The Wrong Type of Seduction

44 Matt And The Room


44: Matt And The Room

Matt watched his fantasy ride away in the back of the cab and itched to follow her. But he was happy. She let him spoil her today. She held his hand in public. She whispered in his ear. It wouldn’t be too much longer.

Now all he needed to do was get her to accept his family. And then the world would be perfect.

But nothing was ever that simple.

Matt got home late that night and was grateful that Val wasn’t with him. His brothers were on his couch making out. Matt had seen it so many times it didn’t freak him out. It never had. But Val might be a little shocked.

Okay, a lot shocked.

Bailey and Tyler even looked a lot alike. Both had the brown hair, gold eyes, gold skin, and nearly the same height. Bailey was more bulk muscle and Tyler more sinew. Matt was the odd one. He had the same brown hair and gold skin, but he had his mother’s brown eyes. And he was the tallest. He and Bailey had their mother’s dimples. Bailey said he and Tyler both had the same shaped eyes, while Bailey’s were more piercing.

“Where were you earlier?” Bailey asked pulling from Tyler when he heard the door shut. “I wanted to hang out with you since I knew you had the evening free.”

“Sorry, something came up.”

“Something like what?” Tyler asked peering over the couch at him, watching.

He didn’t make a habit of lying to his brothers. So instead of answering, Matt said, “I’m going to bed, so keep it down if you two are going to fuck all night. Or I’m kicking you out.” And he would, too. His condo. His rules.

“Yes, sir.” Bailey said.

“Killjoy.” Tyler replied.

Matt kicked off his shoes, pulled of his clothes, and got a shower thinking of how he had nearly a whole week of no sex. That wouldn’t do. Yeah, before he could go a month…months with it. But now his dick craved Val. He quickly finished his shower and called his fantasy.

“I want sex,” he said when she answered and she fell out laughing. He loved that sexy sound.

“Goodnight, Matt. Sweet dreams.” She hung up.

And Matt was hard. That heady voice… He moved his hand down to his cock and slowly began to stroke getting back on the phone.


“I need to hear your voice.” He breathed into the phone.

She was quiet for a second before she asked huskily, “How close are you?”

“Talk to me…”

“I’m not wearing panties.”

“Shit…” He fisted himself faster. “Are you naked?”

“In a second…yes…now my body is heating from hearing your smooth voice.” Her voice lowered into a sensual caress. “My hands are traveling down…down…”

He moaned, grip tightening.

“Mmmm… My fingers are sliding up my cunt…I’m so wet.” She nearly whispered.

“…I want you…”

“My clit’s so hard right now. I’m rubbing it.” She moaned. “Stroking…”


Matt…?” Her breathing hitched. “I want you, inside me…”

“Slide your fingers inside…imagine its me.”

She moaned and Matt angled his hips to thrust his hips as he pumped.

Matt… I need more… I need…” Her breathy, orgasmic voice made him cum, semen splattering his torso.

“Pinch your nipples,” he ordered still massaging his softening throbbing dick.


“Are you doing it?”

“I am…”

“Stroke your clit…”


“Faster, feel it… feel me…”

She moaned. “Oh Matt I want your hot thick cock inside… I want to taste it.”

When she groaned in his ear, long and low, Matt was hard again, and pumping.

“Oh, it wasn’t enough. Damn…Matt…” She whimpered his name.

“Tell me you want me there.” He demanded. “Tell me.”

“Ritz Carlton, room twenty-two ten. Hurry.”

Wai…what… Was that her address?

Matt didn’t stop to think. Though hard, he wiped down, dressed, and flew out his bedroom door feeling the uncomfortable throb against his pants.

“Matt?” Bailey called to him.

“Goodnight!” He yelled back before running out the door. He opened his Uber app while he waited for the elevator. By the time the elevator came and hit the bottom floor he was outside and getting in the car waiting for him. In less than five, he was pulling up to the hotel and pressing the button for the elevator.

Please don’t let this be an evil prank. Please let this be real. Please.

He chanted in his head all the way up to the twenty-second floor. When he got off he jogged to room two-two-ten and knocked.

The door flew open instantly as if she were waiting on him. Naked as the day she was born. Fuck. 

She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him inside.

Oh, hell yeah. He was in.

He didn’t remember shutting the door, maybe she did. All he remembered was her helping him rip clothes off so they were skin against skin. They made it to the couch inside of the suite before she was on him, slapping that beautiful ass down on him and kissing him like he was her air.

They moaned into each other’s mouth, both coming together, his cock enjoying every rippling sensation of her orgasmic pussy.

They breathed as if they ran a marathon as their sweaty foreheads touched.

“What’s our record in one night?” Matt asked, before he kissed her cheek, her jaw.


“Want to try for seven?” He asked hands palming her ass to hold her as he moved to stand.

“I think we can do eight.” She licked his lips, eyes staring into his, daring him.

His dick twitched to life. He never made it off the couch as he flipped them over and pushed her backside into the cushions before plowing deep inside hot wet flesh. “Challenge…accepted.”


Morning came with Val in his arms, the way it should always be. She lay with one naked leg curled over him in a position that was damn near possessive. Was his sexy fantasy laying claim? He hoped so.

Looking at the time, he sighed. He had to go. Meeting with his manager.

“Val,” he said slapping her shapely ass.

Her body jerked head snapping up in a wicked scowl, hair beautifully mussed. “What?” She nearly growled making his dick wake up hungry.

“I want my goodbye kiss before I go.”

Then she bit him right on his bottom lip. Fuck his dick was getting harder. She wiggled her ass over his cock, teasing him.

Then she was up and off the bed going to the bathroom, swaying those hips.

“You’re just going to leave me like this?”

“You slapped me awake. Deal with it,” she said closing the door.

He laid his head back on the pillow, laughing. He loved her. 

Getting up, he went into the bathroom and got into the shower with her. They washed each other, rinsed, and Matt got to choose her outfit for the day before they traveled down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

“How long have you lived here?” He looked around the hotel.

“Three months. Still deciding where to move… and if I should move into the city.”

“Move in with me.”

She didn’t even acknowledge she heard him as she continued eating. He knew better than to hope, but an out and out rejection would have hurt less than her ignoring him.

“Plans for today?” He asked before downing his milk.

She shrugged biting into her toast. “You?”

“Meeting with my manager and Aaron so we can work on the new stuff… Want to join me?”

She took a deep breath and said, “I have a meeting, too.”

“Really? Work? Or work?”

“A potential new connection.” Was her only answer.

“On a Saturday?”

She nodded. “He travels a lot, so this is his only time to meet.” She took another bite of toast, those hazel eyes studying him.

“Can we meet up later?”

“Maybe tomorrow.”

“I’ll take it. Unless you want me for another booty call.”

Val giggled pinching her lips to contain it.

A hotel worker came up to them holding a small white box. “Mrs. Braun. I’m sorry to interrupt, but a package came for you yesterday.”

That cheerful smile died putting Matt on alert. Val took the small box with grace and thanked the man. Once he was gone Val dumped the thing on the table with a frown.

Matt picked it up. “May I?”

“Throw it away when you’re done.” Val demanded in an icy tone. He never wanted to be on the receiving end of that voice.

Matt carefully opened the box. Inside was a smaller velvet box. Jewelry box.

“Gold necklace from Bulgari. He never had imagination.”

Sure enough, on the inside of the box there was a certificate of authentication with a beautifully polished gold necklace.

“He gets them for his…women…whoever he is seducing at the time. It’s his usual song and dance. I saw him do it several times with the many women he brought to the house. They loved it. I had wanted that attention at one time. Now I wish he’d choke on it.”

So did Matt. “Can I pawn it? Donate the money to the foundation.”

Val glanced at him perplexed. “That would be perfect.” Then she smiled again. “I should want you far from this, from him. But…” She tilted her head to the side and just stared at him. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Woohoo!” Matt cheered standing from the table. “Finally!”

She covered her blushing face. “Sit down!”

He did, grinning. “Can I hear it again?”

“Never. Again.”


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