The Wrong Type of Seduction

23 Val Declares War


23: Val Declares War

That night, Val lay in bed holding her pillow wishing it was a certain someone. Sighing she closed her eyes remembering the new side of Matt she’d seen that afternoon. She’d seen the cunning determined Matt and the shy boyish Matt that she was starting to believe was a mask he used to woo her. She’d also seen the performer that charmed his fans and wowed his audience. But that afternoon she saw a man who took his music seriously. Even though he checked up on her occasionally, there were periods he easily lost track of her and just… absorbed himself.

The passion that burned in him was what made her so hot for him the first time she saw him at the piano in that bar and made her want to fuck him after the concert. Yeah, his music was magic, but his passion for it…no, his passion period, made her ache for him.

I don’t know who you are,” his sound technician, Aaron, had said, “But you being here seems to keep him from sinking. Sometimes I have to remind him that not everyone gets as absorbed as him. He can go five hours straight without even realizing he hasn’t eaten or drunk a thing. Hell, I think he’d pee on himself if his crew didn’t take bathroom breaks.” The guy chuckled.

After that, Val felt compelled to buy him everyone food. Matt needed to remember he was human and had needs other than sex.

That desire to take care of him had frightened her. So after he had gone to eat, she left. How easy it had been to slip back into that mode of taking care of someone, like she did with Domenic and his colleagues.

Watching Matt working so hard reminded her again how different he was from Domenic. Domenic played more than he actually worked. She did all the hiring and managing of his staff and employees so that he stayed in business, while he often disappeared with women, went on lavish trips or…

“Matt isn’t Domenic. He’s Matt.” The guy might only be nineteen, but he was more man than most. His since of responsibility awed her. Even while working, serious about his music, he looked for her.

How could someone so important to society even give her a passing thought? Because he doesn’t know me. And if he did he sure as hell wouldn’t want anything to do with me… No one would want anything to do with me… She closed her eyes trapping the tears. Curling up in a ball she willed herself to sleep.

She used the next day to put the finishing touches on the gala. She had only two weeks before the big show. Thanks to the publicity Matt’s name had brought and the increased donations from some very powerful people, Val had more than enough money for everything. She even got Dr. Earnest’s help especially when the woman realized how popular the gala would be, bolstering her own image. Such a selfish woman.

Val had organized and delegated so well, that she was almost out of a job. Everyone was pitching in to do a little of something just to be a part of the celebration. Though she knew most of the new volunteers just wanted to see Matt, she was grateful for the help and used them for all they were worth. If they wanted to see her Matt, they’d have to earn it.

She stiffened. Her Matt? “For crying out loud!” She shouted to the walls of her hotel room closing her laptop. She needed air. Putting on her sandals she took to the streets. She didn’t want to think of him as hers no matter how much she like the sound.

Too many things could go wrong. Plus, he’d eventually have to let her go.

When her phone rang, she looked down at the caller ID. Tempted to ignore it, she closed her eyes and answered it. “Yes?”

“So…” Matt’s voice slid over her skin. “Date? If you’re not busy tonight.”

Val blew out a breath. With some of the anxiety gone, her brain began churning. So he was serious about this “date”? Then he’d have to earn it. She said, “If you can get tickets to the Broadway show tonight-“

“The sold out one?” Matt cursed. “You’re a horrible woman. Standby…” He put her on hold and Val had to laugh. Though he sounded exasperated, he also seemed amused. He knew what she was doing, but leave it to Matt to get back on the phone and say, “Should I pick you up or…”

“Meet me at the station nearest the theatre.” Then she hung up feeling as giddy as a teenager. Of course he found tickets! She laughed jogging back to her hotel.

Val looked through her wardrobe and frowned. Why was she having a hard time choosing what to wear for their “date”? Maybe because she was reluctant to go. Dating meant talking, talking meant revealing, and Val couldn’t afford to rehash her past. Not now, not ever. And while she wanted to be honest with Matt and say yes she would date him, she had too much she wanted to keep to herself. Too much she didn’t trust anyone else with. Her secrets were dangerous.

She looked over the dresses and outfits that she liked to wear. They ranged from conservative sexy, to damn near explicit. In her last life, her husband didn’t like her covered modestly. In front of his people, she was his pinup, his trophy. But behind closed doors, she managed his company, doing the work he pretended would do itself. She never considered being anything more than what he wanted. Now, she wore sexy outfits that she liked because of how they made her feel — powerful and yet confident. “You must present yourself as a queen in any outfit,” her mother had told her. “Never let the outfit wear you. You wear the outfit. And it will carry you places you can’t imagine.” And her mother had been right.

She blew out a breath as she decided to show Matt how powerful she was and how powerless he was against her. If she didn’t want a date, then there was no date.


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