The Wrong Type of Seduction

30 Matt’s Friday Night


30: Matt’s Friday Night

As soon as Matt was back at his apartment changing, he got on the phone with his manager and publicist, conference calling them on speaker. “How do I get rid of Alyssa Swan?” Matt asked as he dressed.

“Ignore her,” Pete said, “She’ll eventually find another crush.”

Sandra spoke up. “The problem with that is Marcy. As long as he has to work with Marcy, Alyssa will be looming. Unless you break off the Marcy deal, you’ll still have to make nice with her.”

He groaned. Marcy had talent he wanted, but to deal with Alyssa…

“No matter what you do, Matt, it’s not a good situation. If you tell her you’re not interested, she’ll make you look bad. She has millions of fans and followers. Well, millions more than you.” He knew that. Pete was always telling him how many twitter followers he had compared to…someone. “And if you date her, you’ll only be fodder for her songs.”

“That’s what she’s banking on.” Sandra added.

“Just think. Many guys she’s sung about and dated went on to stardom.”

Matt winced. “I don’t want to be known in the industry for dating a woman I can’t stand.” Especially since he wanted to be known for dating Val.

“Then I suggest you remain silent,” Sandra said.

Matt agreed for now, but he wasn’t giving up. Because Sandra was right, as long as he decided to continue to work with Marcy, Alyssa was a problem.

“You could always get yourself into a big scandal. Then she’d run,” Cody said to him later over the phone as he sat in the cab headed to the theater.

“I could, but that would be pointless to start a scandal to get away from a scandal.”

“True but… You know, you wouldn’t be so worried about this normally. You’re really serious about this Val woman aren’t you?”

Matt blew out a breath. “Cody, I’ve written songs about her.”

Silence. Then Cody shouted. “Songs with words?

“Yes. Lyrics and all.” Because Matt usually wrote only the music. He never did lyrics. Ever!

“Holy… You’re in fucking love!” Cody sounded all kinds of happy. “When do I get to meet her again! Please, please, Matt, I want to see her again!”

“Not yet. You’d probably scare her off with your matchmaking. She’s still not trying to date me seriously. Tonight will be out first.”

Cody squealed something girly and Matt had to pull his head away from the phone. Cody rarely did girly, so it was a surprise to hear. “Oh, Matt, she better not break your heart. I don’t want to hate her.”

“You couldn’t hate anyone if your life depended on it.”

“I don’t know. Anyone who would hurt you might earn my hate. You’re my Matty.”

He smiled. “Yeah, I know. So Cody, why aren’t you with your man?”

Cody snorted. “He’s still pouting.”

“Still? You have seven months to go. He’s not going to pout all nine months of your pregnancy is he?” Even though Mr. Walthour accepted Cody having Bailey’s baby, he was sulking because he had to share her with the onboard passenger.

Cody chuckled. “The man hates to share. But he’s so sweet, fawning over me like I’m going to break.” And there she went gushing over him. Matt rolled his eyes, damn glad he was pulling up to the theater.

“Well, Cody, I’m about to hang up, I’m here.”

“Okay. And if you’re really worried about Alyssa, you know you have an alternative.” Cody hinted at the one thing Matt was hoping his wouldn’t have to use. Tyler.

“You and I both know that’s for emergencies.”

“Just keep it in mind. Later.” She hung up.

Matt paid and got out.

Val stood by the entrance waiting for Matt, wearing a calf length sleeveless black dress that was flattering, hugging her curves, yet covering all the juicy bits. It came up all the way to her neck, hiding it. He slumped hoping to have his lips there tonight. Her shoes seemed to mimic the dress. Tall black heels with a thick strap that wrapped around her ankles. Her makeup was just right, dark red lips like juicy treats. Her sexy toes, with that dark red paint seemed to be the only things peeking out to tempt him until she turned to the side. Matt’s steps faltered. There was no, none, nada back to that dress. It came just past the curve of her back, stopping an inch from the crack of her ass…maybe.

He sucked in a breath to keep his saliva in. It was not nearly as daring at the last dress she tempted him with, but it was plenty bold. It nearly screamed, here Matty, Matty, here puppy just for you.

When he finally got close, she looked up at him expectantly, with no hint of mischief. But he knew better. His temptress was just that.

“You look…” Fucking hot! Hautt! Smoking! “Beautiful,” he said looking at the upsweep of her hair. It was pinned to show off those cute ears and the little dangly earrings that looked like rubies. Where those real? Or course they were. “Ready to…” He swallowed, hypnotized by the tiny red stones. “Go?”

“Of course,” she said looking so dignified and composed, he felt like an immature toad beside her. His cock raged with each step. How the hell was he going to get through tonight?

When they got inside the lobby after checking in, they were about to head to their seats when a dark haired woman in a beautiful blue evening dress approached Val with shock in her eyes. Val stiffened slightly beside him but remained a picture of perfection. The woman spoke in a language Matt didn’t quite recognize — maybe Arabic. Val just smiled, then responded in kind…fluently. When the woman’s date or husband came up behind his companion, his eyes ravished Val in a gaze that had Matt stepping closer to her. She hooked her arm in his even as she spoke to the man. Noticing the action, the man finally looked at Matt. There was an odd glint in his eyes that told Matt this man was dangerous. But Matt didn’t care. If the fucker so much as touched Val, he was going for the son of a bitch’s throat.

The woman quickly kissed Val on the cheek then smiled up at Matt politely. When the man stepped forward toward Val, Matt pointedly ushered her away while keeping his eyes on the man in a challenge.

“Matt, that was rude,” Val said sounding amused.

“Not as rude as you not introducing me.” Matt shot back.

“I would have if she spoke English. Her husband usually does all the translations for her. I was just about to make the introductions with him.”

“And I missed out. A pity.”

She laughed clearly hearing the sarcasm in his voice.

They were seated in box seats high above the main floor with several other couples. Damn, he wanted some alone time… Yeah, he hoped they could…maybe… fool around…

“Oh, my aren’t you, that Delarosa… the classical musician.” One of the women in the box smiled up at him. She was an older woman, wealthy, pearls adorning her.

“I am.” He nodded to her. “Nice to meet you.” He shook several hands before he joined Val in their seat.

She sat with her head raised, hands on her lap, leg crossed at the knee, showing him her toned leg. The air about her belonged with the group of wealthy and elite. If he didn’t know about the sexy mischievous side to her, he’d swear he didn’t have a chance. Still might not. Yet, all he had to do was put his hands on her and she melted. That made him feel so damn good that nothing she said about wanting space deterred him.

When the lights dimmed and the play started, Matt draped his arm over the back of her chair. At first he didn’t do anything as he enjoyed the show. Sometime during the second act, he found his fingers playing over her shoulder and tracing pattern over the soft skin of her back. He glanced over to find Val was trying intently to watch the play, even has her dark red lips were slightly parted, breaths shallow.

Was he turning her on? Just from that? Was he as potent to her as she was to him? He wanted to pull her in his lap, maul her right there. Instead he stopped moving his hand, wanting her to enjoy the show.

He continued to sneak peeks over at her and noticed she calmed. He pulled his arm from her shoulder and used it to take her hand.

When she threaded her fingers with his, his heart cheered. Did she realize what she was doing to him?

Trying to pay more attention to the play, Matt found himself planning to do this more often with her. Though it wasn’t a date where he could talk since the play was going on, just the idea of her holding hands with him like they were a real couple made him optimistic. Yeah, he was making this happen.

When intermission came, Val turned to look at him as everyone went to get refreshments, bathroom breaks, or just to stretch their legs. Her hooded heated gaze told him she wanted to be alone with him. And he wanted that. He really really wanted that. But his logical brain, not his lower brain, told him to finish out the night. See the end of the play.

So instead of staring into the temptresses’ eyes, he looked up at her hair, then her cute ears and earrings. “You need to go to the bathroom or take a walk?”

Her fingers came up and touched his mouth lightly. He shivered. She traced his lower lip, then began to trail those fingers down his chin to his neck.

“Val…” He breathed as she drew closer.

She kissed him lightly.

Dammit, his cock was not behaving.

She slowly pulled back with her eyes closed as if she were savoring the flavor of him. He hoped like hell she was.

“Do you want anything from the…concession…um…” He swallowed. “Bathroom.” He stood and left rushing to the bathroom before he ruined his pants.

Finding an empty stall, he relieved himself in more than one way. He barely had to touch himself to spill into the toilet. He was…gone. There was no coming back from Val. If she did leave him, did break his heart, he would probably roll up and die.

When he got back to his seat he found Val with a glass of wine and the husband from earlier sitting in his seat talking to her. Who was this asshole? And oh fuck no, this asshat was not flirting.

“This new boy…he does not seem as generous as Domenic.” His thick accent said, “He doesn’t seem open to negotiations at all. Maybe…talk to him.”


“Nothing I say will convince Matt of anything I suggest. Trust me I have tried,” Val said, clearly humoring the shit.

“But I miss our time together. I want to be with you again.”

Matt balled his fists. Be with her?

“That arrangement was between you and Domenic. Matt is not Domenic.”

Matt’s jaw popped he ground his teeth so hard. Did he just hear right? Negotiations… Generous… Arrangement… Did this Domenic, her ex, allow this sicko to…? What. The. Fuck?

“Then leave him. He’s just baggage. Go back to Domenic…or better yet, allow me to…take care of you.”

As a damn mistress.

She chuckled and shook her head as if the subject was light and charming. “My escort for the night is not baggage. Be sweet.” She sipped her wine sitting back in her seat relaxing. That damn leg was in the air again, crossed at the knee.

The man’s eyes roved over the length of it. That was Matt’s leg!

“Then he should be here. Where is he?”

“Behind you.” Matt nearly snarled.

The other man stood abruptly and bowed his head. “Good ev-“

“Fuck. Off.” Matt said losing all the politeness he was known for. Val was his, dammit, even if she didn’t know it. And to think this man had touched her before… Bullshit arrangement. The asshole didn’t even respect Val enough to ask her if she wanted to be in an “arrangement”. He saw her as property that he negotiated over. Fucking hell. What the hell kind of man was her ex?

The man took in a deep breath and walked around Matt who wasn’t budging to let him by. After he reigned in his killer tendencies, he sat beside Val and took deep breaths.

Val leaned into him and said, “Relax puppy, no one’s going to take me away.” She blew on his ear.

And didn’t that just take the edge off… “Dammit, Val, I just got this beast deflated,” he said looking down at his achy crotch.

Val laughed taking his hand again, their fingers tangling. She took a sip of her wine with the other.

“Tell me something about you,” Matt said leaning into her.

She looked upward thoughtfully.

“And not bullshit.”

She laughed. “You’re no fun.”

He smiled loving her laugh.

“I’m guessing you heard our conversation…” Val said as if it meant nothing, but her eyes never met his. And her thumb rubbed over his skin nervously. She clearly didn’t want to talk about it. Plus, he needed something to calm his fury or he was going to hunt a motherfucker and ruin his night.

“What are your plans next week?” He asked diverting the topic.

“I’m going out of town Monday and Tuesday on business, so I won’t be available,” she said sounding relieved.

He nodded. “I’ll be gone Sunday through Tuesday so that leaves tomorrow for us to make up those days,” he said low.

“And the plan, exactly?”

“Sex tonight, breakfast tomorrow, fooling around all day…”

“I don’t know about all day.” She frowned thoughtfully.

“I promise, no invasive questions. And you know I’ll make it good.”

She bit her lip. Looking at him finally. “I don’t doubt it.” Her husky voice made little Matt weep. “My turn. Why are you so in shape when you don’t have to be?” She asked looking him over greedily.

“My mother, the doctor, told me keeping in shape helps with endurance while playing.”

“Among other things.” She smirked.

“Glad you have no complaints.”

“None. So you work out regularly.”

He scoffed. “Once a week. I have a physical trainer come to whip my ass. If not for that I wouldn’t even think about.”

“Trainer? Really?”

He nodded. “Present from my family. Most of them are workout junkies, so they always make it a point to have me workout too.” He leaned in closer. “Tell me something else.”

She looked at him thoughtfully. “I lived in Europe most of my life.”

Holy hell, a breakthrough. “Where?”

She shrugged. No answer.

“What language were you speaking to the wife earlier?” He asked.

“Egyptian Arabic,” she answered, then went back to her wine. The light flickered signaling the end of intermission.


The play finished without a hitch or without them ditching and going straight to sex. They grabbed sushi before heading to his condo where they ate and then proceeded to devour each other.

Under the surface, Matt still simmered from what he learned that night.


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