The Wrong Type of Seduction

32 Impatience Nags Matt


32: Impatience Nags Matt

Matt sat in the record company’s main studio with Aaron sitting across from him looking concerned. Val wanted to hear his voice. As much as he was happy to hear that, he was worried. Something in her voice sounded off.

“I always want to hear your voice,” he said into the phone instead of asking again what was wrong.

Aaron rolled his eyes and went back to his controls.

“What time is it there? Are you working? Oh… Sorry, Matt-“

“Its fine.” He stood to leave the room and walked into the hallway. “Me and Aaron were just going over some things. We’re leaving soon. They won’t let me stay as long here in the main office as I would at home.” He leaned back against the studio door. “So hot stuff, how is work?”

“Not bad. The owner of the vineyard just inherited the business after his father passed and he needs help promoting himself as the new owner. Because I have an intimate knowledge of wines, one of my consultants called me. The owner isn’t used to being public, worked most of his time behind closed doors studying wine, so he knows his stuff. But he looks like a hillbilly with all that facial hair. He wears tank tops, flip-flops, and slouches. A nightmare. I might have to stay longer especially with his wardrobe…” As she talked, Matt could sense the tension easing out of her. Whatever was bothering her, it wasn’t work because that topic seemed to calm her.

“Sounds like you’re having fun.”

“Being here on the vineyard, inside the winery…” She sighed.

“Why not start your own?”



“I shouldn’t have bothered you… Good night.” She hung up.

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the door. He hit one of her triggers. She ran again. He hit his head on it over and over wishing he knew more so he didn’t trip over landmine topics. Dammit.

Matt fell back when the door opened behind him. He landed on his butt. “Shit!”

“Bro… I thought you were knocking on the door,” Aaron said standing over him.

Matt just shook his head. “Every time I think I get close, she pulls away. I know there is something going on, but… I wish she’d let me in.” He rubbed the back of his head hoping like hell it wasn’t her fucking ex. “Do I seem unreliable to you?”

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s about you or that one probably wouldn’t still be hanging around. It’s her. And you know it. She knows it. It’s just getting to you that you can’t help her or that she won’t let you. That man ego thing.” Aaron pulled his baseball cap from his head and ran a hand over his head. “At least that’s the words of wisdom you gave me right?”

Matt remembered telling Aaron that when he started seeing a girl last year he was hot over. But Aaron wasn’t patient enough to stick it out. Was Matt? “You think I should quit don’t you?”

Aaron walked backward. “Do you know what I miss most about that girl?”

“Her muffins. You said she made the best muffins.”

Aaron only nodded leaving Matt to sit on the floor. If he gave up on Val, what would he miss? Other than everything? What was he thinking? He wasn’t giving up. Not even a little bit. She called to talk to him on her own because she needed his voice to calm herself.

Matt only needed patience. Then patience he would have.


The next day, he was working in the studio with Aaron looking over the sheet music when the door to the studio opened. Blonde hair and blue eyes shining, Alyssa Swan strutted in followed by a timid Marcy.

Aaron snatched the music from Matt and approached Marcy grinning. Matt snorted knowing the guy couldn’t wait to meet her. His tech was the one who turned Matt’s attention to Marcy. Aaron loved her voice and knew it would be big. After hearing it, Matt had to agree.

“Hi, Alyssa,” Matt said shoving his hands into his pockets so that she wouldn’t take it. “I’m surprised you had time to come with her.”

“I wanted to see you. It’s been a couple of weeks.” Alyssa winked flirtatiously.

“Yeah, busy weeks.”

“I heard. The only thing I see on your twitter is you being in the studio.”

He laughed, wanting to groan. Because Matt had no time for social media, only Pete updated his Twitter. Sandra updated everything else. “My studio is like my second home.”

“That’s right, you have your own. You should invite me sometime.”

“I do. Its only big enough for a full size band right now. I’m working to see if I can get one that can fit an orchestra. But I need to save up more for that.” He continued to talk about his studio and its accommodations totally avoiding the “invite” part of her statement.

Alyssa laughed flirtatiously, flipping her hair. “I heard you were a music nerd, but I had no idea.” She grinned. “It’s cute.”

“Hey Matt, timing,” Aaron said tapping his watch.

Yes! Perfect. “Sorry Alyssa, we only get a few hours to record before they kick us out.” He smiled at her before opening the sound room for Marcy leaving Alyssa behind with Aaron and other people related to the project. Aaron took to the controls as Matt explained to her the song. While she could read music and played guitar on occasion, sometimes it helped to hear from the composer to know what was on their mind when creating a song. The back-story often set the mood.

Marcy listened intently. Now it was time to see if she was as good as they knew she was.

It took her an hour to get the feel of the song. By then Alyssa was gone. Which was fucking fantastic. They let Marcy rest her voice while Matt thought over the music, considering how to adjust it.

“May I ask…” Marcy walked back into the sound room after getting something to drink. She seemed so much more relaxed with Alyssa gone. “Who wrote the lyrics to the song?” She asked curiously sitting her narrow butt next to him on his piano bench.

“Aaron didn’t tell you?” Matt asked surprised that his eager tech didn’t blab.


“He wrote it. When he first heard you sing he got inspiration instantly. The man wrote five songs with you in mind. He loves your voice and really, really wanted you to sing them. And once I added the music, it was like you had to be here.”

Marcy’s eyes grew. “Really?”

“Sorry, if that creeped you out.” Matt bumped her shoulder.

“No, no, I’m flattered. I’m only singing this one for the album though.” She seemed bummed.

Matt looked around and noticing only Aaron sitting behind the controls. Good no one else. He leaned into Marcy and asked, “Are you happy at your label?”

She grew quiet and Matt knew she was sacred to answer.

“I’m scared of her, too.” Matt lied.

Marcy turned to him shocked.

“I don’t want my first steps into pop music tainted by rumors and stuff.” He sighed for show. Mostly he wanted people to enjoy his music, not what scandal he created. “So I play along. I know its sneaky but-“

“I get it,” Marcy said low. “We all do what we have to, to survive.”

“You got Aaron’s phone number?” He asked.

“Yeah, he gave it to me.”

“If you need to talk, he’s a good ear. And while I don’t want you to get in trouble with Alyssa, if you ever have a message to pass me, pass it through him. When your contract with her label is over, call me.”

Marcy slumped and mumbled. “What if I want out of my contract?”

Matt looked over at Aaron behind her back and nodded his head. Aaron cheered. And because the room was sound proof, Marcy never heard it.

“I don’t know if I can get you out of the contract, but I know a man with powerful lawyers if you can get a copy of that contract to Aaron.”

Marcy’s head came up in surprise. Big blue eyes stared at him in shock. “You would… That could be a problem for you. Alyssa will-“

“Let me worry about Alyssa. You worry about singing as beautifully as I know you can. Let’s begin,” he said once Aaron stopped jumping around in the other room.

After their recording, and once Marcy was on her way home, Aaron tackle hugged Matt in the control booth. “I love you, man.”

Matt laughed. “I didn’t know you had that much of a crush on her.” 

“Not her. Her voice. Man, she’s awesome. Did you hear her sing?”

“Yes. But I’m partial to Jennifer Hudson and Adele myself. She’s more Ariana Grande.”

“Right! Perfect.”

“No. Perfect is Val.”

“We’re talking singers here.”

Aaron wouldn’t be saying that if he had heard Val screaming his name in bed.


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