The Wrong Type of Seduction

59 Val Surrenders All


59: Val Surrenders All

Val knew Matt had a thing for her posterior, he said so enough. But he never went further than playing with it during sex. And he never asked for more. Had he been waiting on her?

While Val had a horrific anal experience with Domenic because the miserable bitch only cared about his own pleasure, she knew it would be different with Matt. He cared about her more than anyone ever had. He made sure she always enjoyed their time together, never regretting a moment.

Amused by his eagerness to get upstairs, she snuck glances at him as he hurriedly helped her clean up the kitchen and the couch. They opened a few windows to air it out before they headed upstairs. When they got to Val’s room Matt frowned.

There on her bed lay her son sprawled like it was his, book still open.

“Please tell me he doesn’t sleep with you often.” Matt nearly groaned.

Val laughed. “He hasn’t slept with me since he was three. He only fell asleep here because he was reading to me and I fell asleep before I made him go to bed.”

Matt blew out a breath of relief making Val laugh harder.

“Are you and Christophe going to have issues?” She asked watching him carefully, hoping she wouldn’t have to choose between the two.

“No way. He’s an awesome kid. We both dig Chopin. We’ll work it out. I’ll see if I can negotiate a deal. He gets you Mondays and I get you the rest.”

“Good luck with that. He might be barely five, but he’s pretty shrewd.” She chuckled rolling her bundle toward her until she had him in her arms.

“I can be convincing.”

“That I don’t doubt. Just remember, Mr. Delarosa, that he’s the kid so he needs more attention than you do.”

Matt pouted. “But I’m only nineteen.”

“Now he plays the age card.” She chuckled leaving to put her son in bed.

When she got back, Matt was in the bathroom running water in the tub. They bathed together, Matt helping her with the preparations. His tenderness and affection made her melt all over for him.

They toweled off together, Val grabbed the lube from the counter drawer, and went into the bedroom. She was about to crawl on the bed on all fours, but Matt spun her until he had her in his arm kissing her to distraction. He walked them backward and laid her on her back on the sheets even as his lips continued to savor her.

He lay between her legs kissing her, slowly, sensually letting them get to know each other all over again. Val gasped when she felt him spear her pussy. She moaned with each long slow stroke, targeting her weakest parts. Then he stopped and lifted up. He took the bottle from her, popped the top on the lube, and squeezed some in his hand. She watched, panting, still impaled on him as he slicked those long digits up. Then he reached under her ass, spreading her cheeks and probing her tight ring of muscle.

She moaned against his touch and gasped when he began fucking her again, his index finger slipping into the flesh at her back. The intrusion sent her nerves on alert. Her body woke with a new hunger as her pussy gripped his cock every time his finger pushed further inside or he curled it.

M-Matt…” She whimpered clawing at his back wanting more, needing… “Matt!” His finger inched in and out as he practically sat her in his lap paying attention to the ass muscle, making it flex and stretch.

“I’ve had daydreams of being in you like this…” he breathed on her neck as he crawled deeper inside.

Uh, uhg,” she lifted her hips wanting his dick to move to- “Matt!” she dropped her head to his shoulder when he slipped two finger in. “Oh, oh…mmmm.”

“Too much?”

She shook her head no as she clinched around the fullness of him in her…so full. He felt wonderful and yet, she wanted him to thrust into her. She flexed her hips again, nearly going wild on his cock, fucking herself on him, then gasped when he lifted her up off him. “No…”

Shhhh…” he coaxed against her lips. “Turn around.” He ordered.

She nodded and turned her back to him. His hands smoothed over her back making her bend over. On hands and knees, ass in the air, Val felt Matt hovering behind her. She was so hot for him and ready to explode with anticipation. Yet, she braced herself for the pain, remembering how bad it had been before.

She felt his arm come around her waist until his other hand was playing at the valley of her sex. His long fingers dipped inside of her core almost at the same time she felt the head of his cock nudge at her taut entrance. She tensed up.

His fingers spread slowly into her moist depths distracting her with the pleasure as his cock tortuously pierced her. Her moan was low and long. He filled her front and back making it hard to breath. When his fingers curled inside of her, she growled a sound she never knew she could make. She sounded like some kind of animal. His thick cock continued to light fire inside of her ass, sending tingles of pain and pleasure through her like nothing she’d ever felt before even as his fingers curled into her g-spot. Her whole body sung and sparked, moisture collected in her eyes as they rolled.

Ahhhhh,” her mouth opened, drool pooling, mind numbing.

“Fuck, you feel….amazing” He growled into her back, body shaking as he seated himself in her fully, completely.

Tears leaked from her eyes. Amazing… was the first coherent thought she formed, followed by, fucking amazing. It felt too good. Too right. She’d never knew sensations so raw before.

Matt just stayed inside her, not moving as he held her around the waist with one arm and fucked her with his beautiful fingers on the other.

The creeping sensation of orgasm began to build inside Val in a way she’d never felt before. Then he began to move slowly out making her body shiver, then slowly back in. Val lost it. Stars flashed in her vision. She clamped her mouth shut before she screamed body bucking wildly at the most explosive orgasm she ever had. She collapsed on the bed, Matt still inside of her, holding her, surrounding her.

Fuck,” he finally said, body trembling along with hers.

For a long time they just lay holding each other, quaking together. She felt so spent and so satiated she wanted to…needed to… “Fuck me again.”

Without a word, Matt began to move inside her, lazily, tenderly, fucking her ass that was slightly sore and yet turning her on. His fingers continued to fill her as three of them curled inside seeking her sweet spot. He turned her carefully so they lay on their side, Matt fucking into her. She lay crying from the intensity and the complete ownership. “Oh, Matt…oh Matt… Oh…” She cried as she gave herself completely to him, letting him take over. Her mind went blank, utterly black except for the twinkle of stars behind her eyelids when she came again, cursing and professing she needed more, she wanted more. Her whole body hummed with a need she didn’t understand. Even while she was in pain, the pleasure of him inside of her, claiming her for himself, woke an understanding that gripped her heart and stole her breath.

She was made to serve him. Everything about her was made to please him. No matter how hard she tried to fight the compulsion to be her own woman, to stand without him, she knew in her soul, that she was placed on the Earth for this man and this man alone.

She cried and cried bitterly at the memories of years she wasted married to Domenic. She cried, wishing that Christophe was Matt’s son even if they already shared the same blood. She cried at the idea that she might not ever be able to think again without him. She was that far gone for Matt. Like he took everything from her and made it his…no… No. This was her conscious decision. She wanted him to have it. Gave it willingly. Because she trusted him to her bone. To the tiniest part of him, she trusted that he not only loved her, that he was as much hers as she was his.

“Val? Did I hurt you? Val, oh shit, what-“

“No…no…” Her heavy head looked up at the broad shoulders crowding her. She’d been crying so hard she didn’t realize he was no longer inside her but now shadowed her frantic. “You did nothing wrong. You did everything right,” she reached up weakly, cupped his chin, and kissed him, still crying. “Just…I’m sorry I left you,” she kissed him again. “I’m so sorry,” she said wrapping her arms around him. “Please forgive me…Please don’t hate me…” She whimpered wanting him to be inside of her again. She shivered with the fear he may one day leave her…throw her away like Domenic did.

“Shhhh, nothing to forgive…” He brushed her sweat drenched hair from her face. “I’m keeping you forever, or have you not figured it out yet?” Then he kissed her, a deep kiss that consumed her.

She knew she could never walk away from him again. Even as she had ran before, she contemplated going back. She warred with returning to him, face him and never tell him the truth about their father. She considered, over and over of never revealing what they really were and just sin. Let it be her secret alone, and let her die knowing she fucked her brother and she wanted to continue fucking him. Being away from him had been torture.

Though it tore at her knowing she was dragging him into her abyss, yet she couldn’t stop it. Like a black hole, it dragged them to an inevitable place where neither of them could escape. And she no longer wanted to.

When she finally found the strength to look up at him, those soul deep eye looked into hers and she saw all the love she had tried to deny before.

“Say it Val.” His smooth voice sensitized her already sensitive body. “Say what I’m seeing in your face, those eyes…tell me.”

“You’re mine.” She whispered. “You’re mine and I’m not letting you go. I’d kill for you.” His mouth brushed her, but she pulled back, “Matt, I’m serious,” she said breathless, “I’ll kill for you.” Christophe had been the only other soul she had ever vowed killing for out of emotions the moment he was born. Now she had two she’d kill and die for without hesitation, question, or orders.

He smiled the most adorable expression, making her hate those damn dimples. “I don’t doubt you would. But know I’d also kill for you.” He kissed her nose. “And don’t promise you’ll kill for me. Because right now there’s only one man I want dead. And I don’t want you to kill the father of our child.”

Val’s eyes widened. Did he just say… “Our?”

“He’s mine, too.”

She nodded. Yes, yes he was. She couldn’t think of a better father — caring, protective, sincere. Tears came down her cheeks again. She’d never cried so much in her life. She was a mess. 

Matt wrapped her in his arms, holding her as she cried, kissing her tears away. “And don’t worry about how we’ll explain everything to him. I’ll handle it. I can be pretty convincing.”

Val had to laugh at that. “I’m don’t doubt it.” She reach up for him, letting her arms circle his neck. “Damn seductress.”

He chuckled as he lay down. They curled into each other, intertwining almost like snakes.

Remembering his words, she sleepily said, “Don’t ever kill for me, Matt. You’re hands are for music. Not harm.”

He kissed her without so much as a response. He was trying to distract her.


His lips tenderly caressed hers.

“He’s Christophe’s father.” Val tried to pull away.

But he held her. “I’m Christophe’s father.” He whispered and suckled her lips.

She groaned giving in to him. How could she not? She would do anything for this man — her Matt.

“When do you have to be back?” She asked.

“When you come back with me.” His lips kissed along her jaw.

She nodded. “I’ll have to make arrangement for my son-“

“He can live with me. Do Pam and Roger watch him?”

“Roger goes back to London. Pam is his legal guardian if anything happens to me.”

“There is a place in my complex. A condo where Pam can have her own privacy. Bring them there.”


“Bring them.” He demanded. “Live with me.”

“It’s dangerous,” she said even as she nodded agreement. She wanted to be with her son and Matt. She was tire of hiding.

“Let me worry about the danger.” He kissed her.


“I should warn you,” he spoke against the corner of her mouth. “I brought handcuffs and several of Walthour’s people who have experience taking down threats more dangerous than you.”

“You’d drag me back by force!” Her voice raised, pulling away from him. 

He grabbed the back of her head and forced her nose again his. “In a fucking heartbeat. So if you fight me on this, I’m going to do some real illegal shit.”

Shocked by the dark tone and hard edge he took, she only nodded. Why was her treacherous pussy readying for him again when he just threatened to chain her?

She was that hopelessly gone for him.

Irrevocably in love with him.

“What happened to my adorable puppy?” She mumbled against his lips. “Woof,” was his only reply.


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