The Wrong Type of Seduction

3 Val’s Admirer


Leaving the bank, Val decided to grab some things from the drugstore before heading to her next appointment. Two blocks was all it took to get to the closest one. After picking up some much needed essentials, she and her hand basket perused the beverage aisle. Val reached out to grab a bottle of artisan water.


Pausing, she glanced at the man walking up to her holding his own basket. She noticed him on the aspirin aisle, but gave him no further thought.

She politely nodded her head in greeting careful to see where this exchange was going. Handsome in a clean cut, polished way, he wore a nice blue business suit that worked for a mid-career professional.

“Forgive me,” The man said. “I know this is awkward, but I just had to say, I think you are a gorgeous woman.” 

Ah, he was trying to pick her up. Frowning slightly she tilted her head as if she didn’t understand.

He held out his hand offering his name. “I would love to buy you a coffee or something.”

Looking him over, she accessed him before she said in French, “Excuse me, what?” Then she said in her worse possible English, “No…English…” making sure her expression continued to look confused. While she loved to flirt, there was a time and place for it, and right now, she didn’t have the time. She had another appointment to go to.

“Um…Sorry.” He began backing up. The mortified look on his face almost made her feel bad. 

Glad she chose French, she knew there was always a chance he might speak the language. But by the arrogant way he approached her assuming she knew English, she made her own assumption.

She turned to leave and walked to the counter to check out when she heard, “Shit, why couldn’t she speak English?”

Laughing inwardly, she wondered how often she could get away with that without getting caught. Probably not often. The city might be crowded but there was always a chance of running into someone again. She could have out and out rejected the man but men who weren’t used to rejection or just hated being rejected grew defensive and lashed out like her ex-husband. And she didn’t want a replay of those boring memories.

After checking out, she was leaving out the door with her plastic bag when she nearly ran into a broad chest that seemed to be in a hurry.

“Whoa!” Hands grabbed her arms to steady himself and her. “Sorry, I-“

His words cut off the moment she looked up at him — Matthew Delarosa. It’d been three days since their first encounter. What were the chances of running into him again so soon?

His light gold skin looked damp with sweat and his cropped brown hair actually curled slightly at the ends. He held an unkempt look as if he just woke up. She stared up into the depths of those beautiful deep brown eyes that stared at her like she was the most captivating thing he ever saw. It made her feel a slight self-consciousness she wasn’t used to feeling.

The clearing of a voice had those large hands shifting, arms circling her waist to pull her closer as he shifted them to the side. “I hope you speak her language…” she barely heard the passing voice as her eyes drifted to his temptingly plump lips. She found herself licking her own.

Being this close to him heated her skin. Dimples began to form when a smile crept over his face. Her pulse quickened with wonder at how those dimples tasted. She inhaled slowly taking in the smell of cool airy soap and something earthy…was that his own scent?

“Hi,” a smooth heavy voice finally said making her realize she’d been staring.

She finally blinked, ashamed of her lack of control. She cleared her throat. “Hi.”

“I remember you from the bar Friday night. What did you say your name was again?”

She laughed pushing at his hard chest to get him to let go. “Nice try.”

“You have the best laugh.” He grinned and stepped back, releasing her. “Can I have a little hint?”

“Have a great day.” She walked around him.

“Oh wait!” He danced in front of her on the sidewalk, halting her tracks. “If you ever want a drink or something…” He reached in his leather messenger and pulled out a business card and a pen.

“Mr. Delarosa, I don’t think-“

“Please, call me Matt, or Matty, or sexy, or hell, I’ll take chewtoy,” he said while writing on the back of the card he cupped in his large hand. Then he quickly slipped it in her shopping bag. “Or just…call me.”

“Don’t get your hopes up,” she said going around him.

“So I can still have hope? Good. Excellent!” There was a long silence as she felt his eyes bore into her with each step she took. Then she heard him curse. “I’m late!”

Continuing, she walked past the man she had spoken to in the drugstore standing at a bus stop. He looked her over, devouring her every step. When his eyes finally left her legs and met her gaze, she winked at him. His eyebrows rose in surprise. She threw him into such confusion he stared at her stupefied. She continued her journey, not looking back.

After walking a few blocks, she fished out Matt’s phone number from her bag and looked at it. All he saw was the outside, the pretty picture she dressed up to be. He shouldn’t be so gung-ho to get to know her, especially being a celebrity. He should be more weary of strangers.

She sighed, tearing up the card. She didn’t need the complications of a relationship. Freedom was her privilege and joy. She continued walking, tossing the shreds of the card in the first trash she passed.

Matt was the kind of guy she might have considered if she was younger and life had been different. He was adorably handsome, persistent, and confident.

He had a bright future in front of him that didn’t need road blocks like explaining a relationship with an older woman. No, her past didn’t allow for any relationship with him…anyone. Relationships only equaled more emotional garbage.


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