The Wrong Type of Seduction

5 Val Hails a Cab


One week and three days later…

Val’s client that afternoon was a man she’d only done business with over the phone until now. Mr. Jean Weber looked to revamp his image and become more appealing to his customers. With the man’s recent divorce, he found himself taking on more of the customer service aspects of his restaurant business that his ex-wife vacated. And after their first talk over the phone, she understood why the woman had left him — he had no respect for women. He reminded Val of her own ex.

While she didn’t like the man’s chauvinist attitude toward woman, she would use it. She kept her legs crossed at the knee so that he got a good view and leaned forward often so he could see her cleavage.

Despite the man being a pain, she loved his restaurant. It had one of the biggest wine cellars in the city. And it was beautiful. It had an Old World Byzantine design with mosaic motifs adorning the walls, tables, and columns. Truly vivid, tasteful, and probably designed by his wife.

After she explained the basics of being a charming host without being overly flattering, she explained how he could use his extensive wine collection to entertain guests. Because she grew up on a vineyard, Val knew wines. She missed the views of the rows and rows of grapes. She missed the wine making process, the tasting, the testing, and the workers who made her laugh.

The art of wine is like growing old. If made and aged in the right conditions, it can be beautiful and produce wonderful memories,” her father once said. Val wished she held such wonderful memories of her marriage.

When they went through his selection he asked her several times to climb up the ladder to reach some of the more expensive bottles because he was far too old to be up there. Of course he just wanted to peak under her skirt. Pervert.

“When you present this Cabernet Sauvignon, make sure that it is to wine newbies because it is popular to those wishing to break into wine research.” She poured the man a glass as he just stared at her, chin on his hand, elbow on the table.

“I love your accent.” The older man said grinning at her. “Where are you from?”

“France.” She lied, corking the bottle.

“Mmmm…” He sat up and took the glass. He swirled it a bit. “No wonder you know so much about wines.”

“Not all French know about wines,” she said, laughing flirtatiously.

“No, just the sexy ones.” He winked taking a drink.

She continued to pour explaining to the man the importance of a sommelier to entertain his wine connessuers.

The man laughed. “I had one, but the bitch ran off with half my money.”

Oh, his wife. And she probably got tired of him flirting with every skirt that passed him.

“Why don’t you come, join me?” He leered at her.

“You can’t afford me.” She handed him another glass. His fingers brushed against her, taking the offering.

“True. I can barely afford you now.”

Val checked her watch and noted the time. She only had ten more minutes before she had to head to her next appointment.

“Is it that time already? It seems to have flown by.” He stood finishing his glass. “Or maybe it’s the company.”

“Maybe,” She smiled wanting to gag. “You have ten minutes if you want to ask me any questions.”

“Can we have dinner later?”

She chuckled. “I’m sorry but I don’t date. Especially clients. Now do you have any questions about anything I get paid to answer?”

“But I want to know more about you.”

“Then you can make another appointment and schedule another consultation.”

He groaned putting the glass down on the table. “And here I thought we had a good vibe going. It was all about money. Just like a woman.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way,” she said, packing up her laptop case. He had nerve to say she was only after his money when he hired her to consult. Money was a given. “Remember, if you want to appear more approachable, don’t frown and keep your suit jacket unbuttoned or just remove it.”

She left him with a smile and walked outside to catch a cab. She headed to the main street and paused when she saw a group of men talking. They were a striking group in casual attire, two of whom carried music instrument cases.

One of those men looked suspiciously like Matthew Delarosa. Even at that distance he looked good. Tall, strong, and…

What was she doing? She turned away and began walking to put distance between them. It wasn’t long before she felt someone coming up behind her fast. Heavy foot falls caught her ear. She had a bad feeling…

“Hi,” Matt said slowing to walk slightly in front of her and looking into her face. Panting, he asked, “Remember me?”

How could she forget? He was too eye catching. “Of course. You’re famous.”

His lips twisted in a half smile, clearly not liking how she identified him as famous and nothing else. Cute.

“Yeah, yeah, but I gave you my number the other day. You never called.” He sighed.

“I swear you look like a puppy that’s been scolded. Have you never been turned down before?”

He laughed. “I can’t recall. Have you?”

“Yes,” she said honestly.

He gasped. “Who would dare? You’re gorgeous and sexy and-“

She sighed not wanting to talk about her ex husband.

“Sorry.” Matt blushed. “I just… I’ve never met a woman like you.”

“You barely know me.”

“And who’s fault is that?”

“Mine. I’m proud of it,” She said lifting her chin.

He laughed. “Even your arrogance is sexy.”

“Glad you noticed.” She batted her eyelashes at him playfully. No, she shouldn’t be flirting with him.

“So can I get your name?”


“But why? Isn’t it obvious this is destiny. We keep running into each other.”

“Or you’re stalking me.”

“I wish. I mean I really wish I could stalk you. If my schedule weren’t a beast, and my brother wouldn’t kill me, and my manager wouldn’t hound me-“

“Look, Matthew-“

“Matt. Please, please call me Matt or-“

“Matty, I remember. But I don’t want to call you something so… familiar. I don’t date. Especially puppies.”

“Puppies?” Matt frowned.

“You young man are an eager little puppy. Every time we meet, you’re practically panting and waging your tail.”

He opened his mouth with a frown and she expected him to argue, but instead he nodded. “I am eager and panting. If I had a tail, it’d probably be waging or begging for a date.”

She laughed caught completely off guard by his honesty.

Please give me your name.”

Val turned to the street and looked to see a cab coming. She waved for it.

“Please, this puppy isn’t too proud to beg.”

“Don’t embarrass yourself. It won’t work.”

“What will?”

“Goodbye, puppy,” she said getting into the cab that stopped. She reached for the door to close it but was pushed aside and Matt was crowding her. “What are you doing?” She balked.

“Stalking you. So where are we going?” He looked at her with those pretty eyes and thick long lashes that should be illegal on such a masculine handsome face. “Like what you see,” he said low when she stared too long.

Unfortunately, yes… “No, I’m trying to figure out how best to get rid of you.”

“Where you going?” The cab driver shouted.

“Answer the man,” Matt said sounding more demanding and less like his youth.

She rattled off an address across town. The cab began to move.

She turned away from him, feeling very uncomfortable about being so close to him. What was it about him? He stirred things in her she thought were long dead. Was it his youth? Those penetrating eyes? The dimples? That hard body?

Her hair was pushed back behind her ear and she shiver, “Don’t do that.” She whispered trying to slow her breathing that sped up.

“Okay,” His voice was so close to her ear. “Tell me your name.” He demanded and she nearly found herself speaking, betraying herself. Instead she swallowed her voice and closed her eyes as his nearness did things to her panties she cursed him for. How was she supposed to go to her next appointment like this?

His nearness, his heat had her turning to look at him. They were inches apart, noses nearly touching. She thought she had been leaning away from him, but she was actually leaning against him. And he against her. Like a damn couple. What the hell?

She swallowed and turned away from him. His hand came out and took her chin pulling her to look at him.

“I want your name.” His words touched her lips and she closed her eyes anticipating his kiss. Her body ached from just the touch of his hand. They breathed each others air, lips so close…

She opened her mouth wider… “Stop here!” She demanded prying herself away from him.

When the cab screeched to a stop, she jumped out and closed the door. Then she jogged to the bus that stopped three cars behind and got on. She couldn’t believe she was running away. She never ran, from anything or anyone. Not even her ex… What the hell?

She paid her fare as she noticed Matt never got out of the cab. It pulled off. And she felt a slight disappointment that he didn’t come after her.


No. No. This was right. She couldn’t afford this distraction.


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