The Wrong Type of Seduction

20 Matt In Trouble


20: Matt In Trouble

Matt sighed, eating his meal alone. He knew he’d been pushing it. But he really didn’t think she would act like it was the end of the world. That was the problem wasn’t it? He didn’t know her. Not at all. Ambushing her like he did, he deserved her anger. He did. But he wasn’t going to allow her to remain angry forever. Maybe he’d give her a day…or two. So he ate alone and let her enjoy her bath.

When his phone rang he groaned. It was Pete looking for him. He had ignored it before because he’d been focused on Val but now that his evening plans were screwed he answered it, “Yeah.”

“You canceled your five o’clock? I thought you wanted Marcy on the album! What happened?”

“Sandra called me this morning and warned me that Marcy was scheduled for interviews all day in L.A. Which means it most likely was Alyssa trying to pull some shit.”

Pete cursed. “An ambush…it wouldn’t be her first.”

“That’s why I made other plans.” Which had gone to shit. Matt stabbed at his steak daydreaming of what their night could’ve been like.

“I’ll talk to Sandra and see what we can do. This isn’t over with, Alyssa is going to keep playing her games until she’s got you under her thumb.”

Evidently Alyssa was bored if she was hell bent on fucking with Matt’s career. Either that or she was threatened by him…which was possible. Matt wasn’t a lightweight when it came to music so other musicians, especially those with less talent and drive, saw him as the enemy.

Matt hung up with Pete without giving Alyssa anymore of his brain power. He finished his meal thinking of Val. How was he going to fix this?

He called Cody.

“What’s up?” Cody answered.

“I’m shit.” Matt groaned into the phone.

“Uh, no, is this about the woman you’re trying to seduce?” Cody asked. Saturday night, on the way to drop Tyler off at the airport, his brother grilled him. From what he gathered of Tyler’s questions, his brother didn’t know who he’d been with, he figured it was just Matt being sexually frustrated. But big brother warned him about the dangers of “groupies” like Matt was an idiot. Then again Tyler thought everyone was an idiot. Either that or Tyler was trying to get Matt to confess to something…not happening. Cody also showed concern after Tyler’s apparent worry, because Tyler never openly worried about Matt. 

So after Tyler was on the plane, Matt told Cody everything. He needed her help to keep Tyler occupied. With her connections to Walthour, the man could keep Tyler busy indefinitely. He also requested Michel, the head of Walthour’s security company, to monitor Tyler’s every move to make sure the asshole didn’t start spying on Matt. Because Matt was on good terms with both, they were more than willing to help.

Matt sighed before telling Cody what he did to Val.

“She took the key card?” Cody asked curiously.


“She’s up in the hotel waiting for you?”

Matt grinned getting where Cody was going. “Uh huh.”

“I suggest you get off the phone with me, buddy, right now and go up there with the saddest puppy dog look I know you can pull off and beg like hell.”

“Love you, Cody. And make sure Walthour continues to overflow Tyler with work.” He hung up and rushed to the elevator. Yep, he would definitely beg, on bended knees if he had to. Before the night was over, she would forgive him. He would not let her leave until she did. If they never slept together again he would live, but he could never forgive himself for making her feel uncomfortable. She had been so coiled that she walked out on him as if he was beneath her. Ouch!

Needing to calm his nerves to think rationally, he pushed every floor button so it took even longer to get to her. While the elevator slowly, tortuously lifted, floor by floor, he went over a song in his head that he just finished writing. He played the melody over and over, until he realized he preferred it sharp instead of flat. He made note of that in his phone. By the tenth floor, a man got on and frowned at all the buttons that had been pushed. Then he looked back at Matt.

“Some damn kid,” Matt said and shrugged leaving out that he was the damn kid.

The guy only nodded and sighed.

When Matt finally got to his floor, then to the hotel room, he knocked. No reply. Closing his eyes, hoping she hadn’t left him and fled, he pulled out his extra key card.

Inside the room the sound of music filled the space as the room’s stereo played Beethoven’s Fifth with an electronic hip-hop feel. Sweet! She not only loved the classics, but the remixed versions.

Containing his smile, he slowly crept to the bathroom. Then he knocked . “Val?”

“It’s open.” She sounded so…calm.

He cracked it and peaked inside. But all he could see was the wall. “Um… I-“

“Don’t apologize for ambushing me. You’ll do it again.”

Matt nodded, knowing he would. Anything to get to know her. And the fact that she understood that and accepted it thrilled him. She did accept it, right?

“And I’ll probably get pissed with you again.” Her words continued. Oh hell, that was acceptance!

He edged the door open a little more and saw a leg. A beautiful leg with lick-able honey flesh propped on the edge of the tub. “I don’t want you to be pissed with me.”

“Then stop ambushing me.”

“I can’t. I want…” You, “…to know you. Hell I thought I was mature until I met you, and then I’m like a kid who can’t wait for Christmas to unwrap my Val.”

“Your Val?”

“I mean my presents. I’m just…you make me…

“Puppy,” she said in warning. If anyone else had called him that, he’d be offended, but the word rolled off her accented tongue like a caress.

“I know, I know… No dating, no getting to know you. I know.” He leaned his head against the wood frame.

They was quiet for a second before Val said, “I’m naked.”

And didn’t that just give him instant steel in his pants. Opening the door wider, he grinned when she stood all wet and dripping from the bath.

“Uh huh.” Was all he could say as he stared at all her slick flesh, water running down her breasts, thighs, between her legs. He pulled off his shirt, nearly ripping the fabric, then worked on his pants and shoes, killing himself to get naked.

The he stood in front of the tub where she waited smiling that beautiful smile.

“I’m naked too,” he said low.

“I see that.”

“We match.”

She laughed.

He reached out and she held out her hand for him to take. Pulling her to him, he groaned when her body lay flush with his, hot skin on wet. Damn…better than my dreams.

She stepped up onto the side of the tub hoovering over him. “Ready for a long night?”

“Yes, please.” He picked her up, bending her drenched ass over his shoulder, and carried her giggling to the bed, grabbing at towel on the way.

He lay her carefully down on the sheets and just marveled at those perky full breasts. He slowly moved the towel over her supple skin, soaking up the extra moisture. Once her breasts were dry, he placed a kiss on each, then licked the flesh. He flicked the tip off each nipple playfully as he locked eyes with her hooded gaze. He sucked one hard point into his mouth and sucked, before his teeth grazed over it making her shiver. Remembering she was still wet, he continued going over her with the towel.

Each spot he dried, he replaced with his kisses and licks, wetting it again. Her skin was so warm, soft, and smooth he could have melted into it. She smelled like heaven, a clean floral scent mixed with her natural intoxicating aroma.

When he got to her neatly trimmed V, he grinned. Now for my Christmas present. He lightly licked the opening and her breath hitched. He licked again.

“Don’t tease.” She groaned.

But he liked teasing. Especially her. He moved his body until his head was perfectly aligned with her sex, breathing in her scent. Slowly, he moved closer blowing air on her slit.


He blew again.


Ignoring her demand, he moved his hand up her inner thigh, smoothing over the soft skin, until his finger was slipping up her middle, dipping inside.

She held her breath.

He licked out his tongue and tasted.

“Dammit, puppy!”

He chuckled, then licked again, tasting more and more, moving closer until his lips were wrapped around her clit and he was sucking her in.

“Ah…” One of her hands reached for the bed sheets and the other reached for his head.

He alternated from sucking strong to suckling playfully. He hummed and moaned against her nub, the vibrations from the sounds making her curse. Then he licked her like she was cream and he the cat.

Matt!…” Her voice strained, body shaking as she came, juices coating his tongue. She lay boneless, panting. “Okay…” Her words huffed. “Okay… you are forgiven.”

He chuckled licking his lips, cock throbbing for her. With a mind of their own, his fingers slid into her, two, searching, seeking, pumping, pushing into her moist molten clinching walls until Val’s knees rose. He used the fingers on his other hand to stroke and rub her sensitive bundle of nerves as he finger fucked her and she nearly yelled his name, back arching. The sight had him spilling his seed, yet not enough for him to lose the ache.

Back hitting the mattress, she laughed curling away from him. “You couldn’t wait for me to recover?”

“No,” Matt said getting off the bed. We went to the side table where he had prepared the condoms earlier that day. He unwrapped one and rolled it over his cock. Then he pounced back on the bed, crawling up her body, taking her legs and spread them. His half hard dick came alive as he seated himself at her entrance. “Now it’s my turn,” he said shoving impatiently forward not giving her time to brace herself.

She yelped, but didn’t get to curse him before he was moving, thrusting, slapping against her pelvis with enough force to bounce her backward. He grunted, she moaned clawing at the sheets. He lifted her leg to get a better grip and keep her from getting rub burns on her back. His hips snapped, abs flexing to the rhythm of their panting. Hell, she was hot and tight. Not once did she complain about how rough he was…by the way her mouth opened and eyes fluttered in ecstasy, she enjoyed it.

“Ah… ah…” Was all the warning he got before her pussy clamped down on his cock and he came, hard.

He groaned loud and long, enjoying the spasms that swallowed him. Sweaty and winded, he hunched over her and grinned. “Are you…sure we can’t… go on a date?”


Matt stilled, not sure he heard her right.

“One, puppy.”

Matt nodded, taking the gift. But he knew he was wearing her down. And it was feeling better than any ole Christmas.


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