The Wrong Type of Seduction

31 Disquiet Shadows Val


31: Disquiet Shadows Val

After her date with Matt, Val slipped away early Saturday morning. She needed to breath, needed to get away from the emotions consuming her. He had heard enough about her past to know what kind of woman she was, but he pretended he was okay with it. Even though he never asked, she knew he wouldn’t just let it go.

Because she couldn’t let it go. 

So that morning, she caught an earlier flight to California. Why did her past have to haunt her now? And the way Matt had looked when he heard…she didn’t think her charming Matt could appear so cold. The way he spoke to Domenic’s old friend…the brutality of it, startled Val for a moment. She could easily see Matt throwing the man right over the balcony of the box seat the way he ordered the man to “Fuck. Off.” She didn’t know how to feel about it because she felt too much for him already…things she shouldn’t feel.

Jogging, buds blasting in her ear, Val was enjoying the warmth of the northern California morning. She always jogged or enjoyed a light workout when she found a chance. And since her meeting wasn’t until later that afternoon, she took the time that moment. Her hotel was close to beautiful vineyards with running trails that offered incredible views. It reminded her of home. She was taking an up hill path when her phone rang. She jogged in place and pulled out her phone to look at who it could be. Tiffany. It would be evening in London.

She answered.

“Hello ma’am, how you are you? Good? Beautiful day?” Tiffany sounded too pleasant.

“Why are you gauging my mood, Tiffany? What happened?”

“Nothing yet. But… You know that small vineyard we recently acquired?”

There was only one. She had hoped to use the grapes to create a private reserve of wine to offer to her clients exclusively. “Yes, what about it?”

“We got an unusual inquiry into it yesterday. I just heard about it today. It might be nothing but-“

“Tiffany, you’re rambling.”

The woman took in a deep breath and said, “The call came from Roger.” Which meant he did his research. “He said a group of men were sniffing around the land. When the vineyard manager asked about their business, one of them started asking…suspicious questions. They wanted to know about the owner, the purpose, and where they got the money for the purchase. Of course as scripted, he claimed he was the owner and the rest wasn’t their business. They intimidated him pretty bad.”

Val closed her eyes, fearing this was going to happen. “Did he say who the men worked for?”

“Villa di Ricci.”

Domenic’s company. “Thank you, Tiffany. Is the manager having second thoughts about taking the job?” Val asked feeling a headache forming.

“No, he’s pumped and ready for a fight. He didn’t like how they acted. Rude he said. Just rude. He did ask if he could hire more muscular workers.”

Val laughed knowing the guy was looking to beef up security. “Of course. Wire him the money for it.”

“Another thing, Mr. Christophe has sent an encrypted-“

“I know. I’ve already reached out to him,” Val said smiling, remembering their conversation.

“Is he doing well?” Tiffany asked.

“You know we can’t have this conversation over the phone.”

“Yes, my apologies, ma’am.”

“Stop calling me ma’am, Tiffany. This is your company, too. So get used to being the boss.” Because she might be handing it over to the woman sooner than later.

“Yes, ma- Yes, Val.”

Val smiled, proud of the other woman.

After hanging up, she walked the trail on the way back to her hotel unhappy about the news. If Domenic was investigating the vineyard, did he know it was Val’s? Did he think Val stole the money? Was that why he was sniffing around? Val knew that once she started to show her face more in public it might catch Domenic’s eyes. But the way he threw her away she hoped he wouldn’t look for her. So why now?

Val mulled it over in her head during the day, trying not to worry. The whole incident could be about something else. Nothing related to her. Domenic was in the wine business so maybe he was sniffing out the competition. But she planned to be a small private vineyard with only private reserves, nothing for sale to the market.

That night she called Matt.

So of course he answered right away, because she rarely called.



“What’s wrong?”

“I just… wanted to hear your voice.” She didn’t lie. Because she did. She needed to squash her fears and hoped his voice could do the job. But if her fears were right, she would have to let go of that voice and the rest of him. So she might as well get her fill now.


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