The Wrong Type of Seduction

40 A Song For Matt


40: A Song For Matt

Matt finished packing his bag and left the music hall with his duffel on his shoulder. He trekked, each step heavy, taking the long way back to his condo. “Shit,” he said to the air. He knew she would need to learn. She’d have to know. But not this soon. Too soon. He was just getting his grip on her. He couldn’t have her running screaming just yet.

He took the twenty something stories of steps up to his condo to ease his throbbing heart, opened the door, and threw his duffel on the floor watching it skid across the polished hardwood. He slammed the door behind him and slumped against it. He never cared that his family wasn’t normal. It didn’t matter to him. Not until now. Now when he wanted something for himself more than anything. He wanted Val more than he wanted his music and that scared the fuck out of him.

He couldn’t even look at her as she talked. He couldn’t face her with the truth. How the hell…how was he going to convince her that his brothers sleeping with each other was okay? To Matt, it was okay. But what about Val? He had tested her about Domenic being her brother and she laughed it off, but he could tell it weirded her out. No, she wasn’t a saint, but that didn’t mean she’d be okay with their drama. If she was a weak mind he would have already had her convinced. But it was that strength he fell for. She exuded power, and yet, that strength was going to be his downfall if he couldn’t find a way to bend her to his will when it came to his brothers.

Matt walked to the piano in the middle of the living floor and sat at it. He began to play pouring his emotions into each note, each chord.

What could he say? What could he do? How to convince her? How?

The words came like a song. Matt was up and at the kitchen table writing the music and lyrics into the morning. 

How can I get you to stay, 

When the sin could tear us apart, 

But I’d rather burn us down, 

Than ever free your heart…

He never noticed the time because his eyes were too heavy to look up at the clock. His fingers were growing sluggish before his mind gave up. Sleep demanded its due.

When he woke, it was to the smell of bacon. He blinking away sleep, looked up to see a guy in his kitchen cooking. Rubbing his eyes, he focused to find his eldest brother in his kitchen moving about it like he owned the place.

Matt groaned, his neck aching from having slept on the table for… He picked up his phone from in front of him and checked it. “Shit.” He’d slept through Sunday, it was early Monday morning. Val’s gala finale! “Shit!”

“You’re awake,” Bailey said turning to look at him. “Good. I made breakfast. Clear off the table. Cody and Tyler should be here shortly.”

Matt nodded obeying his brother without questions. Mostly because Matt had no plans that day until eleven.

He cleared off the table and went to wash. When he got back to the kitchen Cody was sitting at the table chatting about Bailey’s performance in the last game. She often helped him improve on things he missed during each game since she knew the game better than most coaches. When she saw Matt she grinned and winked still talking to Bailey. They kept each other’s secrets so he knew she wouldn’t tell Bailey about Val. But Matt wanted to warn them about the danger and about what she knew. Yet he couldn’t. Not yet. Not until he was certain.

“Everything okay?” Bailey approached Matt and looked him in his eyes.

“I guess.” He answered shrugging turning away from his brother’s piercing gold eyes.

“Liar.” The guy ruffled his hair like he always did. “Let’s eat.” He went to the table where food sat waiting.

Matt parked next to Cody who was loading bacon onto her plate from the pan Bailey had set on the table. “Where’s Tyler?” Matt asked.

Cody burst out a laugh. “Cursing Gabe.”

“He’ll be here soon. Mr. Walthour has him finishing up something,” Bailey said slightly amused pouring Cody’s OJ.

“You mean you don’t miss Tyler,” Cody asked grabbing the plate full of cheese biscuits. She snuck Matt a guilty expression, knowing they had set Tyler up to keep him from learning about Val. Cody had a big heart, so she felt slightly bad. But Matt didn’t. Not even a little.

“Or course I miss him, but you know Tyler. He’ll find me, so I’m not worried,” he said, sat down the pitcher and looked up at Matt curiously. “Last time I spoke to you, Cody, you said Matt was fine. But when I came in this morning he was sleep at the table, he hadn’t answered any of my calls yesterday. So I’m guessing you over worked yourself. You’re so damn independent I don’t usually have to worry about you, buddy, so what’s going on?” Bailey asked leaning back in his chair comfortably while watching Matt carefully.

Matt didn’t look over at Cody and instead focused on his plate, shoving his bacon in his mouth.

“Matt?” Bailey’s tone demanded an answer. Too bad he wasn’t getting one.

Taking a deep breath he looked his brother in those penetrating eyes.

That hard jaw flexed. “Something you don’t want Tyler to know?”

Matt nodded chewing. “So can we drop it?”

Bailey blew out a breath.

“I’ll keep any eye on him.” Cody assured Bailey.

“You don’t need to be worrying. You’re carrying our baby,” Bailey said.

Cody wrinkled her nose. “Not like you need to fucking remind me, asshole. It’s not you pissing all the damn time and waking up nauseous as hell. I’m doing all the hard work here. So if I want to worry about my Matty, I’m worrying about my Matty, dammit.”

Bailey laughed, showing off his dimples. “All that cursing can’t be good for little Tyler.”

Shit…” Cody nearly choked on her toast. “You fucking better not name this sweet innocent child Tyler. Or I swear I’m breaking up with you after I break bones.”

Matt chuckled as Bailey laughed harder.

“So how’s the team doing?” Matt asked.

“Good.” Bailey answered using as few words as his brother always did.

“Still having issues?” Matt asked trying to squeeze more info from him.

“Nothing that can’t be solved.”

“They want you to send tickets to your next concert.” Cody interjected.


“And his full back wants your autograph.”

“Cool. He’s a nice guy. You should bring him to New York with you sometime.”

Bailey snorted. “He has a crush on you. No.”

Matt grinned. “You can’t keep me a virgin forever, bro.”

Cody chuckled.

Bailey groaned. “I doubt you were ever a virgin. You were always too grown for your own good…”

They talked, ate, and were halfway through with breakfast when the door opened. Tyler dragged himself inside. Curly brown hair slicked back, black suit fitting like a glove, the gorgeous gold skinned, gold eyed brother looked like a million dollars as he sauntered over to the table.

“Hey, Tyler,” Matt and Cody said at the same time, both finishing up the food.

“Hi.” Was all he said before he pulled back Bailey’s chair and then plopped down in their brother’s lap. His arms wrapped around the guy’s neck and pulled him in for a searing kiss. Matt and Cody looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

Bailey’s arms came around Tyler’s waist holding him close as he deepened the kiss.

“The spare bedroom is clean you know.” Was all Matt had to say before the both of them were up and gone.

Minutes later, Tyler was moaning Bailey’s name and Bailey was grunting.

“So what are you doing later?” Cody asked.

Matt rubbed his sore neck from having slept on the table. “If I didn’t have an appointment, I’d go for a massage.”

“Where’s your appointment?”

“Broadway. You know those lyrics I told you about?”

Cody’s face lit up. “You mean…” She nodded emphatically.

Matt got up from the table and grab the portfolio on his desk. He handed the leather folder to Cody and sat back down, watching her open it and pull out the sheets of music. Her lips moved as she read the words. “Damn, Matt, this is…Damn.”

“I’m meeting with a playwright and we’re doing a collabo for a musical. Want to join me?”


They both got up and left the dishes for Tyler to do as they took Cody’s limo. Later that day when he had an alone moment, he called Val to apologize for missing the end of the gala, but she never answered…


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