The Wrong Type of Seduction

2 Matt’s First Fantasy


Once the woman was out of his sights, Matt abruptly stopped drooling, tried not to groan from his hard-on, and asked, “Holy shit, Ada who was that?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going to make it a point to find out…” Ada said clearly enjoying the view of that cream colored cocktail dress that magnificently hugged the woman’s lush curves. He could still see those shapely long legs sashaying though his head. And he’d bet money her skin tasted as sweet as its honey color…he loved a good honey bun.

“Wait, you don’t know?” Cody asked sounding surprised which was likely because Ada usually knew about everybody who was anyone in the city. And beyond.

“I think she’s new to the area. She has an accent, so she might be visiting the U.S…then again I’m not sure since everyone in the city has an accent. I’ll figure it out. What threw me off about her is she ordered the most expensive Merlot I have by name,” Ada said scooping up money the woman had placed on the counter, counting it. “And paid cash, more than necessary…”

“So she’s wealthy?” Matt asked eager for any kind of information.

“Anything is possible, until I learn what’s what…” Ada shrugged cleaning up the glass and putting the wine bottle back on the rack.

“Well I want her.” Matt declared looking back at the door where the most hot fantasy of sex just exited. 

“Yeah, I noticed how you were checking her out,” Cody looked at him curiously. ” And you approached her, not the other way around…I mean she is hot as hell-“

“And has a great ass, too.”

Matt.” Cody snapped.

“He’s right.” Ada nodded.


“Cody, did you not see that perfect curve in that expensive dress?”

Matt added, “Translation: her bootie was ripe enough to sink your teeth in. Not too big and definitely not small. Spank-able?” He asked glancing at Ada for confirmation. She held up her hand and Matt high-fived it.

“You bitches stop objectifying women.” Cody scolded shoving her hands on her hips.

“Oh, Cody, if only you knew how much we’re worshiping her right now.” Ada sighed.

“I’d definitely get on my knees for that one. Sorry, Cody, but I’m going to be cheating on you in my dreams.”

“I saw her first, Matt.” Ada warned.

“Is that you wanting me to care? Cause I don’t. Not even a little,” Matt said winking at her. 

Ada’s jaw dropped in mock outrage. 

Matt bumped Cody’s shoulder with his arm. “I’m ready to go now.”

“But we just got here.” She looked up at him, pouting.

“Fine. Stay. Your guards can take you back. But my wet dreams are waiting for me.”

“Oh, gross.” Cody growled even as Ada laughed.

Matt stepped out into the open air and did a quick search of the street knowing the woman was probably already gone. He never knew he had a fantasy woman. Or a fantasy anything until he saw her. While Matt had sex, most of the time it wasn’t something he even cared about. It just wasn’t important to him.

He often thought it was weird that he didn’t get the raging boners that men were supposed to get at the drop of a dime. Or that his nineteen-year-old mind rarely even thought about sex. He could go months without wanting it. And sometimes when he did want it, all he had to do was think about his music and the thought fled.

His oldest brother Bailey had always had a girlfriend in high school until he fell in love with their brother Tyler. And Tyler fucked anything that moved until he got Bailey, so Matt thought it was strange he never desired sex or intimate relationships with men or women.

Of course when he asked his mother the doctor about that, she laughed and said, “All men are not created equal, Matthew. Just because you don’t think about sex all the time doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. You have other priorities. Always have. Love, sex, relationships, aren’t your passion. Music is.” And his family.

But the moment he locked eyes with that woman, his dick woke like a hungry beast. It wanted her. He’d never had a reaction so strong before. So it didn’t surprised him when his best friend Cody tried to help him get the woman to take notice. Cody also knew Matt didn’t openly go out of his way to pursue someone. Ever.

However, he knew from the moment his eyes landed on her, she was no easy meal. The way her sexy hazel scrutiny roved over him accessing his worth… And her final judgement? 


Hell, if Matt had any pride it’d be crushed. But clearly he had none because his need to pant at her heels was screaming at him.  

Just thinking about her, made him want to fuck something. No, not something, his dick ached for her. And that voice! Breathy, intoxicating, laced with the promise of a memorable fuckfest. What accent was that?

His phone rang, interrupting his horny daydream. He plucked the device from his pocket, scanned the caller ID, and blew out a tired breath. He knew he shouldn’t have ducked out of the party so early, but Matt didn’t like rubbing elbows with people who just wanted to brag about their accomplishments when he could be playing or writing music.

That night he had attended a party for New York’s prominent musicians and actors. Most of them were Broadway. And the egos? Matt groaned when his phone rang again.

“Yeah, Pete.” He answered it.

“Where are you? People are asking for you.”

“Tell them I’m out getting air.”

“When will you be back?”

He was about five blocks away. “Fifteen minutes.”

“Good. Mr. Maniford wants to talk. He mentioned a collaboration?”

The playwright. The guy wanted to discuss his next musical and expressed his wish for Matt’s help writing it. “I told him I’m already booked with Tolson for musicals. I didn’t want a conflict of interest so I squashed it.”

“But this is Maniford!” Pete said outraged.

“Really?” Matt yawned looking out over the passing taxis to a crowd of tourists pointing and taking pictures of loaded garbage bags sitting on the street.

“Matt, Maniford is a two time Tony award winner with-“

“A lot of street cred. Yeah, yeah…” A car drove by playing music loud, bass thumping. Matt bobbed his head to the beat. “Okay, I’ll talk to him when I get there to amuse you. But I’m not working with him anytime soon.” He was glad Pete was his manager and not his agent. The guy would have him booked for anything and everything that looked even remotely shiny and sparkly.

“Fine.” Aw, Pete was pouting — the usual.

“Glad we had this convo.” Matt chuckled hanging up. Then his mind instantly went back to honey skin in a creamy dress. A honey bun dipped in cream…

He began walking as he kept imagining his fantasy on her knees before him. Or better yet, bent over so that Matt could put his hands on that ass. He looked down at his long fingers wondering what those globes would feel like. He envisioned her angry glare in his mind after he smacked one cheek.

And the way she dismissed him like he wasn’t worth her time, walking away without a second glance. Shit, his heart was pounding, blood pulsing like a mother fucker.

It was official, his hand was definitely getting some action tonight… Once he finished that damn party.


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