The Wrong Type of Seduction

42 Matt’s Broken Promise


42: Matt’s Broken Promise

Matt had called Val Monday apologizing for missing the end of the gala on her voicemail.

She never replied.

He called twice on Tuesday.


Same nothing on Wednesday.

By Thursday Matt was pacing in his studio wishing he had stalked her properly so he knew where she lived.

It didn’t help that Pete and Sandra wanted to meet him about his least favorite subject. Standing in the lounge, he read the screen of Pete’s phone. It was a Twitter feed that only Pete updated.

TheAlyssaSwan: Matt, sorry I missed your charity event…but you could’ve told me about it. I would’ve tried to make it.

MattyEqualsMusic: Sorry Alyssa, my schedule is flooded. Have a lot on my mind because of it.

TheAlyssaSwan: No room for me? Sad face…

MattyEqualsMusic: I’m sorry. Don’t want to hold you up if you have a more interesting guy than this workaholic.

TheAlyssaSwan: I don’t mind the wait… My schedule is pretty busy too so I totally understand. I look forward to it!

“Why the hell is she so damn determined?” Matt snapped after reading it.

“Her determination is what has made her so successful, Matt. You should understand that,” Pete said.

“Yeah, but why the hell is that determination aimed at me instead of her music?

“Because her career is at a plateau. She’s not going up in popularity but she’s not going down either, so she needs something that will boost her. It’s not about dating you. It’s about creating something for people to talk about. Gossip.” Sandra explained sitting on one side of the room.

Matt nodded understanding. “For her this is business,” he said handing Pete back his phone,.

“Her career was built off songs from her personal life. And most celebrities can tell you, personal drama can make or break you. If she can spin it to make herself look good, she will.”

“Why couldn’t she pick a target who isn’t so new to the genre?” Matt asked.

“Because like you said before, she might see you as a potential threat. You’re young, you’re good looking-“

“Fucking hot.” Pete corrected checking something on his phone. 

Sandra rolled her eyes. “You’re talented, and you’ve already got a huge following in the middle age and older demographic. When you explode on the pop scene, and you will explode, the young girls flock to you. Those are Alyssa’s demographics.” 

“Its not like they can’t listen to both our music.”

Pete laughed. “You don’t get it. You’ll not only have the older crowd, but the younger crowd too. You’ll have dominated the music world has a whole, because pop is like a gateway to all other genres. Trust me, she’s not the only one who see’s you as a threat. DJ Cold Rage probably see’s you as one, but instead of making you an enemy, he’s making you an ally.”

Matt had considered that, even as Aaron also pointed it out to him during one of their recording sessions.

“He’s probably right.” Sandra sighed. “You’ve been able to keep Alyssa at limbo, but the waiting game won’t last long. If we don’t find her another victim, you’ll end up road kill.”

“Unless we can somehow benefit from this drama.” Pete added leaning forward in a cushioned armed chair scrolling through his phone.

“The problem is her popularity.” Matt marched back and forth between the two. “She has an army of followers and fans that think the sun shines from her ass. Even if she looks bad, they won’t just turn their back on her, they’ll think someone is lying and demonizing her. Some people only see what they want to see, even when the truth is staring them in the face. And that demographic you think might follow me, might instead spread the hate.” Strategically, he could see the pop star’s downfall being something of her own making, but it would be a slow decline, taking years. The inability to age gracefully and accept when to retire would be her undoing.

“So what should we do?” Pete asked finally looking up from his device.

“Keep my schedule packed. And see if you can smuggle a copy of her schedule so we can make sure I never have free time the same time she does.”

“When do you have free time?” Pete asked with his eyebrow cocked.

Sandra nodded, bewilderment splashed across her face.

Matt thought about Val and smiled. “Those times between each appointment and recording session when I’m not practicing and composing.”

Pete opened his leather planner and began flipping pages. “When you sleep…and twenty minutes between appointments…and the only time you take off is for practice, composing, and your brother’s games.” His mop head jerked up in a scowl.

“And let’s keep it that way,” Sandra said with Matt agreeing.

They were officially playing the waiting game to see who could out last the other. Matt hoped he turn into a passing thought until the next victim.

Because of their visit and the fact Val still hadn’t called him back, that evening his recording session had been shit due to lack of focus.

Friday morning, he went to her volunteer job praying she was there. He walked into the reception area and found several bouquets of beautiful flowers lining the receptionist’s desk.

“Matt! Hi!” Tina grinned from ear to ear.

“Hey Tina. Admirer?”

“Nope, they…” Her pretty eyes looked around as if uncertain. “Um…”

Matt frowned watching her hesitate, trouble crossing her cherub face.

“Didn’t they…come from you?” She finally asked.

What the fuck? “No, I didn’t send flowers. Should I have?” He asked jokingly even as something evil twisted inside him. What. The. Fuck…

“Um, let me go get Val.” Tina quickly scurried to the back as if to flee. Matt followed slowly, considering what he just saw and heard. Were those Val’s flowers? He had sent flowers once and earned her anger so he knew better than to try that again so soon.

“Val! Val! Matt’s here. And you didn’t tell me those flowers weren’t from him. I…um… Sorry?”

“It’s fine, Tina.” Val sounded so tired.

Matt waited outside the office in the hall leaned back against the wall.


“It’s not worth stressing about,” Val said. “Let him in.”

“You sure? You don’t look so good.”

“Just a long week. It’s fine.”

“Okay, I’ll go get him.” When Tina ran out of the office, she flew right past Matt not even noticing he was standing there. That woman was a ball of energy. He quickly went into Val’s office and closed the door.

Val had her elbows on the desk staring blankly at her computer when she spoke. “Hey.” She sounded too detached.

“Hi.” He walked around the desk and then sat on the corner of it, right next to her. “You’re not sleeping.”

“It happens.” Her dead reply didn’t suit her.

Matt reached out to touch her. She was out of her chair and across the room in less than a heartbeat. Fuck she moved fast.

“We’re not doing this,” she said with all seriousness, folding her arms over her chest, her face a stone fixture, just as lifeless as her voice.

Matt dropped his hand as his emotions balled like a fist, an ugly darkness clouded his mind. “So you have another admirer?”

“Don’t.” Her eyes narrowed to slits finally showing emotion.

“Don’t what?” Matt asked standing back up, using that small threat he unraveled to unravel her further. “Don’t ask. Don’t touch. Don’t…” He walked toward her and she circled the desk, keeping it between them. He stopped. “Running from me again, Val? Do I scare you that much?”

She didn’t say anything as she closed her eyes. Was she trying to pull in those flickers of emotion he saw. Fuck that.

“Come here,” he said, leaning back against the wall, arms open. “Let me hold you. I want to feel you, Val. You’re all I’ve thought about for the last four days. I need to feel that you’re okay, ’cause you don’t look okay,” Matt said watching as she seemed to lean toward the door. Was she preparing to escape? “Did that fucker hurt you?”

She shook her head no.

“If you want me to I’ll kill him for you.”

She finally opened her eyes shocked. “No. Matt, no.” Her arms loosened, relaxing. Emotions finally colored her complexion. “You can’t- Don’t do that.”

“Do what?” He asked innocently.

“Look at me…” She whispered. “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what? Like I’m about to watch the woman I swore I’d never let go, be taken by another? Especially that motherfucker.”

“I’m not his.” She hissed. “I’ll never be his again.”

That’s what he wanted to here. “Pretty words.”

“Don’t patronize me.”

“Then prove it. Come here.” He challenged.

And she came at him, grabbed him on both sides of his head and pulled him down for a branding kiss. Fuck, he missed her.

He wrapped his arms around her slim waist and held her close. His mouth opened, when she forced her tongue between his lips. He let her tongue take from him. When she had kissed him senseless, she pulled back. “You. Are. Conniving.”

He grinned. “Thank you.” He leaned in and kissed her again. Her moan stirred his cock and made him want to strip her bare and lick every inch. Instead he pulled back and said, “Where is he?”

“He’s not in the city yet. He’s just toying with me now. Trying to entice me.” She admitted staring at his lips as if hypnotized.

“You want me to ask Walthour-“

“No. Leave him out of it.”

“Let me help.”

“Matt… I checked. We’re not officially divorced. He thought I was dead. He can claim… I ran away or something…”

“So he leaves you to die, but makes it look like you abandoned him.”

She nodded. “The family wouldn’t like it. Some of them might want me dead.”

Matt’s jaw dropped. “Hell no. He can’t do that shit to you.”


“No. He’s essentially blackmailing you — get back with him or he releases the motherfucking hounds.”

Val shushed him with a single finger over his lips when his voice rose. “He hasn’t said it yet. But that’s what it all boils down to.” She pulled her hand away when he tried to lick it.

“Does he know where you’re staying?”

“Probably. He has people watching me. Probably knows about you, too.”

Son of a bitch. Matt’s mind started churning as he plastered on his charm. “Come with me. Let me pamper you today. I know this awesome spa Cody told me about.”


“That sounded like a yes.” He grabbed her hand, threading his fingers with hers while he packed up her laptop and her purse with his free hand.

She didn’t object as he pulled her along with him.

Once he got her checked into the spa, he sat outside in the lounge and made a phone call. He knew getting Walthour involved was risky seeing as he and the Ricci’s where allies and distant relatives. It could complicate their relationship. But there was one card Matt could play.

A man answered the phone in Russian.

“Mr. Voronin, please. It’s Matt Delarosa,” he said in English, not knowing enough Russian other than the custom greetings.

“Yes, hold on.”

“Thank you.”

A few minutes later he heard “Matt?” The man sounded winded as if he had run. “Matt, have you given my offer some thought?”

“I did. First, do you know a Domenic Ricci?”

There was a sigh, “Please tell me he’s not fucking with you…”

“Not me, his ex-wife.”

“Ex-wife? He never divorced- Wait! Valeria is alive? I thought she died in a car crash?”

Only if Domenic was the car… “No. She’s alive and living in New York. However-“

There was a lot of Russian coming from the other end of the call, possibly cursing. “That fucking…” Definitely cursing. “Tell me.”

“Can you keep this between us?”

“Of course! But I’ll need you to serenade me later. Now, give me all details. Leave nothing out.”

But Matt did, as he told the man about how Domenic thought Val was cheating on him. How Val had been left to die, never allowed to prove her innocence. He left out the gruesome details of her assault, anything involving her being an assassin, or any of her earlier life. But he did mentioned that she was with him in New York City. He knew he was breaking part of his promise with Val, but keeping her with him was far more important than her anger.

“I see…” Voronin grew quiet after Matt’s conversation. “Let me do some research.”

“Anything else I can-“

“Matt, my son. These things will not be rushed.”

“Of course, I’m just worried for her.” He added a heavy sigh for effect. “Remember you never got this from me and I won’t just show up at your daughter’s birthday bash, I’ll get other famous entertainers as well.”

“Lips sealed.” Then the man hung up.

Matt leaned his head back hoping he could trust Voronin. The man had been one of his biggest fans since Matt first played in Russia at the age of ten. Matt’s father had threatened Voronin to stay away from Matt. Not wanting to piss off Walthour or his father’s agents, Voronin kept a measurable distance, only coming to all of Matt’s performances. The man even offered to adopt him when his father had disowned him. But Cody had got to them first. Plus, Bailey flat out refused because he respected their father’s decision. Matt had to agree with his brother but for a different reason. Voronin was…eccentric to say the least. His odd behavior and unpredictability was the reason he and Walthour didn’t see eye to eye.

Matt leaned his head back and closed his eyes for a moment, trying to relax his worry. He was daydreaming about his fantasy, nearly dozing off when he felt a woman’s body press against him, leg’s straddling his thighs.

He smiled. “Ready?”

“Oh yeah.”

That voice had Matt popping his eyes open and staring shocked at Alyssa Swan.


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