The Wrong Type of Seduction

24 Matt Loses Control


24: Matt Loses Control

Matt waited nervously on the sidewalk outside of the subway exit. The tickets only took one phone call to a guy who owned the theater. All he had to do was promise to send him a free pre-released personally autographed copy of his next album. As far as Matt was concerned, he got the better end of the bargain because he was going on a date. With Val. Oh hell yes. And yet he felt butterflies and all manner of shit fluttering through him. This wasn’t like sex. This was better. Deeper. Her was going to learn more about the woman inside that body. The thing he yearned for most. He checked his casual suit sans tie to make sure it looked okay.

“Oh, shit.”

He heard guys cursing and whistling making him look up and over and…

Matt’s jaw dropped when he noticed the leggy woman walking his direction with floral patterned black fishnets that traveled up the length of her toned legs until they disappeared under that super short flared black skirt. All the wind had to do was blow and…

And the sky high heels…Those heels!

“Is it my birthday?” He asked the air around him while his eyes traveled back up. Then stopped breathing when he saw the boob-age framed in a wide plunging V-neck that barely hid her nipples in that flirty frilly sleeveless black dress. He was drooling. He knew it. And didn’t care.

She walked past him down the street and didn’t pause even as she whispered in his ear, “And they’re crotch-less.”

Matt nearly jumped up and clicked his heels together. It was his birthday! And someone forgot to tell him.

With his tongue still out, panting like a thirsty pooch, Matt followed his favorite sin until he couldn’t stand it any longer, he picked her up by the waist causing her to squeal. Then he pulled her down the nearest dark alley, on the other side of a large green trash bin. They were half inside the nook of a doorway, half hidden by it when he bent that luscious body over. He didn’t have to spend any effort to lift her skirt above her ass, it was that damn short. Air escaped his lungs the moment he saw the pattern of those nylons covering her sexy ass. His hand ran over the curves mesmerized. And sure enough, they were crotch-less. Fuck, she wore no panties. Happy Birthday to me! “Scold me later.”

“In an alley? This is bad-“

“Not bad enough,” he said nearly forgetting to roll on a condom. “I didn’t take you right on the open street.” Then he cursed, fumbling with the wrapper.

“The street!”

He cut her off when he slid home.

“Ah… Make it quick. I don’t want you seen.” She breathed head rolling back. “Can…can you imagine the headlines?” She laughed nervously. “Famous musician caught with hooker?”

“Wait…wait…” He breathed thrusting with each word. “You get… paid for this? Are you saying if I…if I paid you money I could be doing this all the time! Shit… Shit… how much for a lifetime membership?”

“You can’t afford it.” She moaned.

“Tell me and I’ll try.” He fucked into her faster, balls slapping against flesh. “Oh…let me try…I wouldn’t mind going broke for you.”

When she didn’t laugh, he knew he was pushing his luck. He came, grunting and wishing like hell he’d been with her the moment she put on that damn outfit. No way in hell did he want other men…anyone staring at his Val. Remembering how those men called out to her… Fuck he wanted to go back and kill them.

Afterward, he tossed the condom in the dumpster while she smoothed down her skirt. They hailed a taxi. They weren’t going to make the show that night. Inside the cab, Matt smoothed his hand over the wonderful feel of nylons and skin on her thigh. Val never looked at him as her face stared off into the city to the passing scene from her window. He was about to ask her what she was thinking wearing something so daring where a guy could have attacked her, like he had, when she began to slowly pull the fabric of her skirt up her thighs. His brain misfired. Her legs slowly spread and Matt’s hand began to migrate to that special place that was becoming his favorite part of her body.

When his finger slid into her wet heat, her mouth opened, breathing fog onto the glass, but she said nothing, made no noise. Slowly he speared in and out of her depths, juices coated his finger. He curled his digits slightly to massage the spots that made her crazy. Her breaths came quicker.

Matt looked up at the rear view mirror to find the driver looking back, repeatedly. Not wanting to share the view of her, hating that the whole of New York probably caught a glimpse of her in that awesome dress, he pulled his hand from her wetness.

She shot him a look of total disdain as her hand grabbed his wrist, keeping it on her skirt.

He leaned over and whispered, “The cabby-“

“Don’t stop,” she demanded.

Oh, fuck, she was smoking hot. He kissed her full on the mouth, hand going back to her wet heat. She moaned into his mouth, tongue sliding inside. She began to grind against his invading fingers. His other hand came up to cup the back of her neck, pressing her lips harder against his. He curled his fingers, exploring her sensitive areas and she gasped into his throat. Warm fluid slid over his fingers as she kissed him hungrily, whimpering. If the cab didn’t get to the condo soon, he was going to fuck her with him watching, his cock demanded it.

Finally pulling up to his condo, he paid the guy and opened the door. He looked over at her and noticed by her hard and closed off body language she was going to object. She tried to pull away from him, tried to stay inside the cab, but he used his strength just enough to pull her into his arms, then he swept her up onto the sidewalk and clutched her close.

“Matt!” She gasped when he stooped down and tossed her over his shoulder.

She stopped struggling when he began squeezing her pretty barely covered ass. She never said another word as they headed up to his domain his fingers playing up the inside of her thighs, teasing her dripping lips. The moment he was off the elevator and his condo door came into view, Matt unzipped his pants, pulling out his ready cock. Then he slid her down his body.

“Wrap your legs around me.” He ordered.

She used his shoulders as leverage, curling her legs around him.

“Matt, we’re still in the hall-“

She gasped when he pushed that lushes ass down, pussy stabbed on his cock.

He leaned her into the wall beside the door and fucked into her. His mind was gone, filled with the scent of her. There was only two condos on their floor — his and Cody’s, when she came to visit. Hopefully, his friend was sleep or out of town.

Riding the first wave of release he mindlessly reached for the key in his pocket and unlocked the door while they both panted.

“Damn…” She finally said, eyes closed body still trembling.

He opened the door and hoisted her inside with his cock still buried inside her. Each step was torture as the motion and the tightness of her rubbed him back to life. Eventually, he kicked the door shut, before fucking her up against it. Hard and fast. She was clawing at him, demanding him to slow down, and he found he couldn’t stop. Fuck, she was so wet and hot, and… He had her on the floor next, pulling off that dress. No bra…hell… He attacked her breasts, sucking the nipples to hard peaks as she squirmed trying to get friction. So he flipped them, had her straddling his chest so that she could grind on him while he sucked her tits, hands massaging her bountiful ass. His fingers played inside the crack of her ass, passing over her anus, before he found her pussy seeking it. He dipped two fingers inside, while his thumb circled her clit. She was so wet, drenching his hand.

“Oh, Matt, don’t stop…” She thrashed and humped against his hand when he continued to flex them inside her.

Then she came. He let her breast go with a soft pop. She collapsed on top of him breathing in his ear making his already hard dick leak.

“Slide down on my cock.” He ordered.

And she did, whimpering when her juicy lips enveloped him. He watched as she closed her eyes, savoring the feel, a face of bliss.

Matt sat up and her breath hitched. He grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her to him, kissing her. Her mouth opened, and she luxuriaously licked his tongue, the roof of his mouth, his teeth. He continued to move, pushing her, until he had her on her back again. Then he grabbed her hands, and forced them above her head. He pulled back, denying her access to his mouth.

He looked down at her, enjoying the sex drunk look of her, hair a mess, breasts heaving, torso wigglingly trying to get him to move inside her. When he just hoovered over her, not moving, cock aching to release, she opened her legs wider, arms struggling as if to be freed. But he refused to let her go. She was his and she didn’t even know it.

“Fuck me, Matt.”

He thrust into her once. Then stopped.

“Matt!” She tried to arch her back and lift her crotch to gyrate against him, but his torso had her pinned.

She whined.

He thrust again, loving the feel of her struggle. You’re mine…and you don’t even realize it…

Her eyes fluttered, panting. “Please, Matt. Please!”

Yesss! That’s what he wanted to hear. He began hammering into her. Her legs wrapped around his waist, gripping him as she came, back arching arms struggling to get free.

Matt dropped his head down until he was beside her ear and he said, “Tonight, I’m going to fuck you until you’re hoarse from screaming my name.” That rest of the night, he did just that no more words exchanged, just the sounds of slapping flesh, breathing, moaning…and her screaming his name.


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