The Wrong Type of Seduction

52 Matt’s Darkness


52: Matt’s Darkness

Matt didn’t know when Val left, he’d been so excited by his new song that he forgot to check on her. But she left a note on the kitchen counter: I’m not running.

He smiled fingering the note. “Better not.” He got dressed and headed to the symphony hall were he would be performing with the New York Philharmonic in a month. He met with the orchestra conductor and the first chairs before they took him to meet the entire crew. They practiced for a few hours until they called it a day. Matt was on his way out the hall when he noticed a man in a suit sitting by the back auditorium door. He was alone.

Sucking up his hatred, he walked to the man, fisting his hands that had recently been threatened. The man wasn’t with his guards. Walthour’s guards had stayed outside the hall, so they might have stopped the man’s guards from entering. They probably also patted down the shit before they let him enter.

He glared down at Domenic who leaned back in his chair like a leisuring king. “I’m surprised they let criminals in.” Matt jabbed.

“He says while sleeping with another man’s wife.” Domenic sighed. The man stood buttoning his pricey suit jacket while looking Matt’s outfit over — khakis and a red polo shirt. The man shook his head in disgust. “I expected her to have better taste.”

“We can trade insults all day, mine will only get better, and you’ll only get mad and sulky. So let’s make this quick. Why are you here?”

The man made a sucking sound before he said, “Walk with me.” The shit turned to leave as if Matt was supposed to follow.

“Talk here,” Matt said not going anywhere. He liked Domenic without his goons around. It made the fucker look uncomfortable.

“Child, you test my-“

“You came to me. You’re on my time. Either talk or walk without me.”

Domenic glanced up at Matt, and he wasn’t sure what the man saw in his face, but the fucker didn’t look happy. Tough shit. Matt wasn’t happy either.

“Let’s make a deal,” Domenic said.

Matt remained silent as he looked down his nose at the asshole.

“You leave my wife. I’ll grant any wish you have.”

“You just contradicted yourself, because Val is my wish. We done?”

“We’re going on a date Saturday. I plan to win her back.”

Matt tapped his chin in mock thought, pretending he cared. “Not fucking likely. But good luck.” He turned to leave.

“Her fellatio, still the best? She always did suck cock better than any woman I’ve ever dated. But then again, I taught her everything about how to please-“

The son of a bitch never finished that statement. Like an outer body experience, Matt saw himself shove the man so hard he fell backward. Then, looking cool and calm, the young man sat on Domenic’s chest as he used the man’s own tie to strangle him.

Emotions of rage and some kind of evil began to catch up with his senses bring him to the present. Choking sounds, gurgling, struggling made Matt smile as the guy’s face turned purple.

Then hands grabbed him. Walthour’s guards pulled him off.

Domenic’s guards helped their boss up as he clawed at the tie around his neck.

His face changed to red once he pried the binding off. He coughed and gasped for air. His guards surrounded him forming a barricade between them.

Matt stared at the guy who fought to breath shaking his head. He looked at Matt with fear. Matt drank it in.

The man pointed at Matt, anger merging with the fear, “You will-“

“Watch your tone.” Matt warned wishing he had killed the fucker.

The man straightened himself and shoved his tie in one of his guard’s hands.

“Let’s go, Mr. Delarosa.” One of Walthour’s guards said, “You have an appointment with Mr. Walthour.”

Matt nodded even as he knew that appointment wasn’t on his calendar. Which meant Matt had probably screwed up and Walthour would reprimand him.

When they got outside, there were two limos at the curb. One had to be Domenic’s. When a man standing by the limo, opened the door for him, he knew Walthour was inside.

Matt got in.

He climbed in the back as the billionaire himself sat on the side with his laptop. Gabe was talking to someone on his bluetooth earpiece. “His tie, huh?” He looked over at Matt with amusement in his eyes.

“He mentioned Val… inappropriately,” Matt said itching to finish the job.

The man pressed the device on his ear. “I’d have done worse if it had been Cody mentioned.” Then the man rubbed his jaw. “But this might make him dangerous. Val can protect herself, you know.”

Matt tilted his head in consideration of his words. “I never doubted that. But I won’t have her disrespected.”

“Domenic has spent his life disrespecting her. When I would go to his fancy parties and dinners she was a perfect host. But he never said a kind word. If no one saw her as beautiful and elegant as she was, they would have thought he was talking about a dog. Or a whore he paid little for.”

Matt’s nostrils flared as he flexed his hands. She deserved so much better.

“Val would only laugh it off and look at him adoringly.” Then the man chuckled. “The only time I saw her be anything else, was when I flirted with her in front of Domenic. To piss him off,” Walthour said quickly when Matt scowled. “She flirted back, subtly, and just as classy. But I was one of few who could get away with it. She was property to him, and no one was allowed to touch his property without his permission.”

Matt nodded remembering how he had those who insulted him killed. “I’m surprised he didn’t have you killed. Was it because you knew about her abilities?”

“Yes, and I made sure he knew I knew so that if something should happen, my allies would destroy him.”

Matt sighed wishing he had that kind of power.

“I want to help you Matt. I do. But he’s legally married to her. And family…is not something you want to get inbetween with…certain groups.”

“Gangsters.” Matt understood he was talking mob families where once you were in, you were in. There was no going back.

“Another thing. Even though Italy is a little more lenient on incest, they aren’t all open minded and accepting.”

Matt closed his eyes and leaned his head back dreading the day he’d have to tell Val.

“But with that said, how would you like to join Bellini?”

Matt’s head shot up. “What?”

“Have I mentioned that you are my favorite of the brothers?” Walthour asked working on his laptop.

“Several times.”

“Because you are. Hard working. Fair minded. Smart. You stay out of trouble. Cody adores you. How would you like to join Bellini?”

“Huh? As what?” Matt asked, floored.

Walthour looked up at him and smiled a charming expression Matt never saw before. It scared him. “As my adopted son.”

Matt’s jaw dropped.

“Plus, they love you. Big fans.” He went back to his screen. “Give it a thought. It comes with plenty of protection.”

“Making me your son would mean… What about, Tyler?”

“He only gets my company.”

“But I’m just a musician.”

“I know,” he said as if it didn’t matter.

Matt blinked back his shock. “Why would you want me to join something I know nothing about?”

Walthour didn’t answer and Matt started adding up somethings. Val knew. She knew the business very well.

But she wanted away from the business. “Sir-“

“Give it some thought.” Walthour interrupted. “I have a date with Cody. Where would you like me to drop you?”

Head reeling from the information, Matt told the guy the address of his next appointment.

As he rode, considering the offer, his phone rang.

His brother Bailey. Since learning about Val, he called everyday to checkup on Matt.

Matt answered it, telling Bailey he couldn’t talk long since he was headed to work. Then they proceeded to talk about nothing until the car pulled up to the curb.

“So are you and Val-“

“We’re not having this conversation, Bailey,” Matt said into his phone as he jogged up the steps to the music company.

“Okay.” His brother blew out a breath. “Just be careful, Matt. There is something about her that sits wrong with me.”

Other than the fact she killed their father… “She’s apart of me now. No turning back.”

Bailey cursed. “Fine. I’ll deal with it. I’ll deal.”

“Thank you. I’m headed into my appointment so can we talk later?”


Matt hung up and walked into the meeting room with the artist he planned to record with that evening. He worked well into the night, but the night security came by and told them that they needed to lock up.

Matt grumped at the interruption. He wished he could do it at his studio, but the lawyers wanted him to do it on company grounds just in case something happened, that way Matt wouldn’t be held liable to the other talents.

He sighed wanting to see Val. He didn’t like that Domenic knew where she stayed. What if he tried to abduct her again? And then there was that fucking date. He really didn’t want her to go. He really wanted to kill the asshole.

What would she think about Walthour’s offer? And being married to that asshole, could she accept it? Was that why Gabe proposed it to Matt instead of her? Was there some kind of mob rule that Matt didn’t know about?

He was leaving the building, headed for the town car waiting for him with Walthour’s guards walking alongside him when loud shots were fired. Matt hit the ground, bag over his head. Another body jumped on him, covering him like a shield. He remembered a similar sound before. When his brother Bailey had been shot. The gunfire continued for several moments before dying off, a car peeling rubber to get away. Soon he was being lifted by the guards.

“Are you okay, sir?” they asked rushing him to the car.

Matt frowned, looking around and down at himself. Nothing had been hit. None of the guards were injured.

“Yeah.” Matt frowned buckling in his seat. He was on the phone with Mr. Walthour one minute later.

“Warning shots. He’s trying to scare you,” Walthour gritted out.

That shit just pissed Matt off. “Suggestions?”

“Lay low awhile.”

Matt’s schedule was too tight for that. “Any other suggestions.”

There was a deep chuckle on the other end. “And Cody complains I’m a workaholic. Look, Domenic is probably furious from the fact he nearly suffocated at the hands of a guy he under estimated. He’s pouting. Throwing a tantrum. Which can be dangerous because he’s not thinking clearly. He knows I’ll respond to this. Lay low.”

Matt groaned. “Yes, sir.”

“I’ll call you in a couple of days. Let me know if anything else comes up.” After the call, Matt was taken to his condo. More security had been assigned. He hated feeling like a prisoner, especially since Val was out there somewhere. He hadn’t told her about the threats or that he kept running into Domenic. He wanted to handle this himself because he didn’t want her fleeing to protect him. But she’d learn the truth now that the guards had tripled. Shit.


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