The Wrong Type of Seduction

58 Matt’s Roadblock


58: Matt’s Roadblock

One minute Val was panicking, poised to run. The next she was falling, hyperventilating. Matt squatted down to help her, but she had passed out before he could even tell her to breathe.

He knew it would be a shock, especially adding the fact that they too were related. What were the chances? Even Matt was trying to wrap his brain around the irony.

With his brothers, he grew up with them, saw the attraction and accepted it. But the others that had found out, their mother included, always became shocked. Matt expected that reaction. But Val would get over it. He’d make sure of it.

He carefully scooped her up and took her back to the house.

The willowy graying woman named Pam who has been watching them from the kitchen window fluttered up to him. “What happened?” she asked panicked.

“I shocked her with a bit of news… She just passed out. Where is her room?”

“Upstairs. Follow me,” Roger said getting up. As they walked, he kept looking back at him curiously, clearly amused. “So you’re the guy.”

“The guy?”

“The one who makes her sigh and daydream. You turned our evil genius in to a woman. She’s not so mean anymore,” Roger said with an amused accent.

“Val? Mean?”

“Nah, she’s not mean. I just call her that because nothing phases her. Until now. Good. She’s living. Even though she loves Christophe I feared that mask she always wore would harm the boy. Good kid. Smart as hell like his mother. Which is a relief cause his daddy’s an idiot.”


Roger opened the bedroom door and Matt entered the small space that only held a double bed and a dresser. It was simple, but didn’t remind him of his elegant Val at all.

He laid her on the plaid bedspread and sat beside her watching her breath.

“Call if you need anything,” Roger said leaving them alone.

Matt nodded never taking his eyes off her. It wasn’t long before she began to stir, and groan.

Those beautiful eyes fluttered open and look around. Then hazel/gold stared dead at him. She just stared. His sister. She was perfect. A mind almost like Tyler’s. Cunning almost like himself. And nerves of steel almost like Bailey. And yet, she had something none of them had. Boobs.

He smirked.


“You’re not running and screaming.”

She lowered her lashes and a blush slowly crept over her cheeks. “You’d just hunt me down. How did you find me? I’m damn good at hiding.”

“Yes, very good. Tyler had a hell of a time finding you. It was fucking amusing watching him curse you as he tried back channel after black market channel. He used your company, but too many dead ends lay there. Like you built in a trap to have him chase his tail.” Matt laughed. “He got horny as hell when he admitted you were a genius level escape artist.”

Her eyebrows rose, looking horrified. “But I’m his sister.”

“I haven’t told him. But even if I had it wouldn’t matter. He’d never do you, because he wants to keep Bailey.”

She visibly swallowed. “So they…are really…”


Her head bobbed and she swallowed again. “How can they…? Doesn’t it bother…?”

“It bothered Bailey at first. Tyler? Tyler doesn’t see the world like most. He loves Bailey, that’s all that matters.”

“And you’re fine with it?”

“Yeah. I don’t see the world like most either. Neither do you.” He smiled tenderly even as his mind worked to convince her. Even if it meant manipulating her. “Your mind sees emotions as having a place. You compartmentalize them as needed. I’ve seen it. I’ve also seen you love… your son. Me.” Matt watched as she closed her eyes and turned her head slightly away. “I want you in my life, Val. I won’t stop ambushing you. I won’t stop seducing you.”

Her face scrunched up as she sat up. “Matt-“

“Run, Val.” He leaned toward her. “I dare you.”

Val’s eyes locked with his. She licked her lips. The heat began to rise. He missed this feeling, this chemistry. He knew she felt it because the lust reflected in her eyes, the blush creeping up her neck told him everything he needed to know. He leaned in further. “Run, Val.” He challenged nearly moaning to touch her. “Do it.”

“How did you find me?” She asked breathy as her lips neared him.

Tyler got the only picture they could find of her — at the gala. And it was the only one where she wasn’t ducking from the camera. Then he used satellite images and waited days for her likeness to pop up. But Matt answered, “I’ll never tell, I might need to use it again to hunt you down.”

“Scary…” she said, lips nearly touching him.

“That’s Tyler.”



Val pushed him away looking panicked. “We can’t.”


Yes.” She answered.

“Mommy.” The boy sang knocking on the bedroom door.

Matt cursed, wishing he had more time. He had been so close. Just one kiss and she might have caved.

“Come in, Chris,” she said scooting away from Matt.

The door opened slowly before big hazel eyes that matched his mothers looked in grinning. “Hi!”

“Hi. Come on in. Say hi to Matt.”

“I just did.”


“Matt, want to play?”

“Play what?” Matt asked his newest roadblock.

The kid shrugged his tiny shoulders holding up an electronic device.

“Tell me your mother’s favorite color, and I’ll agree.”

“Mommy likes blue.”

Yes,” Forget roadblock, this kid was going to be his accomplice. Matt jumped to his feet.

“Matt.” Val warned.

“Rest woman, we men folk are going to play.” Matt followed the five-year-old out the room and began peppering the kid with questions. By the time he was finished shaping and molding the young mind, Christophe wouldn’t be able to live without Matt. It was shameless to use a child, but Matt would do whatever he had to do to keep her with him.

Christophe was amazingly bright. And cunning. Matt laughed inwardly as the kid tried to see how much of a servant he could make Matt. When Val never came down from her room, Christophe, fearing that his mother might sleep all day went up with a book to read to her. Great…a mama’s boy. There was nothing wrong with that, except he’d have to share, dammit.

The longer Val stayed in her room the more Matt figured she hid from him. He had her cornered and she knew it. His Val was probably trying to rationalize it all. Maybe she’d try to formulate a plan to ditch him. Or she’d try to tell herself it wasn’t healthy for her son. Matt would let her stew, but he’d make sure she came around. 

Tyler and his goons left Matt behind after Pam fed them all day. The group went to find a place to stay the night. His brother refused to leave Germany without Matt and Matt refused to leave without Val. 

They were at a stalemate. 

While Tyler knew that Val was the ex-wife of Domenic and the gangster wanted her back, Matt didn’t tell him about the sister part. Or the fact Val was the one to kill their father. He wanted Tyler to suffer longer trying to figure it out.

Matt laughed remembering how Tyler kept cursing all living existence when he continued hitting dead ends trying to find her.

“Ex-mob wife or not, there’s more to this woman. Has to be. What are you hiding, devil boy?” He had growled.

Evidently Walthour didn’t tell him about the assassin part either. Give his brother enough time and he’d figure it all out.

Pam allowed Matt to stay the night in the house, but he had to sleep downstairs on the couch because there were no other beds. Though he’d rather be sleeping with Val, he accepted it and thanked the sweet woman.

Roger, one of Val’s closest associates and a man who seemed a bit dubious but friendly, walked down the wood steps later that night as Matt lay on the comfortable sofa. Each of the guy’s heavy foot falls made the stairs creak. When he got to the living room he flipped on the lights.

“Oh, sorry, forgot you were down here.” He reached for the light switch.

“Leave it on, I’m not sleep anyway.”

The guy nodded. “Wanna share a drink with me then?

“No, I’m not of age yet.”

The guy paused. “No wonder she’s reluctant. That’s kind of a gap.”

That wasn’t why she was reluctant. At least not anymore.

“But Val’s pretty open minded about a lot of things so there must be more to it,” the man said disappearing into the kitchen.

Matt, hoping to take advantage of the guy’s talkative nature, threw the blanket off of himself and followed him.

“What’s she like? I mean when she’s working,” Matt asked leaning his hip against the kitchen’s island.

Roger pulled a beer from the fridge and frowned. “Hard to bloody say. Val is a woman of many masks. But few of them are genuine. When she has a tough client, she needles them, puts them more on edge to find their weakness before she strikes. When she has a easy client, she’s calm, straight to the point. At work, it’s hard to get her to focus on anything but work, because she has a goal, a purpose.”


He nodded fishing around in a draw. “To keep him safe and provided for.”

“Then why expose herself in New York?”

“That was a test.” He pulled out a bottle opener. “She needed to see if she could live openly and Domenic would leave her alone. She wanted to take Christophe with her if she succeeded. I guess that failed.”


“One good thing did come out of it though,” he said popping the top off the long neck brew.


“You.” He dropped the opener back in the drawer and slid it shut. “I’ve never seen her so happy. And pitiful. She cares for you. Deeply. I thought she’d never live for herself, ever. Before it was Domenic. Then Christophe. Now if only we could pull her head from her arse then maybe she’ll smile again.” He winked before taking a drink. “Hope you’re as stubborn as she is.”


“So I hear you’re some fancy pants musician. Tell me about that…”

Matt humored the guy with tales about his job until he noticed the guy’s eyes shift to something or someone over his shoulder.

Matt turned to see Val. She was wearing the same knit sweater and jeans that she had been in earlier which meant she fell asleep in them. He wasn’t used to her looking so casual. Then again the kid was new, too.

Without a word she went to the refrigerator and pulled out the leftovers from the food Pam had fixed.

“Pam was a bit upset that you didn’t eat with us,” Roger said watching her carefully.

“Pam could care less if I don’t eat with you guys.” She glanced up at him with a knowing expression.

“But she cares if you don’t eat. You’ve been doing that too much.”

“Roger.” Val sounded exasperated.

“Goodnight,” the guy said tossing his bottle in the trash.

Val went back to fixing herself a small plate of food, quietly. Ignoring him. Oh, hell no.

But Matt didn’t say anything. He was glad to be in the same room with her. And he wouldn’t move a muscle, fearing she’d run back into hiding. The thrill of the chase made his dick uncomfortable.

After warming her plate in the microwave she took it, a fork from the dish rack and sat at the island with him, two seats away.

He loved the way those slim fingers clutched the fork, how those plump lips opened to receive food, and how her jaw chewed. He missed her laugh, her smile. Her exasperated breathes when he crossed the line. The devious way she got back at him.

“No one has to know. We never go public.” Matt said low and calm, letting his words tempt her. “I never tell my brothers who you really are. Our secret. Just between us. A minor detail.” She continued eating as if he said nothing. But he kept his voice smooth and even, knowing she heard every word. “Set that little detail aside and it’s just you. And me. One man. One woman. Who love each other. Set that detail aside, like you set the details aside of the people you’ve killed.”

She paused mid bite.

“Set this minor detail aside, like you set aside the insignificant details of the people you eliminated who might have families that cared. That those people might have gone on to do great things, raised their own children, watched those children graduate-“

“Fuck you.” She slammed her fork down on the island’s counter. Angry eyes darted in his direction.

“You make it seem like my being your…whatever, means something.” He got up and leaned toward her, hands braced on the surface glaring at her, angry himself that she denied them. “I don’t give a fuck who I am to you outside of us being lovers. I don’t give a fuck what some blood test says. Society doesn’t get to dictate my fucking life. And since when did it dictate yours Miss High and Mighty Murderer?”

Her nostrils flared, fists balled, jaw clenched, and ready to strike.

Still Matt pushed. “Do you think you have the right to judge? Especially my brothers whose only crime’s that they love each other? You want to judge me for supporting them? And us? You want to be the judge on how we feel about each other? I get no say? I’m really just a little boy to you? Stupid? Naive?”

“I never said that you son of a bitch!” She hissed closing in on him.

“No?” Matt snapped, standing his ground. “But you want to judge? Who the hell died and made you the fucking authority of love when you married a motherfucking shit?”

“I didn’t have a choice!”

“Now you do and you’re running away! Coward. Fuck you, you fucking hypocrite?”

Matt had been prepared when her hand shot out. He moved just enough that her hand brushed his neck. Thank fuck she wasn’t as fast and strong as Cody. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him, using the other arm to wrap around her waist. Then he kissed her.

And she didn’t resist. Her other hand came up and wrapped around the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Their lips locked, teeth clicking as they desperately sought each other.

Matt ground his pelvis in her abdomen seeking, wanting to be inside her. She pulled her arm away from him and pulled back. “Unzip you bastard.”

Hell yeah. He unzipped his pants as she took her own off. She was lightning fast pushing them down, panties with them before she righted herself. Matt was lifting her, spreading her wide on the island counter and burying his dick in her before she changed her mind got away again.

“Oh! Yes!” She cried out, back arching. “Oh puppy, I’ve missed you.”

“About time,” Matt said snapping his hips into her wet heat. And how. They fucked and fucked until he swore he heard someone come up behind them and then run off. He hoped that wasn’t Christophe. But he was too busy to care. He had her up against the wall, kissing her when he last came.

“We tell no one.” She whispered. “No one. Ever.”

“Not even your brothers?”

She breathed body shaking, shivering as she clung to him as if she’d never let go. She better not.

“Let me… Let me get used to the idea. Let me get in my head good. And then we can tell them.”

He nodded nuzzling her neck. He shifted his weight, hands squeezing her ass closer to him. Her heat flexed around his shaft when he moved, walking them to the couch.

“Matt, we need to clean up. And get cleaned up.”

“Later,” he said, feeling himself grow inside of her with each step he took. She felt so good. So fucking right. Who the hell ever said it was wrong needed to be tortured.

“Matt!” She gasped when he began lifting her ass and lowering it on his cock.

“You left for over a month… I’ve been in so much pain, that sometimes I couldn’t eat. I could barely work. You owe me. So shut up. Because I’m claiming you. And shit, I’m going to make it so good you’ll never leave me again, and you’ll never think of any other stupid excuse that will separate us again. No more excuses. None. You love me. I love you. Period. That’s enough.”


“That’s enough.” He commanded in a tone that brooked no argument. She nodded against his shoulder silently, accepting his words as he lay her on the couch with him on-top.

He made love to her slow and easy, enjoying the feel of her fingers through his hair, her teeth on his collarbone, her breath in his ear. When they came he lay his head beside hers letting his mind catch up. “Do it,” she said lifting her face to meet his. There was something in her eyes that he didn’t understand. She was trying to tell him something but… “I have lube upstairs…” She whispered. And then the next words rocked his world. “Own me.”


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