bailey.

“Hey Buddy.” His big brother answered. Bailey was the oldest of the three of them and the one to raise Matt when their mother and late father didn’t bother.

“Hey, you needed me to call?” Matt asked.

“You know I like to hear your voice to make sure you’re okay. Plus, you left some sheet music at my house. You coming back this way soon or do you want me to mail it?”

Matt cursed. He didn’t need it now, but he didn’t like it so far away. And how could he be so clumsy? Oh right, daydreaming about hot ass.

Bailey laughed when Matt didn’t answer. “Ok, I’ll mail it. So what are you up to today?”

“Interview. And a meeting with Sandra.”

“She still busting your ass?”

“Not so much. Pete on the other hand…”

“He’s doing what he’s paid to do.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“You’re doing good Matt. Keep it up.”

“Thanks.” Matt inwardly glowed from his brother’s approval.

“He was found on the floor sleep in his studio!” Cody yelled destroying the glow.

“Matt!” Bailey scolded.

He scowled at Cody who stuck out her tongue then grinned as Bailey chastised him for not taking better care of himself.

He loved his family.


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