The Wrong Type of Seduction

25 Jealousy Stings Val


25: Jealousy Stings Val

Matt’s heavy soothing voice woke Val the next morning to aching muscles and a raspy throat.

“I have to be in Manhattan for work this afternoon and then right after I’m headed to-“

His voice cut off and Val sleepily looked over her shoulder at where he sat on the side of the bed, his bare back looking scratched, broad, and sexy.

“No, Cody, I’m not over working myself…” He blew out his breath. “Yes, I slept properly. Oh for crying out loud you sound like Bailey!” He grumbled. “I know you care. But I want you to worry about yourself not me. You carry precious life.” He stood up and began pacing. “I’m not trying to change the subject. I know I’ve been busy… I know… Yes.”

Val had a feeling Cody’s mothering instincts were kicking in, and Matt was getting the brunt of it. When he flopped back on the bed, Val crawled to him and ran her hands up his back to soothe his frazzling nerves.

He relaxed into her touch. “Okay. I’ll call Bailey when I get a chance. Yes, if it makes you happy I’ll leave the studio early and sleep in a proper bed.”

He slept in his studio?

“And I’ll eat properly.” He turned and grabbed one of Val’s hands. He pulled until she felt him wrap it around his…

Shocked, she let out a burst of laughter. Then she clamped he mouth shut.

“Probably the television,” he lied to his best friend. “Yes, I’m lying.”

“Matt!” She heard Cody yell through the phone.

“What? It’d be rude of me to tell you the elicit details of what I’m doing right now.” His voice grew huskier the more Val pumped his hot steel. “Yeah, I’ll call you later.”

As soon as he hung up, he pounced on her. She laughed as he kissed her senseless.

Though sore, she spread her knees, and welcomed him into her enjoying his weight. He pumped into her lazily while he sucked on her neck. She groaned, lifting her hips to meet each thrust letting her hands roamed over slick sweaty skin. “Mmmmm…” She came, body shivering. She felt the heat of him inside of her, releasing, filling her. She dropped her head back against the pillow and smiled at the face finally looking at her lazily.

“Good Morning.”

“Mmmm…” She leaned up and kissed him. Why couldn’t she get enough of his lips? She pulled back, licked them and running her hands over the short strands of his hair. She cleared her sore throat before asking, “Why does Cody call you so much? Why doesn’t she call her boyfriend and harass him?”

“Jealous, Val?”

Yes, but she had no right to be. Instead of answering, she asked, “Why would I be jealous when you’re here fucking my brains out?”

“That was punishment for keeping us from our date. Don’t think I didn’t figure it out after the…third round of sex? Or fourth.”

Completely busted, all Val could do was laugh.

“I knew it…” Matt kissed her. “You’re sneaky.”

“No more than you.”

“True. To answer your question, Cody’s always been protective of me and being pregnant seems to have made it worse. But its cool. We’re the best of friends. So much if I asked her to have my baby, she would in a minute.”

“Seriously?” Val asked shocked.

“Artificial insemination, not naturally. She still loves her boyfriend.”

“Loves him more than you?” Val asked carefully watching his reaction, gauging how he would lie to her.

Matt opened his mouth to answer than he looked down into Val’s face curious. “You can’t measure love, Val.”

Not an answer. But she wouldn’t push anymore. She knew Cody and Matt weren’t in that kind of relationship. But what he didn’t know was how much she knew. And she couldn’t reveal that no matter how much she wanted to tell him everything — everything that was weighing on her heart, and confess that yes, yes, yes, she wanted him if nothing but for sex…maybe a tiny bit more.

But that could never happen. She finally had her freedom. And she would die before she gave that up.

Instead, she pushed him on his back and trailed kissed down his skin, licking the lines of his muscles. He lay back watching as she sucked and bit salty taut skin until her lips were nibbling at his cock tasting herself on him. Matt let his legs open wider. She laved the underside of his length.

“Shit!” One of his knees popped up. She grinned, circling the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. He sucked in a breath.

Val opened her mouth wide and slowly descended the hot rod. His scent and taste flooded her mind making her want more. Matt’s hips bucked up into her waiting mouth. She bobbed her head, taking him down her throat, relaxing it and trying not to choke. She’d never had one so long and wide in her mouth, so it wasn’t easy. Even knowing sucking him would be a challenge she mentally prepared herself to please him. She wanted to please him like she had been pleased. She wanted to serve him like he deserved.

Sucking, breathing him in, licking, and nursing on his member, she lavished his cock. Her hands massaged his balls, careful not to bruise him. His leaking cum tasted salty sweet. She was sucking deeper, hollowing out her cheeks when she felt his balls draw up.

“Val!” He cried an audible warning before he released inside her mouth. 

She swallowed it, licking up the rest. 

“That was fucking…” He laid his head back as Val crawled up to him, licking her lips. “Amazing.” He closed his eyes, wrapping his strong arms around her cuddling her close. They lay naked, quietly. Matt slowly began to drift off to sleep and Val sighed, wishing she didn’t have to go to work. But she had stayed too long as it was. Carefully, she got up, and grabbed her clothes.

Before she left, she kissed Matt. “See you later.” She whispered, knowing she couldn’t stay away from the man if she tried.


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