The Wrong Type of Seduction

22 Good Afternoon, Matt


22: Good Afternoon, Matt

After breakfast, Matt offered to take Val back to her place for a change of clothes. But Val wasn’t stupid. She just laughed at him and said, “Nice try, puppy.” Because yeah, he wanted to know where she lived.

Instead they ended up in a downtown department store where Matt accompanied her to buy clothes. He tried to behave himself and appear as if they were business professionals so that no one would know he was hot for her. But it was so hard when she moved around him like flowing water, he just wanted to touch and hold and-

“Pup, your hand is on my ass.” Val leaned in to whisper to him as she looked at a rack of pants.

“Oh.” He stepped back and reluctantly pulled his hand away from her nicely shaped globes. Hell, that ass was lovely. “I swear it was calling to me,” he said unable to help himself.

“You need to clean out your ears.” She just shook her head and grabbed another pair of pants to add to the pile draped over her arm.

“You sure you don’t want me to hold all that?” He asked.

“Then you’d look like my boy-“

Ignoring her concern he grabbed her load. He tossed it over his shoulder, holding it by the hanger.


“Continue woman, I have places to go.” He waved his hand playfully impatient pretending her evil glare didn’t exist. His Val shopped pretty fast. Even though they had only been in the store for about fifteen minutes, she had accumulated a load, sifted through, and put back most of it within that time frame. After paying for it, declining his offer to pay before he could even open his mouth, she headed to the dressing room to change.

But after enduring being around her so long without being allowed to touch her, he followed right behind her into the empty stall.

“Matt!” She squealed as he pulled her into the mirrored closet sized space.

He ignored her protests as he unzipped her pants. “You plan to undress anyway, so I’m just here to help.” He pulled down her pants and she stepped out of them.

He stood unzipping his cock and pulled a condom from his back pocket.

“Now?” She whispered cocking her head as if listening for anyone else who might come in. She wasn’t refusing. Good.

He rolled the condom over his cock, then stroked it until it went from half-hard to fully loaded.

She looked down at his actions before she turned her back to him and put her hands on the wall on both sides of the mirror. “Well?” She asked seductively, look into the mirror’s reflection at him.

He could have come that instant. Instead, he stepped forward, and slowly positioned himself at her entrance, his hands smoothing over those beautiful ass cheeks. His eyes flutter at the feel of her hot hole as he pushed forward. A slight sigh escaped her.

He bent his knees slightly so that she wasn’t on her toes, then he moved. Rolling his hips forward, he enjoyed her silent whimpers as she kept her voice down. In the mirror, he saw her biting her lip, her face a portrait of pleasure. He thrust slow and easy to keep from slapping into her and letting the who department store know they were fucking.

When the door to the dressing room next to them opened, Matt stilled. He closed his eyes to keep from cursing as Val’s walls contracted around his cock, massaging him, urging him…killing him.

In the mirror’s reflection, she licked her lips seductively, making his hard-on spasm and cry for more friction.

“You feel…so good…” She mouthed making his ego surge. 

Fuck, he wanted to hammer into her and let the who damn store know that he was owning her. Did she knew what she was doing to him? He groaned inwardly when she clinched around him again. Yep, she knew…temptress…

“Cum for me.” She mouthed, and holy hell, he did, right then and there. She grinned letting her eyes flutter but he could tell she wasn’t quite finished. He’d fucked her enough last night to know when her body climaxed. He reached around to her clit and pressed, rubbing her sweet button until she threw her head back mouth open in bliss. Matt used his other hand to reach around and stick two fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them greedily, pussy quivered around his dick, both of them coming down from an amazing high. When he heard the other woman next to them curse her size, he slid from Val and then pulled her to him. She kissed him, biting at his lips while removing the condom, tucking him in, and zipping him up.

Then she quietly dressed in her new clothes — simple khaki pants and a navy blue tunic.

When the coast sounded clear, they both quickly left, tossing the condom in the first trash they found, and strolled from the department store as if it was just a normal everyday shopping trip.

They caught a cab to his recording studio both wearing conspiratorial smirks. Once there, he wanted to introduce her to everyone, but he noticed the pensive look on her face, so he said nothing.

Instead, he told her to take a seat on the couch behind Aaron who was watching her curiously. The guy said nothing but it was obvious that Val was special to him, because Matt never brought just anyone to his studio. Family rarely popped in to bother him while he worked because they knew how serious he got when it involved his music. Yet he wanted Val to be there. He didn’t know why, but he wanted her to see that aspect of his life.

He told her were everything was so that if she needed anything she could get it herself without interrupting him. Yeah, he hated interruptions more than anything, but he did this for Val to feed her independence. The woman wouldn’t be happy with just sitting there doing nothing for hours if she stayed long. By the way she carried herself, he could tell she prided herself in needing no one. While he liked that, fucking admired it, he wanted her to need him.

As soon as he went into the sound booth, the music filled him. He began giving instruction, and working, forgetting the time, but not forgetting Val. Every now and then he glanced over at her just to see if she was there. The times he didn’t see her, his sound tech smirked and gave a thumbs up to let him know she just went to the bathroom or something. Three hours later, letting his musicians take a break, he went out to find his tech powering down the system and Val was eating something with icing on top. She likes sweets, he made a mental note. He itched to lean down and lick the cream from her pastry. Then kiss her. And then…

Puppy…” She warned looking up at him with an arched brow. Clearly she knew what he was thinking. “I went to the bakery around the corner and grabbed some food for you and your crew. It’s in the little kitchen area you have.” He heard the stampede of feet head out of the studio toward the food. When he glanced around and noticed they were alone he leaned down.

“Go eat.” She ordered leaning away from him

He groaned feeling his dick twitch at the command. He sat with his group, eating the sweets and sandwiches that Val had got for them. When his phone rang he looked down at it. “Goodnight” was the message he got before he was up on his feet and running to the studio. She was gone. He ran to the front of the building and out the front door.

“Damn.” He ran his hand over his hair. Quickly, he texted her back. “Goodnight.” He closed his eyes. Had she known that he lived just upstairs? Had she figured out he was planning to seduce her up to his condo later? He smiled. Not matter, he still had time. She hadn’t said goodbye.


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