The Wrong Type of Seduction

51 Val’s Awakening


51: Val’s Awakening

Val woke the next morning feeling a headache from hell. She groaned remembering… a blur. She remembered talking to Matt. Wine, plenty of wine. She remembered part of the cab ride. Did she dry hump him?

Great. Not classy, Val.

She remembered…an orgasm. She had lots and lots of orgasms. His cock, his mouth, that tongue, those fingers… talented.

And words… What did she say? Did she embarrass herself? She hoped she didn’t propose marriage.

She looked around and found she was wrapped around a sleeping Matt whose hand was on her back. He was sitting up. Of course he was, how could he sleep comfortably with her arms around him like this, head in his lap. Why didn’t he just unravel her from him?

And why the hell was she wrapped around him? Because it feels right…

Head throbbing she went to the bathroom to find pain medicine.

“I wish I was different…” Memories of words trickled to her in echoes. “I wish I was perfect for you.”

She closed her eyes trying to shut out the memories. What had she said? Then she remembered his fierceness… so strong and brutal.

“You’re not trash! You’re mine. You’re my Val. Nothing about you is trash. You’re perfect to me. Ok?”

Val’s hands trembled with remembered excitement and fear… His anger clinched her core.

“I can be yours?”

“You’re already are.”

No! No! What the hell? She turned to leave, wanting to run, but he stood there. In the doorway. Looking at her like she were a rabbit. And he the wolf.

She opened her mouth to speak, to say that she was drunk…to offer an excuse. But she couldn’t speak as he just stared at her…waiting. His dark gaze warned her. Alarms went off in her head. Something had changed. She took a step back.

“I…I’m looking for pain…” Was she still trembling?

He moved in close and reached around her for the medicine cabinet. He pulled down a bottle and sat it in her hand gently, even as those normally kind eyes, now hard and penetrating, dared her to run.

She felt so small, so fragile under his gaze. And her body still shook. He was so close… Had he always been that tall?

“What else do you need?” He asked, deep and deadly. Something about it was alluring, and terrifying. Why was she still shaking? She could handle Matt, any man…


He scoffed. Then took the bottle, emptied out two in his hand and popped them into his mouth. Next he grabbed her hair, pulling it back. She nearly shouted from the pain. When her mouth opened to do just that, his came down over hers. His tongue silenced any sound. The pills slithered into her mouth, over her tongue, down her throat. She found herself swallowing, kissing, sucking, head aching, pussy throbbing… She groaned as he pushed her up on the sink counter. Her hands clawed at him for purchase. His dick was inside her an instant later and she was gasping from its unexpected intrusion.

“You were going to run again weren’t you?” He hammered into her.

All she could do was nod as she closed her eyes in pain. Her head hurt. Her heart ached. “Matt-“

“Fine. Go.” He pulled out and stepped back. His cock still rock hard from not having finished what he started.

Her body demanded he finish, her heart begged for his affection, even as her head screamed run!

“You want to run. Go.” He just stared…daring her.

She looked to the door. Her pulse hammered in her chest.


Was he…was he throwing her out?

This…this was for the best… She told herself even as tears began to cloud her vision. Hell, her head hurt.

“Go.” He demanded again and it made her want to cry.

She didn’t want to go. But… If she stayed…


Body still trembling, she did as he said, slid off the counter, and turned to the door even as every part of her warred to stay.

When her hand reached for the door frame, she found him instead, blocking her exit.

“But know. I will hunt you. So run. Fast and far.”

“I don’t want to run.” The words came out before she could stop herself and she was pulling him into her. “I want you. Please don’t throw me-“

“Never.” His lips claimed her while he repositioned her back on the sink, fucking into her like he was engraving himself on her womb. And he was. He owned her. She knew it. She might run. But no one…no one would ever own her except Matthew Delarosa.

When she came, she found herself screaming into his shoulder, head throbbing, body satiated, and heart crying. He held her as she came down from the high, but he said nothing. Her chatty puppy was so quiet. Too quiet.

They bathed silently together. Matt washed her hair massaging her scalp not asking her if he could, just doing it. He never said a word, nor she, as they lay against each other in his large jacuzzi tub — her between his legs back against his hard chest enjoying his strength and warmth.

Finally in her ear that heavy voice said low, “If you didn’t feel for me, Val…if I never saw how you react to me…how you care for me, I’d have let you go,” was all he said.

Pain stabbed at her heart. Even knowing she’d run, she always came back to him. She couldn’t stay away. Each time they parted it felt like she left pieces of herself behind with him. Eventually she would either brake or just give in. She might as well give in because he was right, she did care. More than cared.

After their bath, Matt gave her some clean shorts and one of his t-shirts to wear. Though they were too big, they had a draw string to wrap around her waist. He gave her shorts… Usually he only gave her a t-shirt so that she was walking around his apartment with her ass out. Was he not planning to mess around today? Yes, she was disappointed. Why deny her feelings anymore? He’d just force them out. Force her to face the truth. And that fucking turned her on.

Matt made her breakfast as she lay her aching head on his couch. He brought it to her when he was done — dry toast, feta, and scrambled eggs. He remembered.

“Don’t spoil me, puppy,” she said sitting up and taking the plate.

“You like it.” His eyes finally showed amusement and a relief washed over her. He wasn’t mad anymore. She wiped a single tear from her eye.

They ate watching the news, eating together. One story in particular stood out — Alyssa Swan, twenty-year-old pop idol, caught in pictures and video stumbling around at an exclusive club as if drunk raising questions about underage drinking or possible drugs. Val knew it had been the poison. Matt never said anything, but he peered over at her curiously.

Some time after breakfast, Val found herself getting sleepy so Matt draped a blanket over her and let her sleep on the couch. She woke later to find him at his computer frowning and jotting down something on paper. He had headphones covering his ears, that broad back facing her.

Music. He was working on his music. She watched mesmerized by how absorbed he was. Some times he leaned back in his chair and just listened. Other times he would play his long fingers in the air as if he was imagining the piano. A couple of times he mimicked a guitar or even a violin.

He was so talented. His future would be bright, stretching to all corners of the globe. And he wanted her in it? Why was he so determined to keep her? All they had was sex in common. And their taste in music. And mischief.

And he saw through her like no one ever did. He saw her, knew her dark past, and yet he wanted her. And she wanted him. No, she needed him. “You make me feel alive,” she said knowing he couldn’t hear her while he continued working.


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