The Wrong Type of Seduction

37 Val Deflects


37: Val Deflects

The next morning, Val ate breakfast with Matt at his beautiful wood dining table, talking about the events for today and how Matt would be playing at the end of the performance, neither one mentioning the things she had revealed the day before. She was more than grateful for the break, because as freeing as that conversation had been, it still unsettled her. Mostly because now she was seeing the care and devotion in Matt’s eyes, mannerisms, and actions. He should have run.

Then halfway through breakfast, her chatty puppy got quiet.

“Matt?” She looked into his bewildered face. “What’s wrong?”

“Five years…” His words came out strangled. Then he cleared his throat. “Five years ago, my father was killed by an unknown sniper. Do you happen to know who did it?”

Taken aback by his sudden change of topic and that topic of all things, threw her into a slight shock. “What?”

“Do you happen to know who killed Travis Radford, my father.”

She opened her mouth and slowly said, “Assuming I knew who Radford was-“

“Did you?”

“Yes. Everyone in the…underworld knew. Understand, the world of assassins is small. And skilled snipers even fewer. Assassins don’t brag about their missions. At least the good ones don’t tell…”

Matt leaned forward and smirked a sexy expression, lust reflected in those fierce brown eyes. “You didn’t answer my question.”


“Do you know who… No. Better question. Did you do it?” He asked pointedly licking his bottom lip making her breath quicken.

“I specialize in poisons and toxins. Not sniper rifles.”

“You deflected again. Did you kill him?”

“The only gun I know how to fire is a hand gun. Simple and-“

“Deflecting. It’s a yes or no.” His eyes stared at her mouth and she shifted, uneasy from the topic and the moisture building between her legs preparing her. “If it makes you feel better, lie to me.” His velvety smooth words lured her in.

She considered lying before she said, “If I did kill him, how would it make you feel?”

“I hated that motherfucker so I wouldn’t care if you did,” he said in a seductive caress.

His words and tone were such a contradiction it puzzled her. Even though she knew his father disowned him, she thought he would still feel something, anything for the man who fathered him. Just like she felt a small something for Domenic. “Then what does it matter who killed him?”

“Because if you were the one to do it,” Matt swept all the food, plates, and utensils onto the floor with one swift motion from his arm making her scoot back in alarm. She watched the items clatter to the floor, glasses breaking. Then she looked up to see a sexy hooded expression watching her, predatory. “I’d fuck you here and now on the table. Then I’d kidnap you and take you to the nearest chapel and marry you against your will.”

Val’s mouth dropped. “Matt that’s kind of…” She didn’t know how to feel about it. She loved her own parents despite their flaws and were heartbroken by they’re deaths. She never sought revenge for their deaths even knowing they had been killed. Val never considered herself a vengeful person. As an assassin, the first lesson was to make every decision impersonally and practically. Never let anything cloud her judgment. And she had lived by that rule. That’s why she never sought to go after her parent’s killer and why she never went after Domenic. She needed to remain professional, emotions equaled messy.

Her eyes followed him as he stood and walked around the table, unzipping his pants. “You still haven’t answered my questions.”

Val licked her lips as he moved closer. She watched intently as he pulled out his hard dick. “What was your question again?”

“Did you kill my father?”

“This conversation isn’t sexy, Matt,” she said even as she reached for his cock.

“If you refuse to answer, I’ll have to punish you.”

“Then punish me.” She began to pump his hot meat in her hand enjoying the thick feel of hot skin.

He pulled back, grabbed her by the arm, and spun her. She was bent over the table before his hand came down on her ass.

“Shit!” She yelped when another slap came. Though she was wearing his t-shirt she wore no pants or panties so every slap landed skin on skin. Each blow stung slightly, but not bad…not bad at all. Her pussy grew wetter as his hand landed closer and closer to that sweet place.


Oh!” She whimpered.


The sting sparked her nerves making her hold on to the table and raise her ass for more.


Her body shook with need when the pace changed from slaps, to slaps and caresses. His fingers dipped inside and she was soon begging him, “…Matt, please, please…”

He pushed inside of her, his full hot hard penis shoving forward in a powerful thrust. She nearly screamed, coming when he brushed against her spot and pinched her clit at the same time. He was still moving in her when she came down from lightning that flashed behind her gaze. Her insides were on fire from his rough attack and she begged for mercy or more. Her g-spot screamed for him to take and take. Her mind reeled when he began smacking her ass again. Then that hand found her clit once more and began slapping it until she was shaking violently.

“Fuck! Oh, fuck!” She never cursed so much in her life. But he was owning her, claiming her soul sexually and she knew after finally coming down from a third climax that she’d never have sex with anyone as good as Matt. Never again.


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