The Wrong Type of Seduction

21 Good Morning, Val


21: Good Morning, Val

Val lay in bed after a long intense night and prayed never to move again. She’d never been so wonderfully sore after sex. While he had fucked her slow and sweet a few times, the other times he’d been so demanding, she saw stars… And yet she loved every single lustful moment.

A large hand traveled down the side of her body, as if mapping her. The roughness of his touch sent delicious shivers through her. Did playing string instruments create those hands? “You want breakfast?” Matt whispered in her ear, holding her close.

She moaned inwardly cursing movement of any kind.

He chuckled. “Something light or…”

“Scrambled eggs, Feta, toast dry… Cranberry juice.”

He rolled away from her. The room instantly felt cold. He generated a lot of heat was what she should have thought. Instead, she was thinking of how she wanted him to crawl back in bed with her.

Val didn’t believe in love at first sight, but she understood instant attraction and powerful chemistry. She’d never experienced it herself until Matt. The pull to mate like rabbits was a scary thing. But she knew without a foundation, without common interest, and true communication the relationship couldn’t last.

She learned that from years of watching her husband. He had cheated on her openly, showing off his women, and she accepted it quietly because that was what she thought she was supposed to do. Those women adored Domenic at first, like she had — enjoying his sweet words, sex, and money. But because Domenic was selfish and didn’t feel like he had to answer to anyone, he never formed a deep bond with those woman, and eventually they left him. Or he ran them off with his erratic moods.

Val knew if she didn’t allow herself to open up to Matt, eventually the chemistry wouldn’t be enough and he would get fed up and leave. Which tactic would he use? Would he silently pull away or he would lash out in frustration? Then again, he wasn’t predictable. He’d blown her away with his constant surprise attacks, so she shouldn’t compare him to the standard model of normal.

After a shower, Val dressed in a large t-shirt that he laid out for her — his. She went back to the bedroom where food was presented on a small table and Matt was positioning everything meticulously as if trying to make it perfect. His face frowned in intense concentration, slightly thoughtful almost philosophical. He looked too mature to be so young.

“Stop fussing, puppy.” She kissed his cheek before sitting down. “It’s just food.”

“For the best woman in the world.” Matt cocked a crooked grin up at her then winked. He grabbed a chair and landed it right next to hers then plopped down in it.

She looked at him amused at his insistence to be so close, shoulder to shoulder. It wasn’t the first time a man went out of his way to get her attention, but it was the first time she was fascinated by it. Here was a hot guy, gorgeous as hell, rich, famous, and could get any straight woman he wanted into bed with him happily, and yet he fawned over her like she was the only source of water in an endless desert. Why?

He turned his head to the side in wonder under the scrutiny of her gaze. He opened his mouth and deep velvety words slid over her in a kind of caress, “I know I’m being ridiculous and that you didn’t promise me anything, but I’m…” Those soulful eyes penetrated her. “Last night was the best fuck ever. I don’t know about you, but I want more. So forgive me if I go out of my way to do what I can to earn more.” He stared at her with such meaning it rattled her…he wasn’t talking about sex. “Shall we eat?”

Val nodded and began to eat silently feeling the depth of him so close. Matt continued to sneak glances at her with looks of concern.

“It’s good, Matt.” She finally assured him and he seemed to relax. Unable to help herself she leaned in to kiss him. It was a soft kiss, sweet, and yet something about it, about him stung her. She liked being there beside him, feeling his strength. That irritated her.

He pulled back slightly and whispered against her mouth, “I’ve got a recording to go to this afternoon.” Those beautiful eyes searched hers. “Would you…like to go?”

“Recording?” She pulled away, determined not to get lost in his gravity. “You mean to your studio?”

He nodded crunching on a strip of bacon glancing at her as she thought about it.

As much as Val loved music and would enjoy watching him work, she knew it wasn’t a good idea to get closer than she was. Maybe if she watched him, saw the man inside, she would find something she hated enough to run from him. Then again, all her other plans to separate from him were backfiring in an orgasmic blaze.

“You’re thinking too hard, Val,” he said before scoping up a forkful of eggs and holding it up to her mouth. She opened and let him feed her. “Just come and chill. No questions asked. If someone asks about you I’ll tell them you’re there getting ideas for the gala. Nothing more. How does that sound?”

Chill… That word reminded her of the age and cultural difference between them. How could she let this continue? And yet she was letting him feed her. She took another bit that he offered. If she wasn’t careful she could get addicted to his spoiling her. That was a no-no.

“And whenever you have to leave or want to leave, you can. No pressure.” He added. Yet his earnest gaze said otherwise. Those eyes seemed to will her to come, commanding her silently. Had he always been this intense? Why was she just now seeing it? Where was that boyish charm he’d teased her with? Maybe she was thinking too hard.

But the magnetic presence of him overwhelmed her. She leaned in to kiss him again, unable to resist the need radiating from him. Plus, he had the best mouth.

“Fine,” she said against him lips. “Just a little while.”

He sighed against her, releasing an inhaled breath.

She smiled. Then she kissed him again. It was just chemistry, nothing more.


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