The Wrong Type of Seduction

26 Questions Plague Matt


26: Questions Plague Matt

When Matt woke late that morning, he wasn’t surprised to find his fantasy gone. But that was fine. He had got her into his condo…baby steps. He had an afternoon appointment anyway so it was probably for the best Val left.

Ada, one of Cody’s friends and Walthour’s informants, owned a bar in the financial district right in the most prominent location in Manhattan. It was a perfect spot for Wall Streeters to crash after a tense days. And it was expensive enough to let people know that only the whose who were allowed. Ada wasn’t a snob, but she was clever. If one wanted gossip on the big people, go to the big people. She also had several low profile bars that were used to gather information from the streets.

But Matt never went to the woman for information. He went to play the piano she kept in her bar especially for him. Of course she scheduled other acts to play on it. But whenever Matt wanted to play, he was welcomed. Today however, she requested he come play for her for a couple of hours. And with a few hours between his schedule, he agreed only because if he didn’t he would hunt Val down and pester her.

The moment he walked into the bar, Ada yelled, “Matt!” waving him to her.

“Hey,” he said moving toward the bar. “What’s up?”

“Why did I hear you were seeing a certain woman with the fabulous arse?” Ada whispered low so no one heard.

“Ada, your British is leaking. Also, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Matt smirked.

“You sent her flowers and a package about a date. Don’t play me.” Ada hissed.

“You have spies in the courier service?”

Ada shrugged. “That isn’t the issue.”

“It is. It tells me not to use that courier service ever again.”

“Matt, I saw her first.” Ada pouted.

Yes, and he banged her first. “You’re so cute when you sulk.”

She blew out a breath. “But seriously, watch out for that one.”

“Why? Did you learn something?”

“It’s what I didn’t learn that troubles me. Her footprint literally starts here in NYC weeks ago, about two weeks before she first stepped in my bar. Then she drops ten grand on a barely known charity, and because of your influence with the gala, people are starting to talk. I’ve learned she’s doing some work with a few small businesses in the area, but still no one knows her before New York.”

“She has a slight accent but I’m not sure from where, so maybe her records are there.”

“Then there should be a record of her coming into the states. Unless she’s here illegally.”

He frowned. “Recently divorced, so a name change-“

“Would have been registered.”

Matt and Ada stared at each other for a long while. He didn’t know how to take it seeing as he knew next to nothing about Val. And Val refused to tell him more. What was she hiding? And why? Matt understood the need for privacy and secrets, so he couldn’t fault her for her own. But if what she held back could harm his family… Was that why she was so secretive, because it could cause him problems?

“Matt…do you understand what I’m trying to say…Are you reading between the lines?”

Yes. Val could very well be bad news…yet he was having a hard time caring. “You haven’t told Tyler about her have you?” Matt asked rubbing his hands together to get them warmed up for his piano session.

“Of course not, I know how you like your privacy. But Matt, I might have to tell Walthour if this goes above my expertise, and that means this could be some real shit.”

Matt knew he couldn’t stop her, so he said slowly, “Let him know this stays between us.”

Ada nodded. “Fine. I’m still jealous.”

Matt laughed and went to play even as his curiosity about Val had increased exponentially. He’d hope that one day she would come to him about her past before it was dug up for her by Tyler or Walthour, but Matt hadn’t counted on Ada. He had too many people with connections in his life. And while he knew they cared, he wished they would mind their own business.

While he played, a beautiful woman in a summer dress with yellow flowers walked up to the piano and leaned on it while he played. He smiled at her, continuing to play, not giving her more than customer service attention.

“Do you take requests?” She asked, batting her eyelashes.

He only nodded.

“Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez.” She whispered in his ear, dipping so that he could see her cleavage.

Well wasn’t that obvious. Matt continued to play until he found the right notes and cords to transition into her request.

Matt wanted to laugh at this girl swaying in front of him pretending to be sexy. While she was very beautiful, she didn’t have Val’s aura that oozed sex without trying. She didn’t have Val’s confidence that made lesser men cower or feel unworthy of her. This woman didn’t have Val’s mind that could out thinking or keep pace with him, challenging his world, his wit, and keeping him on his toes.

Hell, he was in love and didn’t even know her. What if what he learned was so horrifying, it broke him? Then he chuckled to himself. Short of her trying to hurt his family, there wasn’t anything that would turn him off. Even is she used to be a man… Damn, why did he find that hot?

Finishing up his three hours of play, bar now crowded with people who came to see him, cameras flashing, he stood and approached Ada at the bar.

“Happy?” He asked taking the soda she offered.

“Thrilled.” She winked. “Just think, when you become main stream. The crowds will get bigger as will the lack of privacy that you love.”

“Yeah…” He blew out a breath taking a gulp.

“You can handle it.” She patted his hand. “Don’t be a stranger sweetheart.”

“You have my number. Call.” He demanded staring into those baby blues, so she knew what he meant. He needed to know about Val.

She nodded understanding. Then he turned and left.


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