The Wrong Type of Seduction

19 Val in the Clouds


19: Val in the Clouds

For a week, Val worked listlessly, trying to keep from remembering amazing panty drenching orgasms. She had to take actual notes when working with her clients because her mind wasn’t retaining anything other than Matt’s large hands on her ass and that amazing long cock. When Friday came, Val was sick of herself.

“Val? Val? Did you hear me?” Tina asked waving her hands in front of Val’s face to get her attention.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, sorry,” Val said looking up from her laptop that still had the same single sentence typed from an hour ago.

“Was the concert that good?” Tina asked suggestively sitting a file on the desk.

“It really was.” Val answered pretending she didn’t know what the woman was hinting to. “I’ll try to get you tickets or a pass next time so you can experience it for yourself. It was like nothing I’ve ever heard.” But then again Val never went to live concerts that ended in multiple orgasms. The only time Domenic had taken her out to concerts was when he wanted to parade her around and impress some partner or business associate.

“Really? So it was just music Saturday? Nothing else?” Tina asked leaning in intrigued.

“Tina, I am just a volunteer. You get paid to work.”

The woman’s chubby shoulders slumped. “Fine, fine…” Sliding her feet like a sulky child, the woman slowly made her way to the door. She stopped just outside the office and looked back hopeful.

Val ignored that wounded look and reached for the file. Minutes after Tina was gone, Val dropped her head on the desk and groaned. When did sex make her stupid? Val never felt anything like it during or after and she never never daydreamed about it or about that other him like this.

She needed to break it off, end it. That’s why she didn’t call Matt or answer his calls over the week. She needed to focus on work, get him out of her system — leave him behind. But why couldn’t she stop thinking about the sex?

“Val!” The alarm in Tina’s voice had Val up on her feet and on guard. She moved to the office door cautiously, just in time to get a face full of tiger lilies.

Val sputtered and spat, backing up.

“Ooooooh! Oooooh! He sent you-“

Val cut off the hyper woman with a wave of her hand as she took out her phone and dialed that idiot.

“You finally called!” Matt sounded all cheery.

“Where are you?” She growled.


“What?” She hung up, slipped her phone back into her packet and squeezed around the enormous bouquet of flowers. She marched down the hall, took the stairs to the ground floor, and out the front exit. Standing in front of a taxi, Matt smiled a truly diabolically innocent smile. “Val!”

“Don’t you fucking Val me you-“

“You don’t want to make a scene right?”

Val skidded to a stop on the sidewalk when she noticed all the people looking at them. Mostly him, but as she got closer she noticed their eyes moving toward her. Val tried to make a U-turn and head back inside, but Matt grabbed her arm and pulled her into the taxi with him.

The only reason she didn’t scream at him to let go and just hit him, was because dammit they were in public and she didn’t want to be on social media. “Crafty son of…” She murmured.

Matt only chuckled as he held her on his lap.

They pulled up to a hotel and Val glared at him. “Really? Now?”

Matt kissed her nose, paid the cabby, and then pushed her gently out with him following. Grumbling, she followed him into the hotel. Instead of going upstairs, they went into one of the hotel’s many restaurants.

“Matt.” She uttered a warning.

“Not a date. I’m hungry. And I want to eat before our intense workout. You don’t have to eat. Just sit and watch me stuff my face,” he said winking at her and Val narrowed her eyes. He smiled showing off dimples and pretty teeth. He better be glad he was so horribly fine.

The maître d’ showed them to their table, and Matt pulled out a seat for her. Val behaved herself and took the seat, still grumbling under her breath. The waitress shook out a cloth napkin and laid it in Val lap before opening the menu and presenting it to her.

Val ordered a nice Pinot Noir, the whole bottle. Ignoring the grinning teen across from her, she looked everywhere else — mostly because that terrible smile was infectiously evil.

When the assistant waitress came with the bottle, she let the woman pour the first glass. She downed that and then held it up for the woman to pour more.

The head waitress took her lasagna order before taking Matt’s order. Still Val didn’t look at him. She noticed that the restaurant was empty. It was the middle of the day and no one was at the white linen establishment?

Don’t tell me… No. No. She wasn’t going to ask. If he reserved it just for them, then that was good. No one would recognize him and ask questions about her. That was good. No the hell it wasn’t! She wasn’t even supposed to be there. She downed another glass.

“Val, don’t you think you should eat something before you have all that alcohol?”

Val scoffed. “I drank more than this to get through my marriage.” Then she clamped her mouth shut, waved for the assistant waitress to cork the bottle, and then pushed her third glass away from her. Alcohol wasn’t her friend when she was around him. He already made her lower too many defenses. Now she was about to spill her stupid guts.

Folding her arms over her chest she marveled at the wallpaper and the elegant swirl pattern in it. Beige and gray seemed to collide in a swirling storm. Staring at the pattern on the walls she considered where she was. A hotel. One of the biggest luxury hotels in New York…which belonged to Gabriel Lloyd Walthour the Third.

Val began tapping her foot nervously. No. No. That was her old life. She needed to calm down. Even if she saw him, it meant nothing. She was no long with Domenic. It didn’t matter. She took a deep breath.

Why did Matt have to bring her to such a fancy restaurant? It was the type of restaurant Domenic liked to parade her around in…


She didn’t answer her tormentor as she stared off into oblivion, hoping this ended quickly. If she looked at him, he would suck her in, make her want to be there, make her feel… She didn’t want to feel. Not ever again. Not after ten long years of-

“Yes, this is Matthew Delarosa. Can you prepare the bath? My guest is coming up early.”

Val frowned peaking over at him from the corner of her eyes, confused.

“Room twenty-three seventeen,” Matt said low, before sliding a room key card across the linen table. “I’ll have your food sent upstairs.”

“Thank you.” She dipped her head in a bow and stiffened, when she realized she had just lowered her head to him. Shaking off those memories, she grabbed the key card, and with all the dignity she could gather, she walked from the restaurant chin held high.

She measured her steps, careful not to rush and not to forget her poise, her grace, her… argh!Matt was not Domenic. What the hell was she thinking? Damn alcohol. Damn Matt.

She got on the elevator with two others. Remaining quiet, she listened to the elderly couple complain that the accommodations had them on higher floors than they wanted. When they got off, Val took a deep breath. Rotating her head on her shoulders, she tried to forget her past and remember where she was, who she was, and why she was no longer in that life. “Because he threw me away,” she told herself, “like trash.”


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