The Wrong Type of Seduction

53 Val Sees Red


53: Val Sees Red

Eager to see Matt again that evening, Val went back to his condo that night hoping she wasn’t disturbing his work. Maybe she could just hang out in his condo until he was finished or maybe she should have called first. She chastised herself, wishing she knew what the proper etiquette was for a relationship.

Val knew something was wrong when she saw the groups of guards in the lobby and outside the condo patrolling the street. Maybe Walthour was just taking preventive measures?

But that thought changed when she met Matt at his studio that night. He was too awkward. He couldn’t meet her eyes for the first time since she met him. And Matt always held her gaze. Something happened.

During a break after hours of recording, Val grabbed Matt’s arm and dragged him to the lobby. “Domenic approached you didn’t he?”

“Its fine, Val.”

No, the hell it wasn’t. Val had never felt so much hatred in her life. She never felt like killing someone so much. “What did he say?”


“Never lie to me. What the fuck did he say, Matt?” She snarled and Matt’s eyes widened.

“He threatened my hands. And then there were the gunshots…”

“Gunshots!” Val lost it. She whirled around and walked out the building.


Stay with your guards.” She ordered him, marching down the street.

She’d known where Domenic was staying, she made a point to learn the moment he came into town, just in case. The snazzy hotel wasn’t five blocks from Matt’s own condo. She traveled up to his floor and demanded to his guard to let her in or she was going to have them all killed. And that was no bluff.

They let her in. As she marched up to Domenic who stood undressing in his bedroom, she pulled what looked like threads from the outer cloth of her flat purse. With threads between her fingers, she shoved each tiny needle into three pressure points in his neck before he could back up or defend himself.

He started wheezing, holding his throat in a sign of choking, eyes bulging, blood clotting in the sockets.

“Listen you son of a bitch. And listen good. Touch Matt. I’ll kill you. Slaughter you in front of the whole world and not give a damn. No more warnings. None.” Then she yanked the needles free and shoved then into his release points letting him collapse to the floor.

She was about to leave when she heard him say. “I knew you were a whore. But not just any whore. A slut that murders her father and sleeps with her brother.”

Val stopped. “What?” she asked staring around at the lavish room trying to grasp his words. “I must have hit the wrong points because you’re talking crazy!

“Not crazy. The truth. Radford…” He wheezed. “Travis Radford was your father.”

Val turned to Domenic heart racing with his words.

“My father was Alphonso De Luca of-“

Domenic laughed laying back on the floor holding his chest. “You were lied to. Your mother was married to Radford. She started having an affair with Alphonso, Radford’s second in command two years into their marriage. They ran away together making Radford furious. She was carrying you at the time. Tests proved you were Radford’s, but Alphonso wanted to raise you.”


“He said Radford wasn’t fit to be a father. He loved your mother and you as if you were his own. But the fool didn’t realize how crazy Radford was. You don’t leave Radford. He leaves you. So he hunted them. Killed them. He never knew you existed.”

Val covered her ears trying to block out his words.

“Radford is your father.” He yelled. “I sent you to kill him because I wanted you to suffer with the knowledge that you murdered you real blood. That was for cheating on me. Then I planned to let the information leak to his devoted followers so they could kill you. But I had to be careful and clever so they could never link it to me. And I had to make sure Walthour never found out.” He cursed and groaned taking a hard pull of air.

“You’re lying…”

“No…no… I never got to tell you because when I found out you were pregnant I knew you needed to die sooner… before you ran off like your whore mother did.”

“I never cheated you son of a bitch!” She screamed. “That was our child!”

Domenic’s face paled.

Val, sick with the knowledge of what she’d done…killed her real father…her…

Then the other truth slammed into her. Matt was her…

Feeling the walls closing in on her, Val reached for her mental training, partitioning her emotions, clearing the pain and debilitating anxiety so she could think rationally.

“Who else knows?” She asked standing on her own feet even as she wanted to scream on her knees with the knowledge.

“No one. It’s bad enough my wife is a slut. You’ve tarnished Ricci with your infidelity. The group will not wait much longer, Valeria. Come home.”

She walked away leaving the hotel room. Her body numb. Her mind dizzy with the truth. It sickened her.

She had gladly killed Radford, not knowing he was her father. She never knew… He never knew… And Matt. Oh, Matt…

Her heart ached for him, wanting to run to him, needing him to hold her. She could keep this. Never say a word. It had to be a lie. Had to be. She needed the truth.

Tears streamed down her face as she got on her phone. Domenic had to be lying…he had to be…


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