The Wrong Type of Seduction

50 Riding Matt


50: Riding Matt

Matt groaned as Val mindlessly ground into his crotch simulating sex. If the cab driver wasn’t watching, he’d let her have his cock. But instead he held her hips as still as he could.

She began nibbling his ear, moaning softly, and he nearly came in his pants.

The usually ten minute drive took forever. When they got to his condo, he scooted to get out the cab with his fantasy still in his lap.

She held onto him for deal life. When they got out onto the side walk, she curled her legs around his waist and held on as she continued to suck on the skin of his neck, sparking his nerves. She had his cock so hard, he didn’t have the brain capacity to be furious that Domenic fucking touched her.

After the doorman let him into the building, he took her to his studio, closed the door, and then pushed her panties aside. “Val, loosen up, so I can get my cock out.”

“Yes, please.” She purred into his ear, loosening her legs around his waist. He unzipped, pulled out his dick, and before he could point it in the right direction she was taking the lead, impaling herself on it. “Oh, Puppy, you fill me so good.” She cooed into his ear. “So long…perfect… Domenic never satisfied me like this. I love the feel…”

She was a chatty drunk. Matt held her as she bounced up and down on him enjoying herself.

Her words got dirtier and filthier making him both embarrassed and raging to hammer away at his own speed. But he let her take what she needed while he carefully sat them on the couch. She placed her feet on both sides of him onto the seat cushions and began the real work. Beautiful leg’s pumping, ass slapping down, hands gripping the back of the couch as she cooed his name. “Matt…Matt…so good…”

At that moment, Matt was her sex slave, letting her pleasure herself on him. And she used him hard. He came twice before she came. But she wasn’t done. 

She kissed the hell out of him –standing over him on the couch, her lips devoured him, tongue licking the inside of his mouth. Then she lifted her head and looked down at him like he was her servant. She lifted one leg to position the foot over his shoulder on the back of the couch lining him up perfectly with a view of her sex. Her hand grabbed his hair and she demanded, “Lick it.”

“Yes, ma’am,” He grabbed her ass and pushed her into his face, burying his tongue in her.

“Oh…puppy… you have the best tongue…” She gyrated her clit into his nose while he licked her opening and dove in. 

His cock was ridged painful again. He moved slightly to suck on her nub and she jerked. 

“Right there… ah…” 

He sucked harder on the budding flesh and she got noisier, making his cock weep. 

“Yes, yes, yes!” She began panting his name, grinding her hips, spurring him on. “Suck it… yes…suck it puppy…” 

Taking one hand plastered on her ass, he slid it deeper into the crack of her cheeks. His long finger began probing the tight little hole, flexing the muscle and slowly inserted a digit carefully since he didn’t have lube. She curled her body over his head. “Oh, yes! Fucking…yeeeees…” Her body began trembling uncontrollably, making his cock explode again.

When she came, Matt found her juices leaking into his mouth.

Her body jerked in his hands. She held onto his head, petting him like a dog.

Then she dropped onto his crotch, nearly bending his dick. He growled low in pain.

“Oh, no, no. Sorry,” she said patting his shoulder, getting off his lap. She bent down to inspect his crotch. “Oh no. So sorry,” she said to his dick before blowing it with air. Then she began to lick. “I’ll make it better.”

And did she!

She lapped up the fluid already coating it like she was licking ice cream. She moaned her enjoyment shaking her wonderful ass to and fro happily. Her tongue swirled around the tip and Matt fought to keep from coming even as it still throbbed in pain. That evil tongue slid up the underside and Matt groaned in ecstasy. 

“I love…” she kissed and nibbled. Licked and then she sucked. Her mouth descending his shaft cocooning him in liquid heat. Then she sucked. Fucking ecstasy. He reached out to tuck her hair behind her ears so he could watch her take him all. 

The wet warmth of her mouth combined with the suction had Matt cursing, rolling his head back. The pull increased making his brain spark. “Val, oh shit!” Matt’s eyes rolled to the back of his head when he came. 

She swallowed every drop. Then like she just had a good meal she crawled back up in his lap and licked her lips. “I love your taste…bittersweet.” She leaned her forehead against him. “I wish I had met you first. I wish…” She closed her eyes, their noses touched. “I wish I was different. And you… you’re perfect. Smart, devious, strong, talented, wonderful… I wish I was perfect for you.”

“You are,” Matt said, kissing her, tasting himself on her. And she opened to him, tongues mingling.

Then she pulled back. “I want to be… I want to be perfect for you.” A tear escaped her eye. “But I’m used up and… Thrown away. Nobody wants trash.”

“You’re not trash!” Matt barked and she winced. Even he was surprised by the force of his own voice. “You’re mine. You’re my Val. Nothing about you is trash. You’re perfect to me. Ok?”

She nodded and nearly whispered, “I can be yours?”

“You already are.”

Then she kissed him, slow, tenderly, lovingly, and he wished like hell she wasn’t drunk.

He held her close as she nuzzled his neck. And for the hundredth time he wanted to kill Domenic.

When Val drifted off, Matt straightened up their clothes and got the guards to hold the doors open for him. Then he carried her up to his condo with the guards opening the doors and operating the elevator. He was kind of glad she was drunk and hadn’t noticed them around.

 He laid her in his bed and watched her sleep as he smoothed his hand over her hair.


“Yes?” He answered her sleepy call.

But she never answered and Matt looked down to find her still sleeping, snuggled under the covers. She said his name in her sleep. Yep, he owned her, and she him. Now if only he could make her say it when she wasn’t drunk.

And what to do about that shit Domenic…

Matt ordered himself some dinner and had the pizza delivered. He ate as he wrote down more bars of music that danced in his head.

Finished with his pizza, he took his work with him and sat beside Val in bed as he worked. It wasn’t five minutes before she was rolling over toward him. A sleepy eye opened to look up at him. Then she scooted toward him and wrapped her arms around his waist, cuddling into him. He watched as she smiled content, before that smile faded with slumber. He just stared amazed. Usually it was him clinging to her. But now… He didn’t usually like clingy women, but this he liked. He liked a lot.

His fingers reached out and smoothed those waves of mahogany hair down before his touch followed the outline of her ear. His hand moved to her jaw and trailed down her delicate neck. What do I have to do, Val…tell me…

Finding more words for his music, he jotted the notes down as he heard them in his head. He went to sleep late into the night leaned back against the headboard, wishing again she hadn’t been drunk. 

Time to stop being nice and show her what she really wanted.


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