The Wrong Type of Seduction

38 Matt Tortures


38: Matt Tortures

As Val shook coming down from another orgasm, Matt pulled out of her and charged to his bedroom. He went to the top drawer of his dresser and pulled a pair of handcuffs out that he acquired when he realized his fantasy was a runner.

He took the metal restraints back into the dining area, moved around the table, grabbed one of her wrists, and clamped it before securing the other end to the table’s leg.

“Wha-” groggily, Val raised her fatigued head. “Matt, what are you…” She tugged on her arm and tried to sit up. “Matt!”

He sat in the chair that Val had once been in, watching as she struggled. His brain began connecting the dots as he understood why she wouldn’t reveal anything about his father’s death. “Answer my questions and the cuffs come off.”

“I can’t believe you-“

“Are you worried about what I’d think about you? Is that why you won’t admit it? Do you feel guilty being with me knowing you killed him?” Matt knew that wasn’t it. She never showed a hint of regret whenever she looks at him, so she clearly didn’t hold that kind of conscience.

She grew quiet but tried to reach for the cuff.

He grabbed her ankles and slid her naked butt toward him on the polished wood to keep her off balance. “Then its Domenic. He ordered you to kill him, didn’t he?’

She never answered, but he noticed her pause before she tried to roll to her side. Bingo!

“Why do you still protect him?” He asked dragging her squirming form toward the edge of the table extending her body to limit her mobility.

She cursed before she said, “Never make it personal. Never talk about it. That’s the motto I’ve lived by. It’s what’s made me among the best at… what I do. Up until I met you, most of my actions have always been impersonal and analytical. That’s why Domenic often called me cold and detached, because that’s how I was trained to make decisions. Otherwise, the lives I have taken would haunt me, destroy me. I’d never be able to look anyone in the eye, let alone sleep with you. Now let go.”

Matt understood. In her eyes, she was a tool, a weapon that was wielded by the true killers — the ones who order it. Using that logic, she could kill without remorse and still keep her sanity and humanity, because she didn’t kill voluntarily. “A gun would be useless without someone to shot it,” he said.

She hummed agreement. “And the ammo.”

“You are the gun. What’s the ammo?”

“The orders I’m supposed to execute.” She sounded so far away, like she were somewhere else as she stopped struggling and lay back on the table as if resigned. But he knew his Val never gave up so easily.

“And the person who gave those orders is the shooter.”

“Yes.” Her answer in a detached, robotic voice.

He didn’t want the professional Val, he wanted his sex kitten. Looking down at the neatly trimmed V before his eyes, he let go of her ankles, pried open her knees, and parted her lower lips inhaling her scent. “Why did Domenic order you to kill my father?” he asked, slowly dipping his long middle finger into her wet sex.

Her breath hitched. “I don’t ask the details…th-that makes me care.”

“But you know.” Matt slowly slid his digit along her inner walls, caressing that spot he knew well. “You’re too smart not to research.”

She moaned and hissed, “Yesss.”

She was so sex. He pushed up the blue t-shirt he had lent to her and revealed his favorite pair of bare breasts in the world. He began to suckle one as his finger played inside her, curling, uncurling, sliding over her sensitive areas. He drew back looking up at her. “Did Domenic want to get close to Walthour, but needed Radford out of the way?”

“No, more personal.” She shook her head. “A score to settle with Radford.”

“What score?” Matt asked curiously.

“Radford killed my parents.”

Matt paused realizing her words. Then his finger rubbed, pressing more firmly. “And you didn’t take that personally?”

“No.” She moaned loud.

His finger curved a bit, before caressing in and out over that spot. Her body jerked and she hummed a melodious note.

“Why didn’t you take it personally? And why did my father kill your parents?”

“Matt, please…” She begged.

He stilled his hand. “Answer me.”

She said something in another language, possibly an Italian curse, before saying, “I loathe you…”

He laughed inwardly, while he commanded, “Answer me.” He moved his finger slightly.

“My… mother killed a target he was protecting. She humiliated him. My father covered it up. Radford sought revenge. Oh, fuck, please… more…” She wiggled for Matt to continue.

“My father was a vindictive son of a bitch.” He grinned at her insistence for more watching her sexy body gyrate. “But weren’t you angry when you found out?”

She nodded impatiently frowning. “Yes! But revenge is empty. Hollow. I see it every time Domenic sends me to kill someone who angered him or supposedly did him wrong. It just made him worse. And never satisfied him. I didn’t want to be like that. Now finish… Ah!” Her body jerked upright, but the restraints kept her from going far.  He plunged deeper attacking the spot he knew she loved. “More!”

His cock bobbed painfully watching as she fucked against his hand. Matt began to pump deeper, using two fingers now. “Why a gun, if you always use poisons?” He paused when she didn’t answer.

“Fuck! You tease!”


“Because Walthour knew about me. He would have suspected Domenic if I used poison or made it look like an accident. A sniper would throw him off.”

And it had, brilliantly. He began moving his fingers again and she moaned a throaty sound that had his cock leaking. Then he stopped. “If it was your parents that died, why did Domenic want revenge.”

“He said it was…was… for me. But it was a lie.” She groaned and lifted her head to glare angrily at him. “He wanted me out of the way so he could kill Luis and make it look like an accident. Hurry up!”

He began again, finger fucking her until she was shaking and panting. His other hand came up to roll and tug her clit. Her legs came up before they dropped as if uncertain what to do. Her cute toes curled and uncurled as his digits plunged in and out, over and over assaulting her inner most sensitive area. He continued massaging her nub. “That was the job that sent you away! Your last job with Domenic?”

He wasn’t sure she was nodding or shaking her head as she thrashed, coming on his hand. Her fluids coated his hand as she sucked in air, eyes fluttering in estacy. Fuck, his cock screamed for its own release, but not just yet.

“My brother Tyler has been trying to solve who did it for years. It’s racked his genius brain, and it amuses me to see him so stumped. I’ll never tell him.” Matt laughed wickedly. “I want him to remain clueless.”

“They’ll be angry if you told them anyway.” She huffed laying boneless onto the table.

“Tyler? Hell no. He was planning to kill the man himself.” Matt would have to break Tyler if he ever found out, because the brother had a hard-on for the killer. “Bailey…might be upset. But he’ll get over it.” Matt licked his fingers clean enjoying her taste. Though hard a steel and aching, he began to part her slit and leaned in to breath her sex. “I can’t get enough of you,” he said before licking along the crevice.

“Matt!” She grabbed his hair, jerking his head up. The pain went straight to his cock making it leak. Sitting up fully, she no longer had the cuff on her. “I’m still sensitive. Give me a moment.”

He laughed, not surprised at all she could get free. That’s why he kept pulling her away from reaching the cuffs. “You’re so sexy.”

“You won’t tell Walthour will you?”

“I told you, nothing you say leaves us. What we do and say is nobody’s business as long as you don’t leave me.”

Val stiffened in shock. “Was that blackmail?”

“You bet your sweet ass.” He pulled her down to spear that juicy pussy on his aching cock. Val squealed. Damn, she felt amazing — hot, wet, and snug. “If you leave me, you’ll have to kill me, because I’m going to hunt you, even if I have to use all the information you gave me against you to find you.” He nuzzled her neck, placing kisses against the soft skin.

“Matt, we’re not in that kind of relation-“

He cut her off with a kiss, arms circling her waist. She tried to pull back, pushing his chest to let go, but he refused to hear or release her.

She leaned her head back, but he grabbed her neck and held firm, willing her to give in. He couldn’t be the only one falling in love. He just couldn’t be. Yeah, so she knew how to compartmentalize her emotions, but not with him. He felt it and knew. Or maybe he imagined more than he wanted to admit. Maybe it was just sex for her. But… Hell, she told him her secrets. She was letting him see pieces of her. And there wasn’t a part he didn’t like.

A sharp pain had Matt jerking away instinctively. He was about to suck in his pained lip, but she quickly leaned in and licked the blood. Then she licked again grinding onto his crotch. “Matt, don’t get possessive. It’s not healthy and will end badly.” She licked him again, rotating her hips making him groan.

“I… can’t help myself, I knew I wanted you the moment I laid eyes on you. Unhealthy or not Val, you can’t shake me. If you let me, I’ll sleep at the foot of your bed like a puppy complete with panting and tail wagging.”

She laughed. “Why are you so damn adorable?”

Because being adorable throws people off, making them vulnerable to his charm. Being charming allowed him to see their weakness — a weakness he’d use against them to protect his family if needed. The real Matt only cared about music, his family, and Val. But she’d learn that on her own. Given enough time, she’d learn everything about him, even his deepest darkest secrets. She’d even realize he wasn’t lying when he said he’d do anything to keep her, blackmail included. So if she ever decided to leave him…all bets were off.


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